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Half an hour later...

Felix had finished testing the etching enhancements.

It turned out that his guess was correct as the enhancements weren\'t the same as last time.

First, he was now capable of throwing a punch that was carrying 7100 BF!

That\'s an increase of a whopping 3000 BF, unlike the last time when he received only a 2000 BF increase.

As for mental defenses, he was able to survive against a peak 4th stage mental ability now! Though the 5th stage was still too much for him.

Lastly, for his energies and their capacities, they had been doubled yet again, allowing Felix more leeway to go wilder in his energy consumption.

All of those terrific enhancements made Felix believe that maybe after each stage, the enhancements would keep doubling since his body would keep getting stronger and stronger to handle it.

He hoped that it was going to be like that since even with those enhancements, he still wasn\'t certain about his chances at winning the Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Let\'s test out this mutation now. Felix said eagerly while touching the holes in his palm.

He had already done a five minutes research about the Avions and this evolutionary trait.

Based on the network\'s info, those holes were called lightning absorbers!

They were the ones that allowed the Avions species to live in thunderstorms without wings and consume clouds!

AI, please create a thunderstorm and strike me down! Felix ordered.

He was standing in the middle of the room that had already been modified for physical tests.

But when he glanced at the ceiling, he found that dark clouds were starting to emerge.

They weren\'t peaceful at all as the lightning flashes and thunder-cracking noises had engulfed the entire room!

Are you ready The AI asked.

Ye...Wait. Felix\'s excitement died down a little after remembering that he didn\'t have lightning resistance.

He understood that without it, he might get killed straightaway by the strike!

He wasn\'t certain that those lightning absorbers were going to protect him against lightning since it wasn\'t mentioned in the network.

AI, give me lightning immunity. Felix requested.

He didn\'t want to take any chances with a lightning strike.

He preferred testing out the lightning absorbers resistance on an outlet with low voltage.

You ready The AI asked again.

Felix took a deep breath and gave a slight head nod.


Felix wasn\'t given even a millisecond to finish his nod before a flash of light had blinded his eyes while the cracking noise of thunder had resounded in his eardrum.

Before he could realize what happened, everything had returned to normal like he wasn\'t just stuck by a thick lightning bolt that could kill an elephant instantly!


But the white charges that were being emitted from his body said otherwise!

Anyone who saw him would exclaim in shock as Felix had stopped appearing like a human but more of a lighting torch!

His messy white and black hair didn\'t escape stiffening like spikes in his head just like the rest of his body hair!

\'Pffff!! You look like a spooked cartoon character.\' Asna laughed her ass off the moment she checked on Felix.

\'At least you didn\'t have a thick beard and long hair like that idiot Thor.\' The Jörmungandr chuckled, \'Every time he engulfs himself in lightning, he turns into a spiky porcupine.\'

Lady Sphinx sniggered softly after being reminded of such a scene.

No wonder Rolandinho decided to shave everything. Felix commentated speechlessly as he touched his stiffened eyebrows.


Noticing that the lightning intensity wasn\'t as sharp as when he got struck, Felix stopped bothering with his looks and brought his palms closely near each other.

That resulted in creating a storm of lightning charges connecting his palms together!

Because he had lightning immunity, Felix only felt ticklish in his palms.

\'What now\' Felix wondered, \'How am I supposed to control or channel them.

Heck, can I even control them\'

Felix doubted the validity of that since the Avions were known for simply absorbing the lightning bolts to keep them always flying with a terrifying speed.

However, it said nothing about them channeling it to attack or defend themselves.

\'You are right.\' The Jörmungandr interjected, \'Avions can\'t control their evolutionary trait but Thor was able to.

He turned it into a lethal weapon that made him one of the most annoying primogenitors to fight against.

At least before he managed to reach the peak of the 3rd stage of elemental manipulation.\'

\'How so\' Felix asked with an intrigued look.

\'When the fight doesn\'t go in his way, the bastard channel all the absorbed lightning bolts that he released throughout the entire battle...Then,\' The Jörmungandr\'s eyelids twitched, \'He morphs into a lightning bolt and escapes with a terrifying speed that even Rocky wouldn\'t be able to reach.\'

\'If even Rocky can\'t catch him, how could we\' The Jörmungandr said with a hopeless tone, \'He was truly a pain in the ass to fight against.\'

It seemed like the Jörmungandr had struggled in his previous battles against Thor, unlike the last one that ended up with them both dying.

