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Neither Lilly nor her sisters bothered to respond to his low-key mockery as they were still finding it hard to understand how they could have missed on this!

The contract that Felix showed was the one he signed with The headmistress and also a contract that every witch in the area was extremely familiar with.

Hence, when they saw the three highlighted red terms, they knew that Felix\'s contract was modified from theirs!

Those terms were as:

]Felix Maxwell isn\'t allowed to harm a witch by any means.

If he broke this term, the Queen will inform the Headmistress and dispatch the nearest guards in the area.

]Felix Maxwell isn\'t allowed to touch a witch without her consent.

If he broke this term, the Queen will inform the Headmistress and dispatch automatically the nearest guards in the area.

]Felix Maxwell is required to drink a Weakening Potion each morning for the safety of other witches, staff members, workers...etc, around the Campus.

If he didn\'t drink a potion, he needs to remain in his room for the day.

If he didn\'t drink the potion and left his room, the Headmistress would be informed immediately.

Checkmate!! Lobna was the first to scream out loud with a pure ecstatic expression.

It was as clear as daylight for everyone that Felix would be raped first by those witches before he could do so with those terms chaining him down!

Right after her, the witches started chatting noisily while pointing their fingers at the terms and at Lilly\'s expression that was getting uglier by the second.

As expected from the Headmistress, she wouldn\'t let a strong human reign free in the Academy with us. A witch commented.

It\'s so obvious but all of us missed it since the contract had never been modified for over thousands of years now. Another witch added, making the rest next to her nod their heads in approval.

This whole thing of Felix joining the Academy was a totally fresh experience that made those witches pay attention to him and the viral news revolving around him.

Who would bother to think of the contract in that situation

Lilly who was humiliated by Felix yesterday was the last one to keep her cool and think about those matters before implementing a quick plan to seek revenge!

This lack of thinking and preparation had backfired at her now under the public eyes, making her seem like a joke just like her society.

Heh, I already knew that she was bull**ing but I never thought that she would be exposed this brutally. Naima snickered while watching with the rest of Felix\'s classmates in the crowd.

That b*tch deserve it. Her friend said with a hateful tone.

It seemed like she had already some bad blood with Lilly even though she was in her first semester while Lilly was in her second.

It was evident that Lilly was a big bully with hundreds of witches backing her up in the Academy plus she must have an authoritative teacher on the outside as well, acting like her parent.

After all, those witches wouldn\'t fear her if she didn\'t have something like that to lean on.

However, in this embarrassing situation, even God couldn\'t save her!

Upon seeing that the contract\'s exposure had done its job perfectly, Felix removed it and requested out loud for everyone to hear, Queen AI, I have been explicitly framed in public and I have the evidence to prove it.

I know that the framers wouldn\'t be punished heavily but I want to request a 10 meters restriction order on them!

The moment his voice resounded in the area, everyone\'s eyes were left wide open in awe by his swift counterattack!

They understood that the Queen wouldn\'t take even a second before granting him his request after using the recording of what happened here as evidence.

The Queen would process everything and conclude just like the rest that Felix was being framed.

Since he wasn\'t hurt or lost anything in the process, the punishment Lilly and the rest would go through was merely a slap in their backhand!

He knew that if he took this to the disciplinary office, he could get more by making them cough up at least a thousand CP each.

But Felix decided to give up on that by requesting simply a restriction order that would keep all of those toxic racists abominations away from him during his stay in the Academy!

Hence, removing at the same time the possibility of being harassed by them constantly, making his learning experience hell!

By the time those thoughts coursed past Lilly\'s mind and saw that her revenge chances were slipping by, the Queen had already confirmed everything in a few seconds and approved on his request.

A second later...Lilly and her society\'s members all received a warning from the Queen, entailing that if they entered the 10 meters radius from Felix, they would be losing 200 CP every five seconds.

Naturally, the Queen would supervise if Felix was abusing this punishment by getting closer to them on his own or such.

I guess we are done here Felix smiled warmly to Lilly and informed, Now, if you don\'t want to lose your points, I advise you to get the f*ck out of my way.

Got it

He then jumped back on his hover platform and hovered in their direction, completely ignoring their nasty glares they were showering him.

However, they still moved out of the way since they were blocking the entrance and if Felix decided to stop five meters away from them, they would be losing points.

Under the watch of the witches and teachers, Felix hovered casually through their protest and reached the faculty stairs.

Without turning his head, Felix beamed the hover platform in his spatial card and...Sprinted towards the main entrance like his life depends on it!

The hell

At first, the witches were left confused by his sudden escape but soon, it clicked in their minds!

The f*cker was running from them so he wouldn\'t be collapsed on by the crowd!

Noooo! I wanted to talk to him all day long!

Damn it! Why is he so fast! A witch complained while staring at Felix who had disappeared through the main entrance, leaving everyone behind.

Lobna, can you introduce us to him The foxy witch said, Anyone who humiliates that snobbish b*tch not once but twice is a friend of mine!

She said so while laughing in ridicule at Lilly and her society, retreating away on their hover platforms like defeated dogs.

Maybe later. Lobna waved her hand and said, I doubt he would be willing to hang out in those days with how heated the situation currently.

That\'s unfortunate.

Alright, let\'s head back to class. Lobna and her friends joined the crowd and entered the main entrance after the drama was over.

Naima, Lara, and the rest of Felix\'s classmates all went to the class and found that Felix was nowhere to be seen in the lecture hall.

They assumed that he was hiding by using the invisibility potion but in fact, Felix was currently chilling in the restroom, sitting on a toilet stall.

Since there wasn\'t a restroom for him only, he could only listen to the gossip of the witches who were entering and leaving the restroom.

The main subject of their gossip was naturally about the fresh drama that had just happened.

\'This feels wrong on so many levels.\' Felix scratched his chin and thought, \'Should I propose to have a small bathroom made just for me or should I ask for the key to use the staff bathroom\'

Naturally, Orcs and other races working in the faculty need their own bathrooms and private spaces to eat and gather.

\'It\'s better if I ask for the staff area keys so I can hang out with them before the classes begin.\' Felix thought that this was a great idea since students weren\'t allowed in those private spaces at all.

But he needed to check with the Headmistress first and the staff themselves if they accepted having him around.

Even if they didn\'t feel comfortable with him, Felix wasn\'t planning on hanging out with them when they were off duty but just head there when it\'s empty.

After deciding to do so, Felix glanced at the time and saw that only five minutes were left before the class\'s official start.

Thus, he quickly checked the coast with his infrared vision and exited only after seeing that no witch was standing outside of his stall.

Before exiting the restroom, he drunk the invisibility potion and went to class.

As usual, Felix saw that some witches were waiting in front of the door.

Instead of getting closer, he just stood in his place until the teacher arrived and sent them away.

It was actually Teacher Sonna from yesterday who gave Felix the impression of a shy lamp that could be pushed over quite easily by the students.

Yet, all of those witches respected her request and went away instead of making a scene.

Felix didn\'t think about it too much and just entered the class after the coast was clear.

Then, he went to the back and deactivated his invisibility after taking his seat.

\'F*cking hell, it\'s truly a chore to just enter the class.

When will the situation cool down!\' Felix complained in his mind, unbothered by the surprised exclamations of the witches near him.


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