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First, you will need to enter the 2nd stage of elemental manipulation so you can contest against them. The Jörmungandr stood tall with a strict expression, I will be training you personally to enter it as fast as possible!

Haha, That\'s what I want to hear.

Felix couldn\'t express how glad he was to hear the Jörmungandr say that.

It wasn\'t just because of being his personal student but due to the fact that the Jörmungandr was planning on continuing living instead of returning to the death\'s embrace.

He truly had no idea how to change Jörmungandr\'s mind and he felt truly relieved of his decision.

Elder, do you think that entering the 2nd stage of manipulation is enough Felix expressed with his eyebrows knitted, I don\'t know about the strength of those champions but I understand that to be eligible to participate in the UISG one needed to have a peak 3rd stage of replacement strength.

That\'s just the bare minimum requirement.

No one actually dares to enter those games with such a pitiful strength.

When it came to the Universal Individual Supremacy Games, Felix knew that it was nothing like the human branch SG.

First, just to enter the bottom tier of it, Felix needed to play a promotion game after he reaches peak gold rank.

That promotion game was split into two choices.

Either he chooses to play a game in the UISG platform or a game in the SG human branch.

The only difference would be if he won the former, he would be promoted straightaway to the UISG gold rank.

Meanwhile, if he won the latter, he would be promoted to platinum rank.

So, in a sense, he wasn\'t really being promoted but demoted if chose The UISG Promotion Game.

But Felix understood that was based on the strength level of the games on that platform.

For example, the SG human branch gold rank allows bloodliners from lesser purity at the Awakening Realm to peak 2nd stage bloodliners.

But in the UISG gold rank, the minimum was from the 3rd stage of replacement to the peak 4th stage of replacement!

This was due to other races being much stronger whether body-wise or elemental-wise!

Let\'s take the Orc Race who were being known for their physical prowess and thick skin as an example.

A youthful Orc at the age of 14 would have a physical strength equivalent to a 4th stage bloodliner without doing anything but eating!

Meanwhile, A.d.u.l.t Orcs would have physical strength two times higher than an Origin Realm bloodliner!

Naturally for the Orcs to have such a strong physique only meant that their elemental manipulation was nonexistent as their affinity ratings were one of the worse in the universe.

Even their intelligence or mental defenses weren\'t really that good.

Meanwhile, Humans were known for having all and also none.

They got everything, making them an all-rounded race, but they were ** in everything as well.

It was common sense that mastering one thing is a thousand times better than knowing a thousand things and mastering none.

This made it hard for them to perform well in the UISG.

Felix knew that most bloodliners just chose to remain in the human Branch SG and continue their climb there instead of fighting other races.

Hence, he truly had no idea how was he supposed to battle on that platform when his body strength was barely at 4000 BF.

The Jörmungandr scratched his chin and replied, True, you are too weak for that platform right now.

But don\'t worry, Lady Sphinx would take great care of you.

She already planned out a possible method to help you bridge the gap in strength without needing to integrate.

Felix trembled when he saw that Lady Sphinx was licking her lips while gazing at his body, like a cat staring at a fish.

He knew that hellish torture awaits him at the Witch empire! 

For now, we will focus on getting you to the 2nd stage of elemental manipulation. The Jörmungandr closed his eyes and said, To enter it, you are still missing three techniques.

First, how to liquefy the poison.

Second, how to turn poison into medicine.

Last, using every inner ability instantaneously even ones with higher potency.

Felix\'s eye brightened up after finally having his poison path laid to him.

Before, he was left to explore and mess around since the Jörmungandr didn\'t have any real reason to waste his time on teaching Felix personally.

Thankfully, his will to live was reignited by Lady Sphinx.

Or probably just his will to get his revenge

Whatever it was, the Jörmungandr didn\'t hesitate to start teaching Felix about the 1st technique, liquefying poison!

What you need to do is simple but difficult at the same time. The Jörmungandr created a grey sphere from the mist and said, To turn poisonous mist into liquid is a tough process and even I struggled in the early days to do it the first time.

Felix\'s eyes were focused on the grey sphere that was getting smaller and smaller while revolving around itself.

While he was doing so, he kept listening to the Jörmungandr, The first step is recognizing how much energy you are willing to invest for you to turn poison mist into liquid.

You see, 10% poison element energy could let you create at least 100 poisonous bombs.

But, the moment you attempt to create liquid bombs, you will end up creating just one.

