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10 minutes later...

Felix had been taken to a room at the top of one of the castle\'s towers by a servant.

It wasn\'t the best room in the world but it got everything that he needed.

The moment he got comfortable, he undressed and sat on the cold wooden floor.

He beamed Thor\'s bottle that was filled with 51% of his collected essence and placed it next to him.

He then beamed the rest of the integration materials and started practicing his breathing exercises to remove all of his tension and nervousness.

He had already decided to integrate first then drink those brain-enhancing potions since he was worried that they affect his integration negatively.

After all, he would probably need some period to adapt to his brain enhancements and that would make him delay his integration for a week or two for safety reasons.

Hence, it was much better to get it over with first.

How much are you going for Asna asked lazily.

11% this time. Felix replied while drawing exactly that amount in his needle.

Previously, when he replaced the Jörmungandr\'s bloodline with Lady Sphinx, he had used 10% since that was his limit.

That 10% had given him three mutations, hair, eyes, tail.

Now, he wanted to increase it by 1% since he believed that he could make it and also have a better chance at getting other useful mutations.

Just like the first time, all of his Sphinx\'s mutations would be replaced...Including his tail.

Looking at it, swinging left and right playfully, Felix caressed it gently and said, I will miss you.

Stop being creepy and start already. Asna yawned.

Can\'t I even have a moment with my tail

Felix grumbled while bringing the needle near his heart.

After taking another deep breath, Felix took out a leather belt and placed it between his teeth.

Then, he injected everything at once and followed it by drinking other potions for integration.

Asna, Jörmungandr, and even Lady Sphinx, all focused on Felix, who was waiting patiently for the pain to kick off.

A minute later...Felix\'s heart thumped loudly once before an unimaginable agony kicked in all at once, assaulting Felix\'s entire being.


Yet, only muffed-out noises escaped through his tightened lips, making Asna throw a bunch of popcorn in front while booing him.

Felix didn\'t think of anything but the hellish pain that was making him want to dig his own skin and destroy his entire nervous system!

Yet, no matter how tough it got or how much bloodshot his eyes appeared, Felix had prevailed through the entire duration, lasting full 15 minutes without requiring Asna\'s assistance to not faint!

Though, he still ended up fainting after the entire replacement process had finished.

Unlike the 1st times, Felix\'s entire body was fully bloodied, making it impossible to see what were the mutations that he received.

The only noticeable thing was the disappearance of his tail.

Felix had laid on this bloody pool for over 2 hours until Lady Sphinx decided to be kind and send a couple of servants to take care of him.

They picked him up and made him drink a couple of advanced rejuvenation potions forcefully until his body wasn\'t flimsy and all wounded.

Then, they took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up thoroughly.

Afterward, they left him lying in a hot tub with his head outside of the water.

A couple of minutes later, Felix\'s eyelids started quivering slightly.

\'The sleeping beauty is finally up.\' Asna giggled while sitting together with Lady Sphinx and the Jörmungandr.

They both laughed at the sound of that.

\'Sleeping beauty\' Felix murmured while rubbing his eyelids, \'How long was I asleep How did I get in a hot tub\'

\'You have been out for 2 hours now.\' Asna mentioned, \'The servants had taken care of you.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix thanked Lady Sphinx for the help since he understood that all of the servants were more like bots controlled by her.

Then, he stood up from the hot tub, feeling more refreshed than ever.

However, when he tried to stretch his arms, he ended up facing a large mirror that was placed in front of the tub.

The moment he saw his new appearance, he understood Asna\'s joke.

It turned out, his hair had been transformed into two halves!

The right half appeared as white as cream while the left half was as dark as the night!

It was long, silky smooth, and wet.

If he made them into a piggy-style haircut, he would truly resemble a princess!

As for his face...Well, it remained somewhat the same since his eyes didn\'t mutate this time.

However, he did notice that the pupil had been changed to white instead of golden.

But Felix ignored everything else as the moment he focused closely on his pale skin, he noticed that there were tiny holes in it!

This freaked him out a bit since they appeared as his pores had just expanded!


Agitated, Felix jumped outside of the hot tub and dragged his long hair to the mirror with him.

