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Meanwhile, inside the tsunami, Felix kept holding his breaths even though he still had Melon fins to breathe underwater.

He understood that the tsunami would pass by in 30 seconds max and there was no need to breathe in water in such a situation.

As for his Boulder It wasn\'t cracked at all since the hardened pitch-black sand took the brunt of the collision, resulting in it getting destroyed from the front.

But the back was still safe, allowing Felix to stay affixed with the boulder!

\'14, 15,16,...\'

Felix kept counting from the moment he got hit, wanting to give himself some indications of the tsunami\'s current position.

So he could move the moment he was out of its range instead of waiting until it reached the shores.

When he counted to 30 seconds, he realized that the water pressure on him had been reduced immensely, making him able to move his head without an issue.

\'It\'s time to make a move!\'

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix deactivated his *Desert Domain* which ended up turning all of his sand into particles, freeing him in the process.

However, he was still clasping tightly on the boulder\'s surface, not wanting to let go now.

He felt that he would be swept away with the tide the moment he released himself!

But, instead of remaining in his position, he began climbing to the boulder\'s peak one step at a time.

When he reached the top, he waited there until the pressure gets reduced even more.

Since he was at the peak of the boulder, he was finally able to see in front of him and scout the situation of the frontrunners!

Whoosh! Whoosh!...

The moment he peeked with his X-ray vision, he was shocked to find out that only two skeletons remained affixed in their positions.

The other three They were gone!

\'They must have gotten swept away!\' Felix reasoned while trying to turn his head and glance behind him.

When he pulled it off, he grinned slightly at the sight of three skeletons getting taken away with the current.

Lucky for them, they weren\'t in the boulders\' path.

Otherwise, they would have been gravely injured after they collide with one.

Still, Felix believed that their winning chance in the game had diminished to the bottom as it was almost impossible to bridge the gap again when the tsunami ends up pushing them back to the shore.

A couple of seconds later...Felix lifted his head and focused on the water surface after feeling that the tension had further reduced.

\'I can swim upward now.\' Felix nodded his head firmly and called in his mind, \'Size Manipulation, Body X10! Tail remains the same!\'

He chose this combination so his tail\'s bulgy end wouldn\'t add to his weight and act as an anchor!

The moment his body grow to its desired size and shape, Felix immediately let go of the boulder and swam rapidly to the surface!

However, he still underestimated the current since he felt like he was swimming against the current of a waterfall!

He kept pushing upward while the current tried to pull him with the tsunami that was already two to three kilometers away from him!

Even leaving his tail with its normal size wasn\'t enough.

\'I need more! X16!!\' Uncaring about his energy consumption, Felix called loudly in his mind!

Immediately after, his body size had grown even bigger, giving him more weight but most importantly more strength to push himself upward!

In his present state, he should be having at minimum 10k BF, a huge increase to his original strength that was equivalent to only 4k BF!

\'What the hell!\' Dallas exclaimed in shock the moment he glanced at Felix\'s small screen that was showing him continuing to swim upward with the size of the biggest whale on Earth!

He quickly switched the camera from the tsunami, which was about to smash the pack of players, to Felix!

Just as the viewers wanted to curse for his abrupt switch, their jaws were dropped in disbelief after spotting that Felix was daring enough to fight against the current!

How did he become this big!!

I watched his 4th game and he was only half the size of his current state!

Can he f*cking grow to infinity or what!

Maganda Chief and the rest of the Anti-Royalty Alliance couldn\'t help but lose their ** and comment noisily in their room.

Just as they thought that Felix was out of tricks and had shown them the full potential of his bloodlines, he shocks them once again and makes them doubt their eyes.

The rest of the VIP viewers reacted the same!

Relax, I doubt he could grow to infinity. Zosia let out a long breath and said calmly, It must have a limit.

He could grow possibly to 30 meters or even 40 meters if we decided to be generous.

But he can\'t grow anymore than that.

True, mythical ability or not, there is always a limit or a range to them. Maganda Chief agreed with a head nod while gazing at Felix who was about to reach the surface.

I believe that the energy consumption isn\'t a joke for such an ability. Gabrial added, Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have been saving it always for dire situations.

Still, this just reinforced our belief that mythical bloodlines abilities are the best of the best. Maganda Chief said, After the game, contact Landlord and push him gently to contact the Organization for us.

The Royal Family isn\'t braindead to see all of this and not make a move.

So we need to secure them quickly.


Let me do it. Zosia said.

After hearing so, the Alliance stopped discussing the matter at once and focused on Felix who had finally emerged from the surface!


The instant Felix\'s giant head emerged from the water, he extended both of his palms upward and spew a magnificent torrent of blue sand!

An amount unimaginable with his normal body size!

A moment later, Felix deactivated his size manipulation as he could feel that his energy was getting sapped way too fast.

Immediately after his size returned to normal, Felix pushed his *Desert Domain* to the limit by making every pore in his body release the blue sand!

Naturally, since he was in the water, most of the sand was wasted but those coming out of his head, shoulders, arms, and lastly hands, barely touched the water.

Before the viewers could comprehend what he was going for, they were awed to see him being lifted slowly in the air until his entire body had emerged safely!

The blue attributed sand had pulled him out of the sea\'s clutches!! He is out! Dallas shouted excitedly, He actually got out!!

While some viewers might not understand his excessive excitement, the rest understood that what Felix had pulled up shouldn\'t have happened in this game unless one had terrific underwater-related abilities!

Dallas understood that the great tsunami was designed in this game to force the players into hiding behind the boulders until it passes.

Then, they could resume their marathon!

Those who got swept away after losing their grip would end up on the shore and retry again to pass through this zone! 

Yet, Felix literally just said f*ck that and emerged while the sea hadn\'t been pacified!

Upon seeing that he was the only one standing in the air while completely drenched, everyone knew that he had at least 30 seconds of free pass to accelerate while the rest could only wait until the sea calm down!

Those willing to risk it are always rewarded! Dallas shouted passionately, Landlord is about to receive his reward!


Felix didn\'t waste time appreciating the view of the tsunami engulfing everything in its path as he quickly laid down on the blue sandy path and streaked upclose to the water!

He was fast enough he caused small waves to appear on the water surface!

Even though no one was in front of him, Felix kept scouting those two frontrunners\' situation.

Upon noticing that both of them were still holding for their dear life, Felix smiled faintly and switched his vision behind him.

\'Heh, the rest is doomed to catch up.\' Felix stopped paying them any attention after seeing that there were more than 5 kilometers between them.

Worst of all, it was still increasing since he was on the move while they weren\'t!

Felix is pulling ahead from the pack while at the same time getting closer and closer to the frontrunners. George smiled widely and said, If he managed to reach them before they emerge, the game will end in his favor.

Noah and the rest nodded their heads in agreement and continued watching Felix bridge the distance to merely 600 meters or so!

However, just when it seemed like Felix was going to reach and even surpass those two, everyone was shocked to see that a dark shadow had emerged from the sea and a winged woman escapes to the surface as well!

The winged woman could be seen engulfed inside a giant grey aura that was shaped up like an arrow, making the viewers believe that she had penetrated straight to the surface.

Meanwhile, they had no idea how the dark shadow escaped but they still cheered loudly for them as they wanted nothing more but to see Felix lose!


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