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An hour later...

Alright class, that should be all for today. Teacher Sonna snapped her finger and the holographic screen had been closed shut, concluding the lecture.

\'Well, that was a bit tough to understand.\' Felix massaged his eyebrows with his eyes closed shut.

Since he came in the middle of the class, he already missed half of the lesson, making it extremely difficult to understand what she was talking about.

Especially when she was using terms that were unfamiliar to him.

It was like a 6th-grade student attending a math class with variables and constants.

But, he had everything recorded and he was going to ask for the first half of the class from Naima when they set a study group.

Speaking about her, Naima and a couple of few daring witches could be seen approaching Felix from every direction, appearing quite intimidating.

This time, Teacher Djamila wasn\'t here to help him out as she had left with teacher Sonna.

She wasn\'t going to babysit him throughout the entire semester.

It was time for Felix to mingle on his own.

Mind if we called you Felix Naima inquired politely the moment she sat next to Felix.

Please. Felix replied, smiling.

The other witches also filled up the empty seats, leaving the rest to stand around Felix, completely hiding him.

\'I really don\'t want to be in his place.\' Lara shook her head at the sight and walked outside of the lecture hall, heading to the next mandatory class that was about to start in 15 minutes.

Felix knew so as well, hence before the witches could bleed his ears with questions and inquiries, he tapped on his bracelet and said, If you excuse me ladies, I need to head to the restroom before the next class begins.

Naima\'s eyes brightened up at the sound of that.

She quickly held Felix\'s hand and offered while glancing at his crotch with an intrigued look, Let me take you to the restroom.

Hahaha, it\'s so obvious that she is interested in your package.\' Asna laughed while eating popcorn, completely engrossed in watching Felix.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched after hearing Asna\'s claim but he got to agree with her.

He could see that not only Naima but the rest of the witches around him were all eying his crotch like it was the most interesting thing in their eyes.

It was evident that none of them had any lusty or pervy thoughts but simply pure curiosity in the males\' reproduction organ.

Cough, thank you for the offer but I have already visited it before so I know where it is.

Felix excused himself the moment he declined her offer by jumping over their heads and landing behind them softly like a feather.

Before they could react, Felix had already disappeared from their vision, leaving them shellshocked by his quick escape.

\'You can run but you can\'t hide.\' Naima giggled while pressing a finger on her pink lips.

Let\'s head to the next class. Naima said while standing up, He will be there.

Her friends accompanied her while the rest of the witches split up into groups and went on their own way.

But all of them had a holographic search engine in front of them.

They weren\'t able to make research on Felix in the class since it was banned to avoid distractions during class.

Now, some typed Felix\'s entire name and some went straight to the milky way galaxy news and started reading about Felix.

Whatever method used, all of them reached four conclusions about Felix...He was filthy rich! Wanted! Strong Bloodliner! Popular SG Player!

If they had any emotions about males, most of them would have fallen over heels for him as his story was nothing but extraordinary.

Too bad, those young flowers merely got extra interested in getting to know more about Felix.

Hence, they continued to watch his videos, reading the ongoing drama about his bloodlines, watching some highlights about the games while discussing them.

When they were walking in the faculty corridors, they realized that rumors about Felix\'s existence had already been spread extensively as most witches were speaking about him.

Some believed that it was a rumor but the majority realized that it was real.

After all, some recordings of Felix\'s fight with the racist mushroom had already been spread in the academy\'s forums.

This had happened in the past hour and now the forums were already buzzing with discussions about the HumanPotioneer.

Some were requesting his class number and some were asking about his last spotted location to come and see him.

Felix anticipated this and was fully prepared to counter it.

He simply drunk invisibility potions and walked through the corridors without being noticed by witches, who were searching for him.

It wasn\'t against the rules to drink potions in the faculty but their effect shouldn\'t be negative or harmful.

Plus, they weren\'t allowed to be drunk in classes and restricted places.

This helped Felix reach the next classroom in less than a minute since it was on the same floor.

