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\'Just forget it I will call for her when I awaken.\'

Felix understood clearly that even if he bought the stones now, he wouldn\'t be able to use them without having at least 1% beast bloodline merged with him.

Since humans couldn\'t absorb the elements from stones like beasts.

Therefore, the only thing he should do was to hoard as much of them as possible, until the day he awakens.

He planned to only rely on merits to do so, as for him upcoming 80 million SC, that was for buying the highest bloodline Tier possible.

Plus the resources needed for his integration.

Helpless and dejected, he sighed over his miserable fate of living as poor pauper no matter how much he earned.

But, it was his decision to only buy the best for his future bloodline path.

No one forced him to do so.

He stopped mulling about those negative ideas and pressed on >Elemental Stones< button, planning to check the price of poison stones.

//Fire-stone (Low grade): 100 MP

Lightening-stone (Low grade): 100 MP

Ice-stone (Low grade): 200 MP

Poison-stone (Low grade): 200 MP


Shadow-stone (Low grade): 200 MP//

A long list having tens of elemental stones with their merit prices was displayed before Felix.

As seen from the list, the prices between common grade elements and uncommon were double the amount.

This should highlight the fact that elemental stones prices were proponent to their difficulty in finding them.

After checking the poison stone price, he turned off the laptop and glanced at his bracelet.

Hm, two hours left Whatever it\'s better to arrive early. Felix put the laptop next to him and lay on the bed comfortably.

He then called in his mind \'Queen AI\'


10 seconds later he was back, at the same place and position in the UVR.

He started to lick the ice cream he had before he logged out with enjoyment, \'I forgot I had this.

What a bonus.\'

He stood up and called for a cab, planning to head towards the SG Company Branch, which handled all the ticket prices in the kingdom.

10 minutes later…

He bypassed the queue that stretched to infinity by paying 500 SC and entered the hexagon shaped building that was surrendered by ten towers standing upright, towering over the rest of the structures in the city.

Those towers each designed with a unique form that represents the architecture of ten different races.

The majority of commoners believed that those races were the strongest ones within the Alliance.

Felix went straight to the counter and gave the Game number ID to the employee, who took it gladly and scanned it.

Sir, based on the game ID, you want to watch live the 500 player battle royal.

May I ask which ticket you want to buy, is it normal, important, VIP, VVIP ticket

Give me a normal ticket.

The counter Employee, who thought he was dealing with an important person after seeing him pay to bypass the queue, instantly cringed.

Yes sir that will cost 2000 CS, since this is a battle royal at the weekend, and the tickets are being snatched each minute.

The cost can only double to slow it down.

Felix did not replay; he just placed his bracelet in the scanner, transferring the payment.

After seeing the payment was successful, the employee handed him a digital ticket without nonsense.

Felix scanned the ticket with his bracelet and threw it in the garbage can.

He didn\'t worry about others using it, as the seat\'s unique number ID had been registered in his bracelet.


One hour and a half later…

Felix was wearing a cheering a red finger in his hand, two beer cans glued to a cap placed on his head, with two white tubes dangling near his mouth.


He cheered with his hands raised in the air like a fanboy, just like the millions of fans, seating in a huge arena placed in the air above a battleground.

Plus, to enhance the audience\'s visibility even further, the arena seating chairs were stacked near each other shaping an enormous circle, without neither walls nor floor underneath to block their vision of what was happening inside the battleground.

Since they were in midair, anyone who was not able to see details properly, could either use the large screen, which was hanged above them, showing each player with the highest quality possible.

Or they could spend some coins and purchase vision and hearing enhancement mechanisms that allow anyone to zoom in, just like a camera, thus not missing any amazing fight scenes or dramatic speeches during them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Titus your host and MC for the evening will accompany you through this wild game that will have only one player alive from five hundred.

SO make some noiiiiiiiiiise to support your Fighter!! The MC Titus shouted in his microphone, as he made an epic entrance of falling from the sky until he slammed into the ground next to the players.

The entire arena rumbled, as each spectator had their mouths between their hands, yelling different names of players.

Some of them were their lovers, husbands, disciplines, sons or daughters, or simply just a player they placed their bet on like Felix.

This was how the individual Supremacy Games were like.

Everyone was representing himself, not his planet, clan, company, or race.

Good, now just like always the first 30 minutes before each game is for interviews to see what our lovely participants have to say, and what are their goals and wishes. The MC Titus pointed his golden microphone in direction of the players.

This was the main reason why he bothered to fall from his commentary platform; near them in the first place.

Enthusiastic, he approached an eerie thin man with four long fangs protruding out of his mouth.

He placed his microphone in his face and asked.

You good sir, what made you decide to participate in this savage 1 vs.

500 games, knowingly that you might not see tomorrow

With a hint of lounging in his eyes, the eerie man caught the microphone and said, I wish to obtain a Legendary Tier 3 bloodline, and only games that have a large number of players can provide this wish for me after I win.

Good, I see that you are peak Stage 1 bloodliner.

You probably were waiting for this opportunity, to win the best-ranked bloodline in Tier 3.

What a marvelous courage and bravery.

I wish you good luck emerging victorious.

The MC patted his shoulder with encouragement and moved on to his next prey.

In his eyes, it was like a free real estate with those 500 players spread all around him.

Soon, a golden mic was shoved in the face of a beautiful lady with a small rainbow-colored peacock tail.

What about you gorgeous, what do you desire after you win

I want to rejoin the rainbow peacock Clan, and to do so, I need to win this and ask my wish to be fulfilled as a winning a prize.

Your wish shall be granted if you win.

This is an undeniable truth in the SGA, and the clan won\'t dare refuse and go against the rules of the Alliance.

So concentrate only on emerging as the last surviving player in the game. The MC spoke with unadulterated certainty.

He was not afraid that his words would bite him in the ass later.

Nervous yet excited, the players around them couldn\'t help but clench their fists tightly, remembering the reason and the wish they seek after emerging as a champion.

It might sound nice and dandy, but those wishes were limited to the bloodliner stage.

The SGA wouldn\'t leave such a loophole in the open, where players asking for Tier 5 bloodline or some expensive resources, which they couldn\'t even use with their current strength.

A player could only ask what he truly really needs.

Just like the eerie 4 fanged players.

He was a peak stage 1 bloodliner, but he wished for Legendary Tier 3 beast.

The Alliance would fulfill his wish even though the prize outranked him since he truly was planning to use it to break through the next stage.

But the main reason the alliance would fulfill his wish in the first place, was because this game prize pool had it.

As each game type had a set of prizes pool that no one could go above.

Such as, this game mode was 500 player battle royal.

A game where only death or emerging as the last survivor was allowed, nothing more or nothing less.

This meant the danger and risk level were vastly different than other game modes where a player could just simply loss and try again in a different game.

Thus the prize pool had even legendary rank bloodline, something that could only be bought in auctions with outrageous prices.

This way, a rewarding system was created that hoped to fulfill everyone\'s desires and requests, as long as they were within the reach of the player and the limits of the prize pool.

Otherwise, the alliance had the right to refuse it and ask for another one.

If a player didn\'t understand his place and kept asking for things he couldn\'t use.

The alliance wouldn\'t hesitate to blacklist him for eternity.

This was why no one dared to ask for outrageous things anymore, as being blacklisted from the games where you could fulfill your wishes was a fate worse than death.

Especially for the commoners bloodliners.


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