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Yes. Lady Sphinx replied bluntly while her eyes were changing.

There was another red triangle pupil above the golden triangle pupil, marking the use of the 2nd Classement...Quantum Vision.

Without an ounce of shame, Felix got nude in two seconds, leaving only his underwear on.

Then, he laid on the cold surface of the table in a straight line.

Lady Sphinx approached Felix and did nothing but stare at him upclose.

She started from the head and ended up finishing when she reached his feet.

Alright all done. Lady Sphinx removed her glasses and informed, I have copied everything about you to the last atom.

Felix got quite curious when he heard so.

Before he could ask, Lady Sphinx extended her palm towards the other table and another version of Felix had been created.

The similarity between them was impeccable!

Elder, does my copy have the same pain tolerance as I do Felix asked while sitting at the table.

Felix doubted that would be possible since pain tolerance and such were more about mentality.

I don\'t care about pain tolerance. Lady Sphinx clarified, The first simulations and experiments are always deadly.

Even if you had ten times your pain tolerance, you will still die from shock.

Felix neither wanted to imagine that nor argue with her about its validity.

But he still had to ask a question that was always bothering him, Elder, don\'t you think experiments in the UVR are hundred times more efficient Even if you experimented on me there, I wouldn\'t die and you will be getting clearer results.

Felix knew that most labs were erected in the UVR due to tens of benefits that reality could never provide.

Mentioning a few; infinite materials, controllable environments, no germs, controllable senses...etc.

If a drawback needed to be mentioned, it would be the need for the researchers to own the material in real life and scan it.

Only then, would the Queen be able to recreate a perfect copy of it and let them experiment on it.

But in Felix\'s eyes that wasn\'t really a problem for Lady Sphinx.

So, he was quite baffled by her antics.

He honestly started believing that she might be old-fashioned and all of this is just a matter of preference.

Upon hearing his thoughts, Lady Sphinx shook her head, You know nothing kid.

What do you mean elder Confused, Felix arched his eyebrows while looking at her.

You have no use for such information. Lady Sphinx threw his clothes on his face and said, Get dressed.

\'Damn it, I am even more curious now.\' Felix wore his pants with an annoyed expression, \'Does she not trust the UVR privacy or something\'

Before Felix could dive deeper into other guesses, his eyes were stiffened on six potions that had been beamed next to him.

Each one appeared more unique and dazzling than the other.

Felix got excited instantly as he knew that those were the promised potions!

This is the lightning potion. Lady Sphinx held a spherical glass bottle that was filled with a murky whitish content that was turning black from time to time.

You can drink this now since the effects are almost instantaneous without any issues. Lady Sphinx threw the bottle in his lap, making Felix catch it nervously, almost dropping it in the process.

This potion cost at least 45 billion SC.

That\'s only if it was in the market in bulks!

\'I am going to drink a 45 billion SC potion.\' Felix opened the lid gently and brought his nose near the bottle\'s hole, wanting to smell its aroma.

Alas, the smell was so disgusting, he threw up a bit in his mouth! He quickly closed the damned lid forcefully and kept it away from his face.

Seeing his reaction, Lady Sphinx knitted her eyebrows and said, You better not throw up when you drink it.

I won\'t concoct another.

Felix\'s expression hardened at the sound of that as he truly believed that he might vomit it out if he drunk this **.

It wasn\'t up to him to control his gag reflexes after being assaulted.

\'I can do this.\' Felix opened the lid away from his face and planned, \'I just need to drink it in one swift gulp!\'

After taking a deep breath, Felix closed his eyes tightly and truly gulped down that murky matter in one go!

The moment his gag reflexes activated, Felix closed his mouth shut with his hands while his eyes were bulging out of their socket, almost tearing up a bit.

Don\'t you dare vomit in my lab. Lady Sphinx warned him sternly.

Felix\'s eyes got a bit teary and red but he still swallowed everything in his mouth, making Asna disconnect the connection between them as the sight was too disgusting even for her.

Cough, Cough!

