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Ring Ring...Cluck!

The mythical bloodline bottle is ready for shipping. Felix said in a straightforward manner, forcing the Chief to play along instead of wasting minutes flattering each other for no reason.

As we have signed for in the contract, the mythical bottle should possess 75% and instructions to integrate it properly. The Chief took a deep breath and said with a hint of unwillingness in his tone, That\'s for a price of 45 Billion SC.

Correct, Felix replied bluntly.

Meanwhile, he was laughing loudly in his mind for such a free windfall that took him merely an hour or two for Asna to filter the purchased bottles.

The sad part for the Anti-Royalty Alliance, they had actually paid 30% of the bottles Felix used!

Thankfully, the Chief was unbeknownst to all of this.

Otherwise, he would have coughed out a mouthful of blood at such a rip-off.

Especially when the peak ability of the primogenitor wasn\'t even included in the deal since Felix was selling only 75% essence.

Those 9 abilities would be amazing for a single bloodliner...But, that\'s it.

He would have 9 amazing abilities, nothing more, nothing less...He wouldn\'t get even the etching enhancements since Felix had warned them to not etch an ability lest they end up getting killed straightaway by it.

After all, the only reason he was able to etch the primogenitor\'s abilities was due to him possessing help from the primogenitors themselves plus there was always Asna.

Meanwhile, they didn\'t have such a thing and if they didn\'t believe him and tried to etch an ability, it wouldn\'t be on him since he had given them the full instructions.

Even the 15 minutes period that takes in each integration and the triples pain they would be feeling were included.

So Felix wasn\'t really that bothered by selling those three primogenitor\'s bloodlines.

They would never manage to reach the same potential that he was bringing out of them.

At most he would give birth to three stronger peak 6th stage bloodliner that couldn\'t affect him in any negative way.

Please wire half the payment now to our bank and wire the rest after the delivery reaches you. Felix informed, To keep things simple, you will receive the delivery from our middle-man in this alliance, Felix Maxwell.

The bottle has already been sent to him and he will deliver it after you approve.

The Maganda Chief saw nothing wrong with the adjustments.

Instead, he believed that it was a natural move by the Phantom Organization to make Felix contact them since he was the only member exposed and have a connection with them.

He understood that this would also help the Organization avoid getting tracked due to the delivery.

After all, Felix\'s current location had already been spread universal wide and the Anti-Royalty Alliance couldn\'t do anything about it due to the witches\' protectiveness.

Heck, even higher-ranked races with better resources were left stumped by catching Felix without provoking A Ruling Race that was literally capable of cutting off their feet...economically!

In this Era, the common saying of might is right wasn\'t applicable like it was in the past due to the races\' interconnection and the money involved.


\'Sir Felix, 22.5 Billion SC had been wired to your bank account anonymously.\' The Queen notified him diligently.

Felix nodded his head without cracking even a tiny smile, It was a pleasure dealing business with you.

Like wise.

After securing the deal, the Chief didn\'t let his delight of getting a mythical bloodline affect him as he swiftly asked, May I ask a couple of questions about Felix Maxwell

If it\'s related to anything about the current viral news, save them. Felix said bluntly, We might be allies, but our partnership is centered around bloodlines bottles, not our future plans.


Goodbye Chief.


Felix hung the phone immediately, not caring about upsetting the Chief with his treatment.

He understood that he didn\'t need them that much but they did need him immensely for his bloodline bottles.

Hence, the relationship must be kept unequal.

He knew that he should never open up to them or such like they were pals.

They were business partners, nothing more, nothing less.

Now that we got that over with, let\'s see the Galactical Army and the Bardot Royal Family\'s responses.

Felix went to his inbox and wrote each of them a reply to their newest email that was sent just three days ago.

He already read it and saw that their offers had been actually much better than the Anti-Royalty Alliance but also much more demanding in return.

The Galactical Army had offered that they would provide a legitimate backing to the Phantom Organization, giving it a positive reputation and also the best protection in the Galaxy if they decided to move to the Guardian Empire.

This proposal would have been amazing if they weren\'t asking that the Phantom Organization be exclusive to the Galactical Army...Exclusive in the sense that Felix was required to sell them only bulks and bulks of mythical bloodlines to arm their soldiers.

If Felix was actually capable of doing so, he would have accepted since he knew that the Galactical Army truly wants to enhance their soldiers for the sake of humanity.

