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Immediately after she said so, Naima and the rest all went to Felix, gathering around him just like before.

But this time, they all asked to share their IDs to stay in touch.

Felix touched their bracelets one by one until his contact list was increased by 20 at once.

Can you tell us your dorm room Naima requested with a hidden glint, I think it\'s better if we studied in it today instead of going to the library.

Her friends all nodded their heads in approval, making Felix snicker in his mind, \'Like hell I will expose my dorm room.\'

He understood that his door room and parking lot were private information which weren\'t exposed like his class name.

Hence, if he played it well, he could keep his privacy for as long as he could hold.

Privacy was a must in those two weeks when the situation would be completely out of hand.

I will do you one better. Felix stood up and said with a polite smile, I will give you my UVR\'s room link or give me yours and we can gather there to study.

I will perfectly set it with multiple concoction stations for our use.

\'Ladies, what do you think\'

\'He will have power over us in his UVR\'s room and we can\'t really play with him.\'

\'True, but we can\'t scare him off like before by rejecting.\'

\'Let\'s agree and see what we can do at that point in time.\'

Naima and the witches gave each other a couple of knowing glances and nodded their heads at once, agreeing to Felix\'s proposal.

Let\'s discuss this later on. Felix smiled charmingly, If you excuse me, I have an appointment.


Felix jumped over their heads and went straight to the classroom\'s window that was wide open.

Before the witches could react, Felix had already jumped through it and disappeared out of sight!

The witches looked at each other with a hint of shock for a split second before dashing together to the window.

The moment they reached it, they saw that Felix was cruising away from the main faculty on a hover platform!

If he wasn\'t speeding away from the faculty, they wouldn\'t have guessed that it was him since he was wearing that pointy black hat on top of his head.

Pfffff, he really is terrified of getting caught. Naima laughed.

Can you blame him A tall slender witch pointed her finger at the classroom\'s entrance that was showing tens of heads over the glass.

If it wasn\'t for it being closed shut from the inside, those witches would have stormed Felix! As for teacher Hala, she exited through a backdoor for staff.

Hehehe, days in the academy are going to be more fun this way. Naima commentated with a playful smirk while gazing at Felix who had turned into a tiny dot.


15 minutes later...

Felix could be seen morphing his clothes into comfortable pajamas after entering his dorm room.

It was small but cozy and had everything that he required, even a bathroom was installed, making it appear like a motel room.

The toilet was a normal chair like everyone uses on daily basis.

The witches still needed to take care of their bowels.

Felix had been guided to the dorm by the Queen while he was invisible.

Sadly, he had to cancel the activation when he reached the dorms since potions\' effects weren\'t allowed.

Fortunately, he managed to sneak inside by keeping his head lowered while wearing that big pointy hat that hid all of his hair.

He was forced to take such measures as the news of him had already spread to the campus, reaching even the rest of the races.

Each one reacted differently to the news.

Some of them simply found the news intriguing for a couple of seconds before getting to their jobs while some reacted excessively.

Humans were part of the latter.

Some of them had already shared the news in their media feed without even seeing Felix or making sure that the news wasn\'t fake.

The first non-witch potioneer had emerged and he was a human

This was history in the making and those humans living on the campus made sure to be part of it by sharing their \'fake\' experiences with Felix, acting like they were old buddies with him.

Those who weren\'t this shameless had actually made research on Felix in the Milky Way Galaxy\'s network after getting his full name.

Just like the witches, they had found out that he was quite infamous in the galaxy by being a wanted bloodliner.

Since they were actually residing in the Witch Galaxy, they were following news that was happening in the empire instead of the news in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Hence, their lack of knowledge about Felix until this point in time.

But the moment they realized that there was a fat bounty on his head and information, they didn\'t hesitate to contact some backgrounds, wanting to sell Felix\'s location to them before they find out about it.

Too bad, those backgrounds had received information way earlier by their own people that were staying on the campus while being affiliated with them.

Hence, The Mariana Empire Royal Family, The Anti-Royalty Alliance, The Hundred main Parliament members in the Bardot Empire, The Galactical Army, and the rest of the higher echelon in the Milky Way Galaxy had all received the news and were still processing it!

In other words, they were waiting for a response from the academy staff or the headmaster to make an announcement!

Only then would they fully believe it!

It wasn\'t just them who were waiting for the announcement but also upper echelons from different races, ranging from those at the bottom, like slimes, imps, goblins, to those at the very top, like Dragons, Pandions, Space Worms...etc

Felix didn\'t care about any of this as the moment he got comfortable in his room, he logged in to the UVR and started training his poison manipulation, carrying where he left it.

He still hadn\'t found out a way to heal himself with poison but he was thinking about it each day.

After he spent three hours on his poison manipulation, he moved on to the daily energy control exercise that teacher Hala had given him.

It was a boring repetitive exercise that requires Felix to switch from normal vision to microscopic vision over and over again while at the same time trying to eliminate those microorganisms.

This actually had made it extremely difficult to kill them since Felix always end up destroying the materials by using too much force.

Since he needed to strike immediately after the switch, he wasn\'t given time to adjust the pressure.

Hence, Felix kept failing over and over again for two hours straight.

Although he didn\'t receive any positive results, Felix understood the gest of the exercise and why it was the best to gain better mental energy control.

After he was done, he logged out and sat on his bed with his class weekly schedule screen in front of him.

Teacher Hala\'s class will be in the morning of after tomorrow.

So, I can leave the homework until tomorrow. Felix glanced at tomorrow\'s classes and pondered, I have two classes, one mandatory and the last optional.

I should attend only mandatory classes for now.

The reason he was skipping the optional class was due to it being a PE class for sports and physical exercises.

He understood that it was a class to help witches stay in shape since simply relying on potions wouldn\'t cut it.

But for him He was already practicing daily without being told to.

Alright, let\'s see how the contribution system works. Felix waved the schedule to the side and brought out the home page of the Academy\'s website.

He didn\'t need to dig deep to find the contribution system as it was highlighted on the home page, showing how important it was in the Academy.

After Felix clicked on it, he was transferred to another tab that was showing the entire details of the system.

He spent 10 minutes reading the important stuff and skimming the useless information.

What he found was that the entire campus was operating based on contribution points instead of supremacy coins.

Food, books, drinks, entry to clubs and bars, requesting personal tutorage from teachers or seniors, lodging, buying materials, and the list goes on and on.

Hence, students were spending many contribution points on daily basis.

It was possible to give away points, lend them, trade...etc.

As long as the items traded were purchased by contribution points instead of coins.

As for trading contribution points with supremacy coins that were forbidden and anyone attempting to do so would be ratted on by the Queen.

\'At least it\'s not hard to earn them.\' Felix thought while reading the methods to obtain those points.

There were multiple methods such as attending optional classes rewards 50 CP, Doing homework rewards 100 CP, achieving high scores in tests rewards points depending on the rank achieved, and many other methods.

Yet, the best one had to be accepting missions posted by witches either on the campus or outside of it.

Those missions could range from being a lab assistant to hiring young witches to do their monthly quota of rank 1 potions concoction.

\'Those types of missions are quite popular.\'

Felix thought while glancing at a mission with the same requirement and rewards 1000 CP after getting it done.

\'I might accept a couple when I get tight on CP.\' Felix waved the holograms from his face and thought, \'For now let\'s get some shut-eye.\'

Since the moment Felix stepped into the planet, he didn\'t relax for even a second as he was moving from a place to another, without mentioning his replacement integration.

The moment he closed his eyes, he has instantly fallen into a deep sleep, not knowing that the headmistress was preparing for a press conference in the UVR to address the rumors about him!


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