In the end, Felix broke into a coughing spree but thankfully everything had already been consumed.

Just like Lady Sphinx mentioned, he didn\'t feel anything at all afterward.

If it wasn\'t for the lingering disgusting taste, he would have doubted that he drunk a potion.

Good, your lightning element had been awakened. Lady Sphinx eyed Felix with her red triangle pupil, Your lightning affinity is currently at 30%.

You can start increasing it.

Thank you elder! Felix showed his appreciation by bowing his head respectfully.

Lady Sphinx waved her hand dismissively and informed, those other five potions require a thoughtful sequence of drinking.

Lady Sphinx picked a square-shaped bottle and said, This is the Neuron Enhnamcent Potion.

It will help you enhance your neurons, making the transmission of information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells much faster than the average brain.

Felix was quite shocked at the sound of that since he knew that this potion wasn\'t just going to make him smarter and quicker on his feet but literally quicker on his feet!

That\'s because it would affect his reflexes and reaction speed, making his battles\' senses even better!

How much is this potion Felix asked with eyes gleaming brightly.

You are too poor to know. Lady Sphinx shut down his excitement right there and continued on with the next potion, This is the infamous photographic memory potion.

You already know what it does.

I want you to drink it a day after you drink the Neuron Enhnamcent Potion.

Felix carefully noted the sequence since it seemed like it wouldn\'t end pretty for him if he ignored it.

Hence, when Lady Sphinx mentioned the remaining bottles, the entire sequence had been memorized.

Take them with you and drink them elsewhere. Lady Sphinx beamed a worn-out scroll and hand it to him, This is the key to enter this dimension and also leave it.

She gave him a warning glance, Don\'t lose it if you don\'t want to lose your limbs.

Felix nodded his head while beaming everything in his spatial card besides the scroll.

He opened it up and tilted his head in confusion after seeing the weird-looking inscriptions.

So...How do I use this Felix asked.

Don\'t worry, I will read it for you when you try to reach the spatial gate\'s spot. Lady Sphinx said.

Knowing what she meant, Felix nodded his head and beamed in the scroll as well.

Then, he asked politely, What room should I take in the castle

You can spend a day or two here until you finish drinking all potions and entering the 2nd stage of replacement. Lady Sphinx mentioned, But after so, Dalilia will take you to the Academy where you will be living.

Felix raised an eyebrow and asked, Don\'t you want me to stay near you if something happens in your experiments

Don\'t be stupid. Lady Sphinx said, It will take me months until I succeeded in creating a plausible path to make your body host another elemental manipulation.

That is the end goal not making your body tougher.

That could be done anytime I wanted with hundreds of methods.

I see.

Felix might not fully comprehend what path she was talking about or the methods she mentioned, but he understood that Lady Sphinx\'s entire interest in him was based on hosting multiple manipulations.

She wasn\'t going to stop until she makes it happen!

Now let me work in peace. Lady Sphinx shooed him away while walking towards his naked perfect copy.

Upon seeing that she had undressed his copy\'s underwear while having a surgent-like knife in her hand, Felix immediately bolted outside of the room with his hands tightly holding his crotch.

He had no idea what she was going to do to his copy\'s little Felix and he had no intentions of remaining to find out!

Hang in there F1! Take one for the team! Terrified, Felix rooted for his copy loudly while running outside of the pyramid, heading towards the door\'s spot.

Upon hearing so, Lady Sphinx chuckled lightly while starting to work on the copy by cutting a piece of skin from the waist.

Then, she placed it on a piece of glass and started peering into it closely, inspecting the genes.

My genes are dominating his genes extensively due to this bloodline system. Lady Sphinx murmured, Humans are truly too dependents on borrowed strength.

But this system is perfect for the little thief due to his lucky chances.

Hence, it must remain no matter what.

Let\'s see what cultivation system is going to merge well with his body.

Lady Sphinx showed a pure smile and snapped her finger, creating two more copies from different races.

One body belonged to a vampire and another to a werewolf!

Let\'s start with those two!


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