This just further emphasized how difficult it was to kill a primogenitor and if Jörmungandr and Thor didn\'t decide on suiciding in an epic manner, the battle would have ended up differently.

\'Hehe, I can\'t wait to be a pain in the ass to others as well.\' Felix grinned widely.

Although it seemed difficult to morph into a lightning bolt, he wasn\'t planning on focusing on that for now.

He still needed baby steps to learn how to channel, absorb and also contain!

That\'s the most important step since if he couldn\'t contain the absorbed lightning, it would keep being released continuously until it was exhausted.

Just like what he was experiencing now as the charges had been reduced in number while his hair started to lose its stiffness.

From Jörmungandr\'s story, Felix realized that Thor was capable of containing it, unlike the Avions.

After all, he was absorbing his own released lightning during his battle and utilize it later all at once for an unpreventable retreat!


A few seconds later, Felix\'s body had returned to normal after all the absorbed lightning had been spent on nothing.

Instead of trying again, Felix sat on the ground and started pondering on the method to contain lightning.

He understood that as long as he doesn\'t learn it, his evolutionary trait\'s potential would be gutted hard.

\'Well, if I considered myself as a bottle, this meant those holes allow lightning to come in and out.\' Felix pondered, \'This meant, the most obvious way to contain lighting is by closing off those holes immediately after absorbing.\'

This was quite problematic to Felix since when he entered the measurement room, the first thing he did was order those holes to close off.

Alas, he received absolutely no response like he was ordering for his pores to close off.

That was naturally impossible for the human conscious to control.

But since Thor was able to do it, he knew that it was possible.


\'Don\'t know.\'

\'Fair enough.\'

Felix coughed and returned to brainstorming after his attempt to request Jörmungandr\'s help had failed.

\'Maybe it\'s related to time If I kept using them over and over again, I might be able to close them.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders and stood up, \'There is only one way to find out.\'

AI, strike me again!



A couple of hours later...

Felix had ended his mutation experiments in high spirits.

Although he didn\'t manage to close them off, he learned a lot about his mutation.

First, lightning energy couldn\'t be absorbed by the trait.

Only lightning and electricity were absorbable.

Second, there was a threshold to how much lightning Felix could absorb at once.

If he ever went above it, his body would implode from within.

The sight wasn\'t pretty when it happened.

To avoid that happening in real life, Felix requested the Queen to measure the limit and warn him if he ever approached it.

She simply measured the voltage of Felix\'s body right before he exploded again.

It was a worthy sacrifice since now he knew that his limit was 7,4 Million Volts!

Compared to commoners\' bodies that couldn\'t withstand even 100V , this made Felix more like a god of lightning.

But honestly, it was only due to his fake lightning immunity in play.

Without it, he would have been fried instantly from a single bolt.

Felix understood that he might be immune to the lightning effect but the energy it carries was still enough to kill him if he crossed that limit.

But he wasn\'t too worried about it since he had taken at least 20 natural thunderbolts before he reached it.

Those two findings took merely 20 minutes of his time.

The last experiment was the reason why he stayed hours in the measurement center!

It was related to his speed that was increased so much, Felix felt like he was always a turtle before!

Subsonic speed...340 meters per second!

That\'s how fast he was moving due to the absorbed lightning bolts!

To test it out extensively, Felix modified the room as a circular track and sprinted over and over again until he runs out of steam!

Unfortunately, he usually runs out of it in merely a minute.

That might not sound bad, but Felix understood that he wouldn\'t be able to rely on real thunderclouds every time in his fights.

Instead, he would mostly absorb his released lighting from his abilities.

This meant, he would probably have 20 seconds to 30 seconds of fuel if he decided to be generous.

Nevertheless, Felix was beyond satisfied with his mutation and he understood that speed wasn\'t its only application.

He still needs to spend hours and hours until he brings out its true potential!

But that\'s for later, Felix had played enough and it was time to drink those intelligence-enhancing potions!


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