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Unfortunately, the reactions weren\'t too far from what Felix had expected as the moment he stepped foot into the building, he was greeted with shocked looks at the start before switching into displeased looks.

Look, he actually has the audacity to show his face in public.

Have you heard I read in the network that he was offered 50 Billion SC to share his method of obtaining the mythical bloodlines.

Yeah, I read that too.

It says he never bothered to reply to the offer.

Heck, he didn\'t reply to anything related to his method.

Tsk, Selfish prick.

If he doesn\'t share his method, he should honestly be labeled as a traitor of the human race.

We finally found a way for the human race to improve and climb higher in the SGAlliance, but why did it have to be in the hands of that selfish prick

I agreed, we should also sign a petition to cancel him and anything related to him.

That\'s a good idea.

While Felix kept walking towards the elevator nonchalantly, the chatter of those around him couldn\'t help but reach his ears as they weren\'t really trying to lower their voices.

He wasn\'t using a disguise but his real face without a single modification so he could see the public reaction.

\'Didn\'t think I will fall one day to cancel culture.\' Felix mused after hearing a pretty girl say so.

The moment he looked at her, she quickly avoided having eye contact with him.

\'Heh, if I had a social media account, I would have been bombarded with curses.\' Felix chuckled while entering the elevator that got emptied the moment he stepped foot in it.

\'Hahaha, you are being treated like a plague.\' Asna laughed in enjoyment.

Felix was left speechless by the sight as well.

He always thought that tens of bloodliners would group up around him and harass him for answers.

But it seemed like no one was foolish to put himself in that situation since it was obvious that Felix wasn\'t going to expose anything.

Since they were not going to get anything from him it was better to not associate themselves with him at all.

After all, that would just give the false impression of friendship or something like that.

In this state, no one dared to even say hi to Felix since they might get kidnapped the day after for information about Felix or just to force him out of his hiding spot.

That\'s why Felix didn\'t stop at the 21st floor where his room was placed.

Instead, he claimed to the 30th floor and challenged a man for his room.

He won it pretty easily since the man straightaway surrendered and escaped.

Felix did so to avoid having a connection with Nora as he didn\'t want to put her in danger.

He was already planning on cutting off relations with her since it wouldn\'t be right to get her killed for s.e.x.

\'Queen, link this room and give up on the old one.\' Felix requested after stepping inside his new room, uncaring the looks targeted at him.

\'It\'s done.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix closed the door behind him and started to modify the room right away.

Obstacles Marathon wasn\'t really the best for him and he had to make sure that he brings out the juice of each ability he had to win the game.

After all, he would be racing against bloodliners with wings or movement speed abilities, like Rolandinho\'s *Lighting Dash*.

Although Felix was planning on using all of his ten sand abilities and Size Manipulation, he had no intentions of underestimating other players!

All it took was a perfect ability that was compatible with a game design and the player could win it easily!


Five days later, in the evening...

Most of the people around the Milky Way Galaxy had their eyes placed on Felix\'s gold rank game.

There were only 10 minutes before it starts and the stream numbers had already exploded, reaching up to 4,5 Billion concurrent viewers!

This number was from just the monthly paid streaming SG service as it was believed that at least hundreds of billion viewers were watching the stream free on the dark web!

This number was unprecedented in a gold game as it rarely surpasses 200 million viewers.

No one was more excited about this but the players participating in the game with Felix as the exposure was truly too much to handle for them.

They understood that winning the game would earn them 3% of the streaming revenue.

How much would that be when the stream reached that number and the prices for normal tickets had already climbed past 40,000 SC!

Meanwhile, the VIP tickets were getting sold at 5 million SC and people were finding difficulty getting one!

All of this hubbub was to watch the first Mythical bloodliner and the first human to have more than 18 abilities in his arsenal!

This was a historical moment and no matter how much hate Felix was receiving on the network, people still tuned in to watch him!

Yet, Felix was nonchalant to all of this as he was merely playing cards with Lady Sphinx, Asna, and the Jörmungandr.

Well, he wasn\'t really playing but just having his ass whooped by Lady Sphinx who had yet to lose a single game since the moment she showed up in Felix\'s consciousness.

While Felix didn\'t care much and Asna was already numbed to the feeling of losing, the Jörmungandr didn\'t like it one bit.

Sigh, I am out.

Disappointed, Felix threw his cards on the table and leaned against his chair.

He looked at the Jörmungandr and couldn\'t help but start to sympathize with him as he could see that Lady Sphinx was teasing him with a playful smirk, telling him to give up.

Meanwhile, Asna appeared just like a pretty doll that served no purpose but being eye candy at the table since she was the 1st to get eliminated.

I will be going now. Felix informed them after he realized that the game was about to start in 7 minutes.

When he opened his eyes, he brought out the VR store and started browsing for different clothes.

A couple of minutes later, he went with black shorts, white sneakers, and a white T-shirt that had its brand on its chest.

This is much better for my sand element. Felix nodded his head in satisfaction while fixing his messed-up golden hair.

He had no intentions of wearing a hoodie with a masking feature since there was no point to it and also it was detrimental to his sand abilities.

Especially his *Desert Domain*.

I wonder if those three brands are regretting representing me Felix chuckled, Hehe, they would probably have their products canceled for sponsoring me.

Naturally, those clothes were all from the brands that made a deal with Felix for the next three games.

He already got paid before the Yearly Auction Event and it was time for his turn to do his job.

Though, he believed that it was better for them to void the contract and free him from his duties unless they get lumped in with him on the ongoing CancelLandlord# movement.

That\'s right, there was a movement to cancel Felix which started four days ago and was growing quite popular.

Canceling simply meant not supporting him in the games, don\'t vote for him for the Yearly Best Low-Elo player award, buy his merchandise or brands, don\'t sell him stuff or buy from him, don\'t accept him in auctions...etc

Anything that was detrimental to Felix was placed on the table and people were actually going for it.

Felix didn\'t know if this was a move by backgrounds to turn him into a public enemy or it was truly people\'s natural reaction.

Whatever it was, he didn\'t give a **.

The only thing harmful from canceling him was getting negatively affected in the PPFT Market as the players wouldn\'t want to sell him or buy from his pool.

As for the yearly award and the rest He didn\'t really care as he could live just fine without them.

Let\'s kick some ass. Felix cracked his knuckles while smirking in front of the mirror.

By the time his voice echoed in the room, he was already gone.


Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!...

Felix had just got teleported inside the Game Lobby.

Around him, flashes kept popping here and there, marking the teleportation of the other players.

A couple of seconds later, the entire hall was packed with more than 60 players all appearing more unique than others.

Some had weird outfits on while others had peculiar-looking mutations.

Yet, no one was paying attention to them as everyone\'s focus was placed on Felix who was blinking his eyes innocently while standing in the center of the Lobby.

The atmosphere went deathly silent as no one spoke or made a move as they simply kept staring at Felix with narrowed eyes, appearing like predators eying their prey.

Ayee, I know that my handsomeness shook you but please don\'t ogle me that much. Felix smiled warmly, You are making me blush.

The moment Felix said so in such a serious atmosphere, his Landlord Persona was dead and replaced by Felix Maxwell.

No more pretending, no more hiding, just himself...Felix\'s casual attitude expressed his contentment at the sound of that.

It was time For Felix Maxwell to Grace The Individual Supremacy Games Stage again!


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