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Meanwhile, Olivia and the rest of the team were already standing on their feet while having their wide opened eyes affixed on Felix who appeared as tiny as an ant in front of the towering tsunami.

They could see that he had already reached the bottom of it and was beginning the climb.

He was keeping merely five meters away from the surface, making it extremely hard to notice his blue sandy path due to the color being the same as the water.

This made Felix appear from that frame like he was truly surfing on the tsunami but upward, going against the current!!

But when Dallas zoomed in the camera on him, that illusion was gone as the screen started displaying his serious and focused expression.

It didn\'t seem like it was a fun experience as the raging wind was making his messy golden hair flail around, hindering his vision. 

Water drops kept landing on his drenched clothes that were sticking to his defined and firm muscles.

When those drops land on his face, Felix merely ignores them, keeping his entire focus placed on the peak of the tsunami that had yet to shape up an arch.

But, everyone knew that would happen soon since the tsunami had already reached 400 meters in height!

Based on the 1st time, it looked to everyone that the tsunami was limited to only 500 meters as it couldn\'t really grow to infinity.

This meant the tsunami would grow for another 100 meters before forming an arch and dooming Felix to lose the game!

Seeing that he had just crossed half of it, the viewers weren\'t too optimistic about his chances!

Surprisingly, Felix also calculated that based on his current speed, it was almost impossible to cross 200 meters before the arch forms! At least some of it!

\'What do I do!\'

Instead of letting the news affect him negatively, Felix started brainstorming for a method to help him pass over the upcoming arch.

He already gave up on increasing his speed any further since the raging wind was going against him, making it impossible to even reach his previous peak speed.

Asna, the Jörmungandr, and Lady Sphinx, all perked up their ears and listened to his thoughts in intrigue, wanting to know how would he solve his problem.

Upon hearing the crazy ideas that were swimming quickly in his brain, they looked at each other and laughed together.

Felix didn\'t even hear their laughter as he quickly picked a plan with the highest success rate and started acting on it.

\'Guardians of The Temples, Eagle Guardian emerge!\' Felix called in his mind while extended his other palm in front of him!

Pitch-black sand was projected tens of meters in the air without dropping!

That\'s due to Felix\'s mental control.

But since the Eagle Guardian was eight meters tall, Felix\'s mental energy was draining rapidly to keep him from falling!

But the moment the Eagle Guardian had been shaped up, Felix let him drop on the blue sandy path while using his mental energy to pull him!

Felix had sand surfing passive, but the Eagle Guardian didn\'t.

That meant, he would end up getting left behind if Felix ever relaxed his control!

As usual, the Eagle Guardian did his greeting ritual even in this situation, making the tenants in Felix\'s mind laugh out loud at the amusing scene.

What is Landlord up to!! Dallas shouted with a baffled tone, He is just slowing himself down by adding that giant golem!

Truly, Felix\'s speed had been lowered by a notch, making everyone confused by his decision to summon The Eagle Guardian.

Felix didn\'t bother about how he was perceived as he simply kept surfing close to the tsunami that was already showing signs of curving from the top

At the start, it was barely noticeable but the moment Felix reached 450 meters, the sky darkened upon Felix due to the arch blocking off the sun rays from his reaching him.

Yet, instead of feeling agitated, Felix ordered calmly in his mind, \'Eagle throw me through the arch.\'

The Eagle Guardian didn\'t think twice before clutching Felix in his giant hand and hurling him like a cannon ball!


Felix removed his mental control immediately after he got thrown, making the Eagle Guardian break out of his control and remain on the blue sandy path that was in the process of breaking into blue particles! 


The entire sequence happened so fast, the viewers could only watch Felix fly in the air with a dumbstruck expression.

Since the camera was zoomed on him, they saw that he was flying in a straight posture with his hands extended in front of him while tightly clasped together, appearing like a swimmer jumping for a quick dive.

His destination!

The tip of the Tsunami\'s arch!


Before they could even think if he was going to make it to the other side or not, Felix had already penetrated the arch, disappearing out of sight!

Deathly silence had fallen in the stadium and the stream as more than a hundred billion viewers all over the Galaxy was watching the other side of the arch while holding their breaths!

A second later...SPlASH!

A fully drenched Felix had emerged behind the tsunami exactly the same as he entered, appearing like a human missle!

