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Mount! Robert spew his tea at Albert while staring in shock at the four-meter wolf-like beast that had silver fur, dreadful red eyes, and saliva dripping down its fierce mouth!

The MoonLight Wolf! An epic tier 3 beast! Dallas asked what was on everyone\'s mind, Is Landlord trying to kill it and copy it!

Since it was impossible to mount beasts without abilities related to taming or something like that, Dallas easily concluded that Felix wanted to slay it then mount its sand copy!

Felix didn\'t leave them wondering for long if he was going to do so or not as he swiftly dashed towards the Moonlight Wolf while having a mustard yellow bomb in his hand!

The Moonlight Wolf didn\'t wait for Felix\'s arrival as it bent down and lunged at him with its jaws wide open, ready to bite off his head!


Felix leaned to the side instantly while pushing out his bomb with his mental energy into the beast\'s wide-open mouth! 


The bomb exploded simultaneously to Felix\'s successful dodge, as he had emerged from behind the Moonlight Wolf unscratched!

Meanwhile, the wolf had ended up inhaling the inducement, stiffing in its place.

Felix knew that the effects wouldn\'t last for even 2 seconds since the beast\'s poison resistance was too much for his basic poison\'s potency.

Hence, he jumped into its back and enlarged both of his hands at once with *Size Manipulation*, then he snapped the wolf\'s neck in a brutal manner!

Before the body could break into light particles, Felix had already activated his perfect copy!

He simply extended his palm in an empty spot and sand started shaping up into the same four-meters silver wolf!

Since Felix did his very best to kill the beast without ruining his body, the copied version appeared without a scratch on it.

Though, its head was a little wobbly since Felix had snapped its neck before.

Too bad, there was no other method to kill it without wasting his precious time in the process.

By the time the original beast had broken into light particles, Felix was already riding the copied version while pulling its neck fur to make its head always face forward.

Landlord has secured a mount for himself! Dallas exclaimed, It\'s going to save him a lot of energy and stamina in this marathon!

He wasn\'t lying in the slightest since it was impossible for the players to sprint from the start to the end when the distance was a hundred kilometers!

This without mentioning the obstacles and the player\'s interferences!

Hence, Felix\'s decision was the smartest one in this situation!



Responding to his order, the wolf bolted outside of the skyscr.a.p.er\'s entrance and started accelerating on the wide-open empty street!

With his long four legs, his speed was unattainable by the rest of the players who were sprinting on their feet without any ability!

Wait a second! Dallas\'s eyes widened in shock after remembering something vital!

He brought the microphone near his lips and asked loudly, Does Landlord\'s copies ever get tired!

The viewers who watched Felix\'s 4th game were left speechless after remembering how Felix\'s copies were fishing constantly without a hint of exhaustion!

Although that was just fishing and this was sprinting, they still believed that Felix\'s copies might actually never get tired since they were originally golems!

Do golems get tired! No!

This conclusion sent a wave of exclamations through the stadium and the stream chat as the haters kept claiming that Felix was cheating in the game while Felix\'s remaining fans were loving it!

Hahaha! He will catch up in no time and even surpass them! Mr.

Rodrigas clapped his hands in excitement, not caring about being in the presence of the world leaders who were sitting in the Assembly Hall.

Some of them appeared delighted by Felix\'s performance while others seemed a bit gloomy.

God knows why they were feeling like this since it was already decided that Felix and his close ones would be getting presidential protection.

The moment they decided to stand behind Felix, it was only natural to go all out in doing so.

Landlord is about to catch up to the slowest players in the race! Dallas\'s voice resounded in the hall, bringing everyone\'s attention to the stream.

Truly, it could be seen that the Moonlight Wolf was inching closer and closer to four players who were sprinting on foot!

Some of them were morphed while others were not using anything, making the viewers doubt if they had a single ability to help them race.

Thud Thud!..

Upon hearing loud footsteps behind their back, the four players turned all at once and they were left horrified by the sight of Felix grinning on top of the Moonlight Wolf.

F*ck this!

One player didn\'t hesitate to turn left and bolt in a different direction, having no intentions of blocking Felix\'s path or being near him!

The rest of the players were late by a second but they also split up and went through either building or allays, leaving the street all for Felix.