Since the liquid is much denser than mist, hence the consumption needed to correspond to it.

The Jörmungandr paused to see if Felix was still with him.

Upon seeing that he was nodding his head in understanding, the Jörmungandr carried on with a leveled tone, That\'s why in your case liquid poison is useless since your energy could never withstand its monstrous consumption.

But, learning how to liquefy poison internally is a must-learn step since it is connected with liquefying it externally.

I see.

The 2nd step after you choose the amount of energy you want to use is condensing that amount over and over again inside your body until it turns into a liquid.

As I said, the higher the amount of energy the more liquid you obtain.

Hence, at least pick enough to make a single drop.

The Jörmungandr pointed at the grey sphere that became a single grey drop hovering on his finger.

As for the process of condensing itself, there is only one way to do it. The Jörmungandr extended two fingers and said calmly, Use the same stacking method that you have done to increase your poison potency.

That method might be c.u.mbersome but it\'s the best one since it helps you immensely to turn your abilities activation into a subconscious process that takes no less than a split second.

Felix had to agree to this part as he truly felt like he was having fewer troubles imagining new abilities and manifesting them.

After all, to increase poison potency Felix was required to create hundreds of the same ability internally before merging them either all together or one by one.

This grinding process was arduous and demanding of patience and will.

But, Felix still kept giving it at least 4 hours of his day, grinding and grinding until he finally reaches the stage where he could create internally any ability he wanted with any potency he desired.

Focus here. Felix broke out of his thought process after hearing the Jörmungandr\'s stern voice.

The Jörmungandr continued on, You simply will need to ignore the potency and keep going with condensing the mist until you can\'t anymore.

When you feel that limit, you will know that a drop of poisonous liquid could be extracted from your finger or palm.

The Jörmungandr showed him a demonstration of the grey mist, creating Felix\'s body and how the process would go through inside of it.

Felix couldn\'t help but feel dreadful at how burdensome the process appeared.

I know that it is difficult to master and make use of it. The Jörmungandr mentioned, That\'s why your task is simply to create a small liquid ball instantly.

That\'s manageable. Felix nodded in resolve.

As for the other two techniques, I will teach you when you finish with this one first. The Jörmungandr narrowed his eyes at Felix and warned, You have a month to finish.

Otherwise, you won\'t like the consequence of failing such a simple test.

I will be on it. Felix said, sweating a bit under the Jörmungandr\'s strict gaze.

He didn\'t know what he could do to him and he honestly didn\'t want to find out.

A month might seem short, but Felix had been given the method to pull it off.

He just needed to practice it, unlike the earlier times when he needed to discover everything on his own.

It was truly a hundred times better to receive personal guidance from the Poison Primogenitor himself.

Alright, get going. The Jörmungandr waved his hand at Felix while creating a new set of cards.

Lady Sphinx and Asna, who were talking on their own matters, instantly focused on the table after seeing the cards.

Elder, before you start, can I ask how exactly are the champions going to end up fighting each other Felix asked with a puzzled tone.

The moment he heard about the Primogenitors\' secret betting ring in the games, he had this issue bothering him.

After all, there were going to be millions of games ongoing and he doubts that it would that easy for the champions to meet in the games.

Naturally, by having hundreds of champions representing them. The Jörmungandr replied casually like it was a normal thing.

Wait! I was under the impression that champions mean those who inherited the primogenitors\' full elemental manipulation! Felix exclaimed in shock.

Don\'t be stupid. The Jörmungandr gave him a side-glance and said, You think a primogenitor who is alive will bother hand down his gift to someone else The only reason I gave it to you is that I didn\'t care much about sticking around.

The Jörmungandr sneered, As for the rest They have utmost a limited manipulation that allows them to manipulate elements externally unlike you who still has a 3rd stage waiting to master.

However, I believe that they were receiving personal guidance from the primogenitors.

So work hard to catch up as fast as possible.

Makes sense. Felix nodded his head understanding.

There is also another way for the champions to fight against each other, but you don\'t need to worry about it now. Lady Sphinx smiled, If you joined those games, you will be stomped like an insect.

Thank you for the motivation, elder. Felix coughed.

Alright, get going. The Jörmungandr shoed him away while handing cards to Asna and Lady Sphinx.

Have fun. Felix exploded into a cloud of mist after saying so.

He had too many things to deal with and the day seemed like it was getting shorter and shorter to waste!


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