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Based on Lady Sphinx\'s sequence, Felix would need five days to drink all of them without affecting his brain negatively.

Without further ado, Felix beamed the Neuron Enhancement potion and drunk it in one gulp, having no intentions to savor its taste since its smell wasn\'t that good either.

He didn\'t know if Lady Sphinx never bothered with the taste or those potions were meant to be disgusting like this, unlike the elemental potion.

Seconds went by and nothing had happened yet to Felix.

His head felt normal and his senses were the same as ever.

\'Elder, does the potion need few minutes for its effect to work out or was it suppose to be like this\' Felix asked.

Felix could understand that he wouldn\'t feel a thing when drinking the lightning potion but for this one that was supposedly going to enhance his neurons speed

He knew that it was impossible to happen without feeling something.

Lady Sphinx stopped reading her book to glance at his condition.

Instead of answering him, she smiled charmingly and counted backward, \'Five, four, three, two...\'

With each number, Felix\'s nervousness increased tenfolds as sweat started to form on his forehead, worrying that another wave of pain would strike him at the count of zero.

Yet, when Lady Sphinx reached it, nothing happened to Felix, making him doubt if Lady Sphinx was pulling a joke on him.

However, just as he wanted to sigh in relief, he felt like the world was spinning for a split second before everything turned dark.


His forehead smashed into the wooden floor so as his body...He fainted instantly.

That\'s what Asna and the Jörmungandr had assumed until they realized that his heart wasn\'t beating anymore...



Speechless and frankly a bit worried, Asna and the Jörmungandr turned their heads to Lady Sphinx who was chilling on a couch with a book in her hand.

Seeing them gazing at her like this, she waved her hand in a carefree manner and said, It\'s nothing major...Just a brain stroke.



Relax. Lady Sphinx said calmly after noticing that their worry had intensified, He will wake up as nothing happened in the next couple of seconds.

Just as she mentioned, Felix\'s heart started beating again after 7 seconds passed by.

A few moments later, he woke up groggily while clutching his head in pain.

Did I pass out He asked softly while beaming a rejuvenation potion.

Honest as always, Asna informed him with a look of relief, \'Nothing much, you just had a brain stroke and a heart attack at the same time, resulting in you being dead for 8 seconds.\'

\'I guess I passed out.\' Felix murmured while drinking the rejuvenation potion.

He completely ignored Asna\'s claims.

Prick, I am telling the truth! Asna cursed him after realizing that her credibly meant nothing to Felix.

Of course you are.

Felix massaged his temples while standing up.

When the pain went away, he realized that...Well, there was no noticeable difference.

It made sense since he wasn\'t overloading his brain currently with difficult thoughts.

\'I guess an IQ test will do the trick.\'

Instead of bothering Lady Sphinx again, Felix simply requested the Queen to project an IQ test with hard difficultly that was meant for everyone.

This test would examine his cognitive skills, such as reasoning, logic, and problem-solving.

It\'s a test of intelligence, something we are largely born with.

It wasn\'t a test of knowledge, which represents what we learned through our education or life experience.

The test rules appeared first in the hologram, making Felix read quickly since he hadn\'t done this test for years now.

//You are about to solve 40 visual exercises/questions that gradually increase in difficulty.

The test duration is 5 minutes.

The Queen will supervise any cheating attempt.

Press start when you feel ready//

In Felix\'s previous life, he took it when he was 30 years old and scored 20 points which translate into him answering 20 questions mistakenly or he didn\'t have time to even reach them.

That score resulted in him being marked with 112 IQ which was barely close to being above average.

Felix understood that if retook the test, he might perform either a little bit worse or better.

That depends on the situation, his mental state, and most importantly the questions or visual exercises he ended up with.

Those questions/visual exercises all challenge not just a person\'s knowledge but cleverness and speed at spotting the issue required and solve it.

Most of the time, even a child could solve those issues.

However, the essence of the test was the ability to spot the requirements to solve the questions.

The faster he did it, the more questions he would be able to solve, which would help him finish the test before the timer ends.

