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The rest nodded at once and the Chief had taken the lead by mentioning, We have been informed of your grand goal and we will feel honored to be part of it.

We can help your Organization with many issues; Protections, materials, resources, public relations.

All of this would be done in the light.

We truly feel that we can bring all of that to the table if we signed an alliance contract.

Upon hearing so, Felix gazed at them without a single blink for ten seconds straight, making them feel slightly nervous that he would reject the offer.

You want in return a stable stream of mythic bloodlines Felix finally asked.

The Alliance members glanced at each other and said at once, Yes.

Forget it. Felix waved his hand dismissively at them.

The moment they heard so, Maganda Chief immediately said, Wait, we are not in a rush to get bulks of them! You can take months to years until you fulfill your end of the bargain.

Still a no. Felix asserted, The only thing we can do is make you the 1st party to get the 1st batches of bloodlines when we reach the manufacturing stage.

We have no intentions of arming you for your conflict.

We created those bloodlines to be spread far and wide, reaching the hands of most bloodliners.

Seeing that they went quiet, probably not liking his bull** offer, Felix pulled them slightly, We can sell you in a month or two the newest water-based mythical bloodline that we created.

You can give it to your sons or daughters.

Does it also have more abilities than 6 Zosia asked swiftly.

Yes, mythical bloodlines provide 9 abilities at 75% integration. Felix confessed.

The Maganda Chief and the rest drew a deep breath in agitation and excitement.

They finally received a confirmation on the number and it was truly shocking!

\'3 more abilities! This is big!\'

\'No, it\'s 4 more! There is still peak active ability!\'

\'We must get this bottle at all cost! My Uncle had told me to not meet him without it.\' Zosia said.

\'The old man told me the same.\' Maganda Chief sighed.

Their telepathic discussion ended just as it started.

We are pleased by the gesture...but I have to ask. The Maganda Chief, Shouldn\'t we be getting two bottles to finish 99% to complete a stage

No. Felix said bluntly, You get one bottle since you are not the only one we are selling those bottles to and we don\'t have plenty around...yet.

Maganda and the rest immediately got displeased at the sound of that.

Who could blame them

Here they were doing their very best to become closer with the Organization to secure this bloodline bottle and the upcoming ones, but Felix had just told them that everyone would be getting it.

Upon seeing their clear displeasure, Felix waved his hand lightly and said, We are selling only three bottles in the next half a year to different backgrounds.

You will be the 1st to get one, following by two more in the next months.

Plus, we are not planning on selling the first batches to them but only you. Felix said calmly while manifesting a holographic hologram, That\'s of course if you agreed to the terms of this contract.

The Anti-Royalty Alliance members all glanced at their email inbox after seeing that the same contract had been emailed to them.

You have a week to make a decision.

Felix closed the connection the moment he saw that all of them had started reading it.


He let out a long sigh while leaning against his couch.

It was quite stressful to keep a stern and solemn expression while he was spewing a fountain of bull**. 

Well, not everything was a total lie since Felix truly was planning on taking half a year to sell three water-based bottles.

That\'s because it wouldn\'t be easy to collect the essence for all of them and also deliver them back and forth when he was in a different galaxy.

Plus, it would be tough to keep stabbing himself with hundreds of needles each day.

Hence, he needed to be moderate if he was going to do it.

This was also the reason he didn\'t want to agree to the Alliance\'s first term.

He understood that the moment he signs that contract, he would be bound to fulfill his end of the bargain.

There was no way he would be able to provide a stable stream of those bottles.

But when he switched the term to receiving \'The first batch when they are done\'.

That changed everything since he could drag this for tens of years and when he finally feels like getting it done, he could easily sell them ten bottles at once and he would be freed from the contract terms.

By doing all of this, Felix would be legit receiving true allies that could help him and also protect planet Earth.

Though, it all depends on the Anti-Royalty Alliance\'s desperation.

Were they going to sign that **ty contract or not Felix was 99% certain that they were going to sign it!


Seven days later, Felix had received the Alliance\'s answer.

As he expected, they were desperate for the first bottle to sign the contract.

That contract had many beneficial terms to him like the fact that Earth\'s protection would be taken seriously unlike before.

Seriously in the sense that the three superpowers needed to sell fleets, train earthling soldiers, sell used cheap AP bracelets, and more!

With the resources in their possession, it wouldn\'t be long before the planet start to embrace new technologies faster than before!