Water accompanied him in the air as he flew a couple of meters due to the remaining momentum!

The camera captured him right when the sunrays had shone over him, making his wet golden hair gleam for a split second just like the drops of water that were dripping down his body.

Felix jerked his hair to the side, exposing his face that had the same c.o.c.ky smirk every time his plan had turned successful!


Alas, gravity had to ruin the moment as Felix\'s body began descending back to the tsunami after he reached his peak height.

Felix stopped smirking and quickly snapped his finger, creating a cloud of blue sand that helped him stop his descend.

Then, he extended his palm forward and started pumping more blue sand to create another blue path!

This time it was a path straight to victory as the only remaining zone was the Damnation Desert!!


Thrilled and agitated, Dallas yelled at the mic with spit flying everywhere, hyping up the stadium and stream even more!


Leader Emma and the rest of the fan club all broke into deafening chants with their cheeks flushed red in excitement and exhilaration!

They didn\'t care how others perceived Felix or how much they hated him for keeping vital information to himself!

The only thing that mattered to them was supporting their idol wholeheartedly! 

Robert, The Maxwell Family, The Council, The Earthling Team, and every earthling who was watching the game with them reacted in the same manner, as cheers had broken out in each place!

Brother Felix is so cool! Olivia said, laughing in pure happiness.

Johnson and the rest nodded their heads in agreement while showing a hint of envy in their eyes at Felix\'s performance.

They also wanted to take part in such a big stage and be viewed by hundred of billions of viewers.

Alas, they didn\'t have the guts to join the individual games since they were ten times riskier than planetary games.

At least in planetary games, they have teammates to support and help them.

Plus, there was the surrender option.

They knew that they weren\'t built to reach the same heights as Felix in the individual games and if they ever tried to repeat his achievements, they would end up dying in their first game.

Although they envied him, they were still happy that he was in their team as that meant they would be able to win the upcoming games by a landslide, earning them profit and also helping the planet to climb higher on the ladder!

Impossible! Why is he still behind us!!

Their thought process was broken by the shocked and agitated voice of Valkyrie after the camera had switched to her and Dreams Nocturn.

Dallas wanted to see their reaction after they notice that Felix was still glued behind him like a piece of gum in their hair!

Shit! Shit! Shit! He is going too fast! Dreams Nocturn\'s expression darkened when he spotted Felix\'s speed that was at least double their current speed!

Clearly, It wasn\'t because Felix had magically managed to find a way to increase it but simply because those two were forced to slow down since their energy was already below 20%! 

This was due to them going full ham in the 1st zone to create as much distance as possible from the pack.

When they reached the 2nd zone, they were planning on reducing their pace since they were already 3 kilometers away from the rest.

However, Felix\'s emergence had changed this, as he forced them to keep going at their fastest speed so he wouldn\'t catch up to them.

The only difference between them was that Felix had consumed way less energy and still had plenty in his tank to keep the same fast pace.

Although he wasted a ton by using size manipulation, Felix still had the purified emergency tank unlike them!

That\'s why Felix was fully confident in his chance to win the game if he kept being at the frontrunner.

If it wasn\'t for so, he wouldn\'t have gone all out to fly over the tsunami!

\'I am increasing my pace! We don\'t know how much energy he still has but it wouldn\'t be too far from ours! Dreams Nocturn informed with an ugly expression.

Valkyrie nodded her head and started flapping her wings faster, chasing after him.

The reason they were losing more energy every time they increased their speed was that most wing abilities consume energy every second.

That consumption depends on the current state of the wings, if they were dormant, the energy consumption would be at the bare minimum.

If they were hyperactive, more fuel would be consumed.

Because the consumption was based on elemental energy, their stamina wasn\'t really affected by it, making them not feel exhaustion at all.

However, if those wings were based on a mutation and not an ability, they wouldn\'t consume elemental energy.

But the users would sure feel physically tired when they keep flying for an extended period of time.

Hence, pace and energy management were important in both cases.

Too bad, Felix wasn\'t giving them the opportunity to do that with his massive energy pool!

Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie are 1 kilometer away from Landlord. Dallas said loudly, But the grass field is right in front of them and beyond it is the desert! Can all three of them manage to survive it with their reckless energy management!


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