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\'Teacher Sonna, this is Felix, the human student we were informed about by the Headmistress last month.\' Teacher Djamila sent a telepathic message.

\'Darn it, why am I always so unlucky.\' Teacher Sonna complained tearfully, \'Couldn\'t he wait until tomorrow to join Teacher Hala\'s class I can\'t deal with the chaos that will raise after we break the news to the class.\'

\'That\'s why I am here.\' Teacher Djamila comforted her, \'I will handle it for you.\'

Teacher Sonna\'s eyes brightened up after hearing so.

Without being told what to do, she quickly got down from the podium and stood beside Felix with a shy expression, making him at lost for words at her antics.

He could clearly see that she had the opposite personality of teacher Djamila, as she was too nice and...well, bulliable

\'Hehe, I have a feeling that she will be my favorite teacher.\' Felix grinned wickedly, scaring teacher Sonna\'s off when she saw the way he was looking at her.

Human, come introduce yourself to your future classmates. Teacher Djamila gestured for Felix to stand on the podium with her.

Certainly. Felix switched to his go-to fake warm smile and walked to the podium.

When he stood on it, he was able to see the entire classroom clearly and the witches who were giving him dumbfounded looks.

\'Lara in my class\' In a split second, he spotted Lara staring at him with a deep frown, making him give her a wink just to tease her a bit.

Then, he coughed and spoke calmly near the microphone, My name is Felix Maxwell and I am almost 20 years old.

I am a human, an earthling, a bloodliner, a professional SG player, and hopefully, a future Potioneer.

Felix paused for a second and smiled charmingly, The Headmistress had enrolled me personally in the Academy last month but I was still on my journey to the capital.

Hence, my one-month long absence.

\'Smart.\' Teacher Djamila praised in her mind.

She understood that Felix had mentioned this so he could let everyone know that the Headmistress was the one backing him up in the Academy.

After all, it was impossible for witches to just enroll and get accepted straightaway into the Royal Academy that was the best of the best in the empire.

Only witches with excellent grades in elementary school get an opportunity to participate in the entrance examination.

Still, many witches fail to pass it and need to wait another year to try again.

Yet, Felix had just popped out of nowhere, making it obvious that the Headmistress had opened up the backdoor for him.

If she was willing to do so, it only meant that he was close to her.

Smart witches would reach this conclusion instantly from that sentence.

\'So he has a connection to teacher Dalilia and now even the Headmistress Aicha\' Lara narrowed her eyes at Felix and thought, \'He must have an even higher background to force both of them to treat him this nicely instead of experimenting on him in their lab immediately after he enters the capital.\'

While she was brainstorming on potential candidates, Felix was still hogging the mic by explaining his ability to concoct potions.

He wanted to make the answer loud and clear so he wouldn\'t get harassed every day due to their curiosity.

In a minute or two, Felix bowed his head slightly to the witches and asked, I will be under your care for the next three years.

Then, he stepped down from the podium as he wasn\'t going to receive applause from his classmates who were still trying to digest that a human was going to be their classmate.

Go pick a seat. Teacher Djamila said.

Felix nodded his head and walked to the witches.

Some of them broke out of their daze quickly and invited him with an excited expression while some glared at him, making it clear that he wasn\'t welcomed at all.

Felix ignored both types and went to seat on his own in the back row, where there were only a few witches.

The visibility was not the best here but it wasn\'t a problem for Felix.

Teacher Sonna, I will sit through the remaining period, so just carry on your class normally. Teacher Djamila said telepathically while heading to teacher Sonna\'s desk.

She didn\'t want to leave her on her own since it was clear that the witches wouldn\'t bother to listen to her in this situation.

\'Thank you.\' Teacher Sonna gave a grateful look to teacher Djamila and walked back to the podium.

Seeing that the witches weren\'t paying her any attention but glancing behind them, she coughed twice and said near the mic, Student Felix, since you have missed eight of my theoretical classes, I need to ask if you know what was taught in those classes.

Felix replied instantly, Based on the 1st-semester syllabus, you must have taught an introduction to potion-making, the base theory of potion-making, the concoction equipment part I, potioneer ranks part I, How to remain in the microscopic world for a prolonged period of time, how to utilize mental energy efficiently in the microscopic world, knowing when a potion is doomed to fail, and lastly, equipment part II.

Teacher Sonna smiled in happiness while clapping her hands, Good, good since you know what was taught, it only meant that you have read about them in your free time correct

Yes. Felix nodded his head.

Did you find any difficulty understanding a topic Teacher Sonna glanced at her bracelet and offered, There is one hour left in the class and I believe it wouldn\'t hurt to clear some of your doubts before we move into the next class.

Some witches immediately frowned their eyebrows, not liking the sound of that.

If it wasn\'t for teacher Djamila staring at them with an indifferent gaze, they would have already complained about her suggestion.

After all, the 1st semester had three class groups in it and all of them shared the final exam and mark.

This meant, being behind by even one hour was too much for those witches who were aiming at getting at the top ranks.

Unlike normal universities, this was the Royal Academy, where only the elite of the elite gets accepted.

Not one of them was going to laze around and get a bad mark.

This signified that was going to be a hellish competition between thousands of smart witches to emerge in those ranks...Plus one Witcher.

Thank you for the offer teacher Sonna, but I don\'t want to delay the class just so I can catch up. Felix rejected the proposal with a polite tone, earning some smiles from those witches.

Upon seeing so, Felix smiled back at them while thinking, \'Getting close to the class would help me in the long run instead of isolating myself.\'

This was indeed the best move to make currently since Felix wasn\'t in the milky way galaxy anymore.

He was in a foreign land with a foreign race.

To survive those next three years, Felix needed to be a friend of the witches instead of their enemy.

To do achieve so, he needed to give in at the right moments like those.

I guess you are right, but... Teacher Sonna said with a saddened tone, I still don\'t like having a student that is behind.

A couple of witches glanced at Felix with playful smiles and instantly raised their hands in the air, asking for permission to speak.

Go ahead Naima. Teacher Sonna pointed at a witch who had her golden hair braided into pigtails hairstyle, blazing orange eyes, and a small mole next to her delicate nose.

Naima turned around to look at Felix and offered with a pretty smile, How about I teach you about those classes in private I have good notes on the subjects.

The other witches, who raised their hands with Kaina, all dropped them with a dejected expression.

It was clear that they had the same idea.

However, Felix didn\'t immediately accept since he had no idea if she was truly offering her assistance or she simply wanted to get close to him to sate her curiosity about the whole matter.

\'Whatever, if she doesn\'t want to stick to her word, I can simply leave.\' After making his decision, Felix smiled politely at Naima and said, Much appreciation.

Seeing that he had accepted, the witches immediately sent telepathic messages to Naima, \'Sister Naima, can I join please\'

\'I will buy you drinks if you let me join your study group.\'

\'Sister Naima, I will wave those 200 contribution points that you own me, if you let me in.\'

Tens of messages like those rained on Naina\'s mind until she had enough and blocked all of them from contacting her.

She was already going to invite her friends over.

Any more and it would turn into a party instead of a study group.

\'A male human...You are all ours!\' Naima licked her lips while peeking at Felix with her tail\'s eye from a hole in her robe.

Felix didn\'t notice it since his attention was placed on Teacher Sonna who had returned to continuing her lecture after they dealt with his matters.

Everyone stopped chatting at once and focused as well on the lecture in complete silence.

But under this facade of peacefulness, a storm was brewing in the network.

A storm that was going to be caused by Felix\'s news, which was being spread like fire on the witches\' social media pages!

Everyone who shared the news used one hashtag...AHumanPotioneer


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