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Felix and the rest nodded their heads and began following the noted steps exactly as demonstrated by teacher Sonna.

From shaving to mixing and finally hammering the gooey substance.

Although the process was quite complicated compared to the rejuvenation potion catalyst, it was still manageable for Felix and the rest.

Hence, after failing once or twice, all of them succeed in creating multiple portions of the catalyst in two hours.

After checking on everyone\'s results and seeing that none of them seemed to struggle, teacher Sonna nodded her head in approval and mentioned, This method of extraction is usable for most flesh-based catalyst materials.

That\'s why it\'s highly recommended to learn it and master it.

Upon seeing that all of them had nodded their heads, teacher Sonna informed them, Practice it more in your free time, class dismissed.

The moment she waved her hand, Felix and the witches all logged out from the UVR and saw that teacher Sonna was walking towards the entrance.

Felix cracked his neck and stood up, planning to leave as well even though there was still another class in the afternoon.

He wanted to ditch it since it was an elective class about the History of Potioneers.

Too bad, Naima and her friends collapsed on him the moment he stood up, showering him with bewitching smiles and hidden glints.

You heading to the next class Felix Naima asked.

No, I have some stuff to deal with. Felix replied.

That\'s unfortunate. Naima pressed a finger on her lips and inquired, Want to hang out tonight with me and the girls We can teach you the courses that you missed for an hour or two then head to the club.

Felix thought about it for a second and said, I am down for it if we are doing the whole thing in the UVR.

Felix knew that he needed to bond with his classmates and he wouldn\'t be able to do so if he rejected their invitations over and over again due to the ongoing situation.

If reality wasn\'t plausible in those two weeks, there was always the UVR.

It\'s a date then! Naima clapped her hands in elation and said, I will invite you at 21:00 to my UVR\'s room to study, and then we will head to the club.

Alright. Felix nodded his head in agreement.

Then, he excused himself by going to the window and jumping outside.

When the witches looked through the window, they noticed him going further and further away on his hover platform.

Ladies, we got a date. Naima said, smiling playfully.


Back in his room, Felix laid on his bed and opened up his inbox to see if he received a reply from the Galactical Army and the Bardot Royal Family.

Sure enough, he saw them highlighted at the top of his inbox.

He clicked on one of them and read it quickly with his eyes.

Then, he moved to the next one and closed them both after finishing it.

It turned out, both of them expressed their desire to make a meeting to discuss his offer first.

If the meeting wasn\'t going to be distant and held in the UVR, he wouldn\'t dare accept the meeting since he knew that he would be facing two Origin Realm Bloodliners!

The heads of those two behemoth backgrounds in the galaxy!

Those old fogies had lived for tens of thousands of years!

He wasn\'t that confident in himself to bull** in front of those old geezers who saw through ** he couldn\'t fathom.

Thankfully, this was the UVR and Felix could remove all of those subtle body hints that could give him away by simply paying few coins.

\'Alright, now I just need to keep the subject revolving around the offer and also end it in less than two minutes.\' Felix nodded his head and sent a reply, entailing that he would be ready to meet them in three days.

He didn\'t want to accept instantly like he was excited to talk to them.


8 hours later...

Felix had just finished his daily poison manipulation training after he dealt with teacher Hala\'s homework and the two hours mental energy control exercise.

He started to see a major improvement in that department as now he could successfully eliminate 15% of the microorganisms with his mental energy.

He knew that it would be easier to improve now but the higher percentage he reached, the higher the difficulty would increase.

Still, based on Lady Sphinx\'s comments, he was doing much better than witches in their childhood.

It might not be a fair comparison but Felix had just entered the whole potion world in less than two months.

So, his pace was extremely fast.

Soon, it is going to increase even further after he drinks the photographic memory potion.

24 hours had gone by and he stopped training just to drink it.

He quickly beamed it in his hand and took a deep breath to prepare himself for its nasty taste.

Then, he gulped its entire content in one go and swallowed it with some difficulty.

Realizing that he might vomit it out, he covered his mouth with his hands, waiting for the potion\'s effect to start.

He already asked Lady Sphinx and she replied that the effect wouldn\'t be as bad as drinking Neroun Enhancement Potion but he would still end up fainting.

A few moments later...Thud!

He fell face-first on the pillow and with eyes rolled at the back of his head.

He remained in this state for over five minutes before waking up on his own, feeling like his front head was getting hammered while the back wasn\'t affected in the slightest.

Without further ado, Felix beamed a rejuvenation potion and drunk it to ease the pain.

After it withdrew, he massaged his temples in comfort.

\'Now don\'t bother me with helping you recall stuff.\' Asna said while stretching lazily in her bed.

\'You wish.\' Felix scoffed, \'Elder told me that the potion\'s effect is applicable only to memories I created after drinking it.

The ones in the past are still inaccessible.\'

\'Tsk, so annoying.\' Asna clicked her tongue.

Unbothered, Felix beamed a book about the glassware equipment and thought, \'Let\'s test my **ty memory.

I still have two hours before meeting with the girls.\'

This was the best way to make sure if his memory truly improved or not since the book about equipment had hundreds upon hundreds of them.

Felix had yet to memorize even twenty pieces of equipment plus their full details in the past month! The moment he opened up the book, he started from the first page, wanting to revise everything.

Since he drunk the neuron enhancement potion, his reading speed had increased by four times than normal, making him spend merely half a minute reading an entire page!

In this book, each page had only one piece of equipment and its full description, shape, uses, and the dos and don\'ts during the preparation!

This implied that Felix was devouring useful knowledge every thirty seconds and registering it in his memory to be recalled later on easily!

Thirty seconds after thirty seconds! Sometimes, he flips the page at twenty-second like he was in a race with someone.

\'So boorish.\' Lady Sphinx curled her lips at the sight.

She disliked this way of reading as it doesn\'t allow the readers to truly appreciate the words and the wisdom within them.

That\'s why she was always reading slowly even though she could finish a book in under a minute if she wanted.

Though, she understood that Felix was missing way too much knowledge to waste time appreciating the words.

In one hour and a half, Felix had fully read the entire book without even changing his sitting posture.

Only after he closed it shut did he break out of the zone.

I finished it Felix murmured, I lost track of time.

Hopefully, I didn\'t miss the appointment with the girls.

When he glanced at the time and saw that he actually still had half an hour to spare, he raised his eyebrows in astonishment.

Yet, what amazed him even more was the fact that he could actually recall even the tiniest word if he wanted to remember it!

It was like the entire book opened up in his mind and let him read it again!

Felix focused on a piece of equipment called a retort flask and tried to recall its uses.

Instantly he started murmuring, Retort flask, a vessel used for distillation of substances that are placed inside and subjected to heat...The simple form of retort, used in some laboratories, is a glass or metal bulb having a long, curved spout through which the distillate may pass to enter a receiving vessel...

Instead of pausing he kept going and going until he realized that he just recited the entire page.

A wide elated grin emerged on his lips as he thought, \'This combination of potions is truly worth every dime for it.\'

\'Then, you better start studying and take advantage of them instead of hitting the club.\' Lady Sphinx scolded without glancing at him.

Give him a break. The Jörmungandr said gently while writing something on a piece of paper, He is already doing his best and it wouldn\'t hurt for him to have fun from time to time.

Whatever, all I know is that he needs to become one of the top three scorers in the 1st semester. Lady Sphinx said casually, making Felix remove that grin and beam another book to read.

There was still some time before he heads out and he would rather use it to read another book or at least half of it.

Now, he had everything in his hands to turn into a great potioneer! If he failed, then he truly deserves to get tortured by Lady Sphinx!


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