They were called Galactical Army for a reason...But that\'s a different story.

Still, he rejected their offer and proposed in his reply that he would sell them a fire-based mythical bottle with 75% essence.

The price would be 45 billion SC...Unnegotiable.

I feel like I am cheating them. Felix murmured while scratching their chin, They won\'t be able to get anything useful out of the bottle after they research it.

This should drop its value to only 20 billion SC due to its novelty.

Felix didn\'t want to cheat them but if he didn\'t show them any goodwill by doing this, then they could take it wrongly.

Especially when the news of him spread that he had sold three bottles to different backgrounds.

He didn\'t want for his Phantom Organization to be an enemy of the strongest Army in the Galaxy for no reason.

Whatever, as long as they don\'t know about any of this stuff, they would see my organization in good light.

Felix confirmed send and moved on to the second email that was sent by the Bardot Royal Family in the Bardot Empire.

Although it was the Royal Family, it was actually just one of the 100 members of the Empire\'s parliament that makes all the vital decisions for the empire\'s progression.

Felix still chose them because he knew that they had at least 10 Origin Realm Bloodliner in their ranks!

That number had cemented their position in the parliament as the one with the highest authority.

That\'s because the only way to get a position in the parliament was by being an Origin Realm Bloodliner and have a well-endossed background behind him!

Compared to the Mariana Empire that had had hundreds of kingdoms leeching off their territory, the Bardot Empire accept no such thing.

You are either a parliament member or a subsidiary member to one of them.

Hence, there was no ragtag group of kingdoms, planets, and such.

Even the newly discovered civilizations in their territory get forced one way or another to follow their regime even if they chose to join the SGAlliance.

This kind of order and strictness was what made the Bardot Empire be the head of the human race.

Naturally, not forgetting the hundreds of Origin Realm Bloodliners backing it up, unlike the other two empires.

This comparison sure made the Mariana Empire appear quite waned and **ty.

But Felix was glad that he was born here instead of the other two empires since he would have served a mandatory soldier duty in the Guardian Empire while in the Bardot Empire, the weak absolutely had no rights!

Only in the freedom of the Mariana Empire could planet Earth actually achieve something extraordinary.

Speaking about freedom, the Royal Bardot Family offer to Felix was turning the Phantom Organization a private property to them.

If the Organization actually existed, their request simply meant that Felix needs to sell them 51% shares of the Organization since usually they get constructed just like Companies.

By accepting, he would be giving them the managing rights over everything...The price was actually not too shabby as he was offered 500 Billion SC for those shares!

Every time he sees that amount he gets humbled by his own assets since for them to offer half a trillion on the go only meant that the actual money they possessed was unfathomable.

The rest of the backgrounds actually offered somewhat the same but the price always hovered around 300 billion SC.

In their eyes, it was a 500% worthy investment if it meant that they would be the only owners of the research data about the mythical bloodlines.

Too bad, there was no such a thing.

Felix sent the same email to them and closed the inbox.

He didn\'t care if they accepted or not since there were always others...But, he was confident about his chances of getting a positive reply since 45 Billion SC wasn\'t much, considering the bottles\' research value.

That would net him in a total of 135 Billion SC!

Still, he wasn\'t going to sell more than three bottles since if he kept going on his buying spree in the Anti-Royalty Alliance\'s kingdoms, they were bound to be displeased and end up pooling all their resources to find out what happens to those hundreds of epic tier 5 bottles.

There was no need to aggravate their partnership that was just blossoming or get too greedy and end up exposing that the Organization was a sham!

He wanted to avoid that at all cost since he could always slap any abnormality that he shows at the Organization and they would be left without a choice to believe it.

Just like his Quantum Vision that was being considered as their doing by most backgrounds.

With that being said, he wasn\'t planning to ally with either the Galactical Army or the Bardot Family since they would request at minimum the same batches of bottles as the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

He had no intentions of filtering more than a hundred primogenitor\'s bottles.

Phew, 135 Billion SC. Felix grinned widely, The things I can do with this kind of money are unimaginable!

If the experiment that I am currently working on succeed, then that kind of amount is peanut in your case. Lady Sphinx informed him out of nowhere.

What do you mean Felix said with a nervous tone.

He didn\'t like where this was going but since it was related to his ability to host multiple manipulations, he had to know!


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