When he saw his reflection upclose and touched those holes, his heartbeats started rising in agitation, What the hell is this mutation!

Felix could comprehend the hair color scheme somehow since the Jörmungandr had shown him how Thor appeared in his humanoid form before, but he never expected to get this mutation at all.

The worst part, it wasn\'t just his face but his entire body was filled with those tiny holes.

No need to freak out. The Jörmungandr comforted him with a chuckle, You lucked out on the evolutionary trait of the Avions species...No, I believe you got it even better since you obtained this trait from Thor himself and not just a random Avion.

Upon hearing so, Felix\'s heart skipped a beat since he understood that the Jörmungandr wouldn\'t praise an evolutionary trait unless it was truly worthy of his attention.

This got him curious and also elated to find out what it does.

He didn\'t need to ask as the Jörmungandr informed him, I don\'t know if Sphinx\'s castle is using electricity or other forms of energy but try to find an outlet in your room and touch it.

Felix lifted his head and looked at the light crystals in the ceiling.

He got disappointed instantly as he knew that the castle was relying on crystalized solar energy just like most witches were using in the empire.

Those crystals could be powered by the sunlight for merely a single day but last for at least a month.

\'Whatever, I can test it out in the measurement center.\' Felix\'s elation was dropped down a notch but he wasn\'t freaked out anymore by the mutation.

Though, he obviously didn\'t like having those tiny holes appearing, since he knew that anyone who could zoom in on his skin would be able to see them.

\'Since they are a mutation, I can physically hide them by closing them off or something if adapted into using them.\' He reasoned.

He was quite confident in his conclusion since when he saw Thor, he didn\'t have those holes.

Now that he somewhat dealt with this unknown mutation, Felix\'s attention was brought back to his long white and black hair.

Due to it being wet, he didn\'t know exactly if it was wavy, curly, fluffy, or straight.

He didn\'t want to find out while it was three meters long.

Hence, he quickly beamed scissors and gave himself a quick haircut.

When he dried it up, he was pleased to find out that it didn\'t look bad at all with a short-styled haircut.

After admiring it for a few seconds, Felix switched his focus to his eyes that hadn\'t been mutated besides the pupil\'s color that matched well with his hair.

He smiled pleasantly at the news even though it seemed like he received only two mutations this time and one of them was useless.

\'This will save me the pain of getting back the mutation during the etching process.\'

Felix knew that the moment he etched *The Truth Eyes* in his 1% human bloodline, the newer mutated eyes would have been replaced yet again with Sphinx\'s eyes.

That would cause another round of pain but the eyes would remain permanently this time.

That\'s one of the reasons why no one bothers to etch an ability before a replacement stage.

It was possible to gain the etching enhancements before truly replaying one\'s bloodline but it was a foolish move that no one recommends.

After all, what if someone etched an ability related to the eyes before replacement, causing the eye to keep its mutation forever when his next eye mutation was ten times better

Since it was permanent, all hope to get a better eye mutation was gone.

In the case of Felix, The Truth Eyes were most certainly one of the best eyes in the entire universe.

That\'s why Felix didn\'t hesitate to sound his request to Lady Sphinx, \'Elder, can you help me etch it please\'

\'You better own up to having them.\' Lady Sphinx warned him with a finger before snapping it.

It\'s done. She informed.

Much appreciated elder. Delighted, Felix touched his eyes that pricked him for a split second before returning to normal.

Although he had seen it before with Jörmungandr\'s etching process, he was still astonished by how instantaneous it was.

If it wasn\'t for the feeling of the added strength, enhanced energy capacity, and all of those etching enhancements, he wouldn\'t even believe that it happened.

Let\'s test everything at once! Felix said while walking outside of his room\'s bathroom.

When he reached his kingsized bed, he laid on it while wearing only his shorts.

He closed his eyes shut and logged in.

Although he didn\'t unlock any lightning-based ability yet, Felix was still eager to see how strong he was after his body received another round of enhancement!

Since it was from the primogenitor, he wasn\'t certain yet if it was going to be the same as before or increased due to his body being much stronger than the last time!


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