That\'s why, the moment the test began, Felix noticed a huge improvement in the way he was approaching those questions, as he never took more than half a second to realize what he needed to do and the correct choice he needed to pick!

Half a second!

In some questions, he barely glances at them before he solves them and presses next!

He couldn\'t explain the feeling but he started to believe that there wasn\'t a single problem that he couldn\'t solve!

Upon hearing his idiotic thoughts, Lady Sphinx merely rolled her eyes and returned to reading her book.

Meanwhile, Felix didn\'t lose focus for even a split a second, making him finish a 5 minutes test in under 20 seconds!

\'Congratulations on finishing the test with 33 points score in 19.4 seconds! Based on your results your estimated IQ is 177.\'

The Queen informed Felix of the results immediately after the test was concluded, resulting in Asna laughing in mockery at his results.

\'Imagine drinking an intelligence potion yet still fail to answer 5 questions.\' She said with a ridiculing tone.

Unbothered, Felix checked the false questions and realized that all of them were based on knowledge.

It was understandable since there were questions mixed in about races, cultivation systems, The SG platform...etc.

It was impossible for Felix to know everything just like others.

Those few questions were added to make it almost impossible to score full marks and be labeled as a freak prodigy.

If one actually answered them, then he truly deserves the title.

Hence, it didn\'t affect Felix\'s happiness at all at getting such a massive enhancement to his intelligence.

Tomorrow when I drink the photographic memory, I will be able to close down this knowledge hole by reading everything that my hands land on! Felix said with an eager tone.

You better start with rereading those potion-making books. Lady Sphinx advised, The potion would help you remember anything that you did after consuming it.

However, your memory would still remain **ty for your old memories.

Will do. Felix agreed at once.

He understood that those gifts might be too good and everyone would kill for them, but he needed to work his ass off in the Academy to fulfill his end of the bargain!

That was emerging as one of the top three scorers in every semester! God knows how hard it was going to be to achieve it.

Though, he felt a bit confident with those enhancements.

Don\'t be. Lady Sphinx popped his bubble, Sage Witches are able to concoct those potions as well.

They might not be good enough to concoct potions that give permanent effect, but those potions were still good enough for their students to excel above the rest in the Academy.

Damn it, doesn\'t that mean my advantages are gone Felix gulped a mouthful after hearing so.

He realized that it was far worse than he said since those witches had years and years of time to read about potion-making books before even entering the Academy.

He didn\'t know how many students were lucky enough to drink those potions and he honestly hoped that none of them would be in the 1st semester.

I don\'t know about the rest but Dalilia\'s youngest student Lara has drunk three potions and she has just enrolled in the Academy last month.

Alas, Lady Sphinx seemed like she was in a good mood as he kept destroying his wishes the moment she heard them.

This can\'t do! Felix stood up hastily and asked, Elder, I want to go to the Academy now!

Each second he wasn\'t in class, Lara and the rest of the potion abusers were pulling ahead of him.

He had no intentions of finding out what would happen to him if he failed to fulfill his promise!

You have Dalilia\'s UVR ID. Lady Sphinx shared, Just message her and she will take of it.

Upon hearing so, Felix immediately sent a short polite message.

Surprisingly, he received a reply instantaneously, entailing that she would send someone to pick him up in half an hour.

\'Half an hour.\' Felix closed his eyes shut and thought, \'Might as well see if I can utilize 2nd Classement, the Quantum Vision now.\'

10 minutes later...

Felix exited the UVR with a dark expression under Asna\'s jeering laughs.

The tests didn\'t go as expected as his mental energy had been fully consumed under two minutes during his use of The Quantum Vision.

The sad part, he couldn\'t go beyond the microscopic world as Lady Sphinx had demonstrated to him.

All of this was caused by his trash mental energy capacity that couldn\'t fuel this vision.

Whenever he attempted to force himself, he either ends up fainting or has his head explode.

How am I supposed to concoct potions with only 2 minutes to work with per day! Felix knitted his eyebrows, I can train all I want in the UVR without worry but in real life, I would be the joke of the year if those witches ever caught wind of this.

Felix already considered himself to be an outsider in the Academy.

But now He wouldn\'t even be taken seriously!!


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