Another benefit was to give the Organization a 30% discount off from all bloodline bottles and resources purchased in their kingdoms\' shops!

Also, the customs taxes would be waved for the deliveries!

With this, Felix finally wouldn\'t need to always buy from Goati\'s shop but expand to hundreds of shops at once with such a great deal!

Felix knew that everything he bought would be supervised, especially the bottles.

But he didn\'t really care since they would never be able to guess why he was buying them.

The Contract also entailed that the three superpowers would be required to speak goodwill about the Organization and publish information given to them by it.

Starting off by informing that the Organization was the one creating bloodlines and they were working hard to manufacture them for public use.

Also, the Organization was open to selling 9 bottles separately in the next half-year in an auction hosted by the three superpowers.

Felix planned on using those superpowers\' mouths for the Organization since they had a reputation, unlike his Organization which just popped out of nowhere.

There were other terms in favor of Felix and planet Earth.

On the other hand, the terms he needed to fulfill weren\'t much.

He just needed to sell them the 1st water potion and also provide 15 bottles ten years later.

That was a long period for Felix to pull it off.

Currently, Felix was going on a shopping spree buying water, fire, wind, and lightning bottles from shops in those three superpowers kingdoms.

Every shop was notified of the Organization\'s discount and no shopkeeper disagreed with the discount since the Kingdoms would be paying the total missing.

Hence, Felix ended up buying from 43 bloodline shops more than 80 bottles! They were all epic tier 5 bloodline bottles!

That cost him 30 billion SC but Felix didn\'t care about getting it back instantly since he would be able to earn it back easily after he sells 75% water bottle to the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

To deal with the filtered bottles, he was going to buy a bloodline shop in Empire and hire someone to sell them for him.

Though, he wouldn\'t do it with his name or the Organization.

He didn\'t want the three superpowers to find out what\'s happening to those bottles.

By using a shop, recovering his money would be a gradual process that may take months or years unlike when he was dealing with Looby.

But Felix wasn\'t complaining at all since he had managed to purchase 21 bottles that had Avion species essence!

With them, Felix believed that he would easily collect 35% to 50% of Thor\'s essence!

He would have never gotten this much if it wasn\'t for allying together with those three superpowers.

After all, if prices were normal, Felix would be required to pay an extra 18 to 20 Billion plus the custom taxes that might reach up to another 10 billion SC.

That\'s because he would be shipping outside of the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, for other bottles, Felix believed that he probably was going to gather enough to reach 80% in fire and wind bottles.

This put him in a dilemma.

Should he keep them to turn those Erik and Malak into primogenitor bloodliners or should he place them in his upcoming auction

Thankfully, he didn\'t inform Malak and Erik about them.

Hence, the decision was taken after some consideration.

He decided to place them for a sale so they would net him both 60 to 80 Billion SC.

As for Malak and Erik

They had yet to reach peak 5th stage of replacement and there was no rush to make them primogenitor bloodliners.

Especially when they weren\'t even near him.


Days went by and the news kept spreading by the three superpowers.

People started to lessen their harassment of Felix after understanding somewhat the full situation.

Now, instead of calling out on Felix, they were calling out for this Phantom Organization to release the method so everyone could work together on it.

Felix left them to bark at the wrong tree and simply kept training his poison manipulation.

He was edging nearer to finishing the Jörmungandr\'s task.

Two days later...At 20:00

Bodidi had successfully delivered all of Felix\'s belongings when the spaceship had stopped next to the VIP wormhole expressway.

During those three days\' wait, Felix had filtered the 1st 26 bottles that he purchased.

He had found from them, 24% fire, 21% wind, 35% water, and lastly 10% lightning.

He still had 80 more bottles that needed to be filtered.

But Felix didn\'t do it now but left it after he reaches the Forsythia Witch Empire.

Hence, he returned to his VR pod and entered the wormhole that led him almost instantly to the outskirts of the Forsythia Galaxy after his permission to enter was approved.

He already received it from Lady Sphinx\'s student.

\'The Forsythia Galaxy.\' Felix rubbed his chin while pondering, \'Should I head to the nearest planet for a quick exploration.

I still have plenty of ti...\'

\'You better arrive in the next month if you want to catch up to the materials taught in the 1st semester.\' Lady Sphinx popped his bubble, \'The new year enrollments had just started and if you rushed now, you might not miss too much.\'


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