However, he was stumped when he saw that a group of witches was standing in front of the door, completely blocking it!

\'None of them are my classmates.\' Felix concluded after inspecting their faces upclose.

He wasn\'t proud of it but when it came to memorizing beautiful faces, he was top notch!

\'It seems like they have found my name enlisted in B-2 class and came here to intercept me.\'

Felix reasoned after seeing that all of them were chatting together while glancing left and right like radars.

\'Well, I can only hang in the corridor next to the wall until the teacher comes and send them away.\' Felix planned while leaning against the wall, avoiding contact with any witch in his way.

He understood that if he went now, everyone would gather around him after his invisibility gets deactivated.

Then, they would start harassing him just like before.

He wouldn\'t mind if it was one or two witches, but tens of them That was a bit out of his league.

\'This situation will probably take a few more days to cool down.\' Felix sighed.

Honestly, that was just an optimistic estimate.

This situation could last for a straight two weeks until the novelty of a human joining the academy dies down.

Just like the movie Ted, the talking bear who came to life had created a massive shockwave throughout the world...But after a while People started considering it as the norm.

Felix was Ted in the academy and he honestly didn\'t want it since he was already behind by a month and he couldn\'t afford to not learn anything in the next 5 months.

If he didn\'t reach the top 3 in this semester, Lady Sphinx would set him straight!

Is he really not coming

Should we leave Our class is about to start soon.

I am leaving, I have homeworks pilling up.

When Felix got a bit closer to the witches, he managed to pick up some of their chatter.

Sure enough, five witches bailed out from blocking the door.

But, the rest were still too many for Felix to avoid.

Hence, he stuck to his waiting strategy.

15 minutes later...Only a few unknown witches remained but the number actually increased since Naima and the rest of Felix\'s classmates had taken over.

Yet, Felix still didn\'t move from his place.

In a few moments, Felix spotted Lara walking alone to the classroom\'s door with the same composed expression.

But when she reached the door, she didn\'t enter it but surprisingly looked at Felix\'s hiding spot with a faint smile.

Before Felix could think if she could see him or not, she winked at him and went inside.

\'How She wasn\'t using her spiritual eye.\' Felix raised his eyelids in surprise and thought, \'Does she have another trait in her normal eyes or did she drink a potion that provides long-term vision-typed abilities\'

While Felix was thinking about this, the witches had quickly scrambled either inside the class or walked away after they spotted an incoming stunning witch wearing a red uniform.

Her eyes were scarlet, her nose was a tiny button while her lips were plump and scarlet just like her eyes.

The moment Felix noticed her, his lips parted slightly in shock as he never expected to see that witch who made him elated and miserable before!

Madam Hala! The witch who dealt with his elemental potions commission!

\'The hell, is she my concoction class teacher Wasn\'t concocting rank 3 potions her full-time job\' Felix thought to himself while staring at Madam Hala shoeing the witches away from the door.

Upon seeing that the premise was cleared, Felix dropped those matters for now and entered the class in a sneaky manner.

\'Sir Felix, please deactivate your invisibility or you will receive a penalty for breaking the rules.\' The Queen informed, \'No potions are allowed in class.\'

Felix ignored her and sprinted to the semi-empty back row.

The instant he got comfortable, he wiped his sweaty forehead and coughed.

That was more than enough to remove the invisibility effect.

Kyaaaaaa! A ghost!! A witch who was sitting somewhat next to him screamed with a spooked expression after seeing Felix emerge out of nowhere.

Her scream was loud enough, it attracted the other witches.

The moment they saw Felix, they realized that he might have been using an invisibility potion to avoid detection.

But none of them seemed worried by it as they had their own special vision trait in their tail\'s eye.

Now that they knew what Felix was relying on, they wouldn\'t hesitate to use them even if it meant wasting precious mental energy!

Everyone pay attention here. Teacher Hala clapped twice and the classroom door was closed, marking the start of the class.

The witches focused on teacher Hala, deciding to deal with Felix after the class.


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