Felix clicked his tongue in irritation as he was planning on eliminating one or two for points, not giving a ** if his Grandfather or Olivia were watching him.

If they didn\'t like seeing him kill for points, then it was better for them to not watch since Felix wasn\'t going to act mercifully even in the individual games.

ROAAR!! SKREEE!!...Bam!!!

Felix was forced to look behind him at the sound of an ongoing battle.

\'Oh my, the beasts have woke up!\' Felix exclaimed after spotting three beasts chasing after one of the players who entered the building before!

Due to Felix\'s infrared vision, he was able to see that the beasts didn\'t wake up because of the player since all of the non-humanoid auras in the area were moving rapidly towards the streets!

It\'s time for the players to experience the first obstacle! Dallas shouted while zooming out the camera on the city and showing the viewers a sight that sent chills down their spine!

Beasts were on the roofs, the sewers, and each god damn floor on the building!

The city was infested with beasts and they had finally awakened to slay the players who invaded their territory!

Two kilometers away from Felix, the four fastest bloodliners in the game were forced to slow down their speed as each of them had ended up meeting two or three beasts in their path!

Whoosh!! Shatter!...

F*cking hell, they are coming from everywhere!

Dreams Nocturn cursed while diving down, trying his best to evade two beasts who jumped through the building glass window without a care for their bodies!

Thud Thud!

The moment they hit the ground, the beasts had bounced back up and chased after him even though he was clearly flying.

They seemed relentless to catch him.

Thank god he was on the air unlike most players, who were experiencing the same **ty experience!

Everyone was either being chased or fighting for his life! The small alliances came in handy in this situation since fighting in groups made it easier to avoid getting encircled by the beasts!

The marathon\'s rhythm has been brought down a notch! Dallas wondered while switching the camera from a player to another, Who will end up faltering to the beasts!

Meanwhile, Felix wasn\'t in the worse possible scenario since the Moonlight Wolf was helping him greatly with movement while he was left to focus on the beasts chasing him and those in front of him!

Poof Poof!...Skrri...

The beasts kept dropping into the ground while crying in pain after getting smacked by Dark Green bombs, a new variation that Felix had created!

Their bodies got corroded while paralyzed! Adding to the mix were three mental affecting inducements to make it impossible for anyone to utilize their abilities.

He called it Venomous Variation! Since it was created by merging five inducements, it was taking more energy than usual.

That\'s why Felix used it only against beasts that were going to potentially die after hit by it.

As for the rest He simply hit them with a paralyze bomb and dash past them.

>Congratilatinion, you have earned 200 GP after slaying an uncommon Kakoa Koala!<

>Congratilatinion, you have earned 200 GP after slaying an uncommon Night Walker Worm!<

Notifications kept popping in front of Felix, making him realize that his Venomous Bombs weren\'t able to straightaway kill rare tier 3 beasts.

As much as it saddened him, Felix decided to stop utilizing it at all since it wasn\'t worth it and smart to waste his energy for such a small amount of points.

In this marathon, energy was everything! 

Landlord is still going strong amidst the chaotic streets! Dallas commentated, However, his pace is still not good enough to emerge outside of the city as part of the frontrunners!

Just as Dallas mentioned, Speedster and the other three had been slowed but their speed was still better than the Moonlight Wolf since Felix\'s copies could not copy more than 20% of its strength!

Speed was part of the strength, which meant unless those four had been delayed immensely, there was no way for Felix to catch up at his pace while still in the city zone.

As for the sea zone That was another matter entirely.

\'Queen, what\'s my rank\' Felix asked while throwing two more paralyze bombs, clearing the path for his wolf.

\'You are currently at 49th rank.\' The Queen replied.

\'Distance to the city \'finish\' beacon\'

\'25.4 kilometers.\'

Felix frowned his eyebrows and thought, \'I am going too slow.

I might be able to save energy and stamina like this but it would simply keep me in the marathon but not win it.\'

Felix glanced at the buildings around him and pushed his infrared vision to the limit.

After spotting a circular red aura that clearly didn\'t belong to any lifeform, Felix nodded his head lightly and thought, \'It\'s time to take a shortcut!\'


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