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\'Queen, please give me the names of the abilities that Landlord and the earthling captain had shown so far in public!\' Mr.

Gama requested in agitation, wanting to check things through!

The Queen took some time to inform him about every ability that Felix had shown from his 1st game to his last PSG game.

Naturally, she told him only about the ones that had been caught in public and she made sure to separate between Felix\'s abilities and Landlord\'s abilities.

Yet, it didn\'t really matter as Mr.

Gama had obtained the connection that he wanted.

\'They had multiple abilities that are the same, they have the exact same tail and it seems like Landlord had colored it in the games to add to his disguise.

Then, we have the same posture and body shape.\'


Gama took a deep breath from the oxygen bottle, \'Last but not least, Felix is from Earth and Landlord had destroyed my Organization that is targeting it when we have no enmity between us...There is no other answer to explain all of those similarities! They are one person!\'


Gama blinked his eyes in an utter stupor, not knowing what to think after reaching this mindblowing conclusion that would shock the entire universe if the news ever went out.

Because the Queen had informed him about abilities that weren\'t similar to each other and when he did a headcount he realized that both Felix and Landlord had shown more than 17 abilities!!!

Knowing that it was impossible for Felix to join the PSG 1st game with a strength beyond the 1st stage of replacement made him understand that Felix was still below that!

Yet, he had shown that many abilities at once from both characters!

\'Could it be that I have mistaken them and this was just a big coincidence that the universe is playing on me\'


Gama was still trying to hold into that last string of logic that screamed at him that it was impossible for humans to have more than 6 abilities from each bloodline.

But remembering that \'Landlord\' had used in total five sand abilities in the 4th game while against him now, he had shown four new abilities, made that logic string snap at once!

\'I don\'t know how he could have used multiple abilities but this is my way out!\' Mr.

Gama thought in excitement, \'If I threatened him about releasing his real name and his method to possess more abilities, he is bound to listen! Otherwise, he will be hunted no matter where he went in the galaxy!!\'

\'This time I will not play tricks like before.\' Mr.

Gama decided to write the email and also an honest contract that would make Felix feel safe to sign it without worrying about his information being released.

He finally found a way to save himself and he wasn\'t planning to squander it for greed like he did before.

After an hour of telling the Queen what to write, Mr.

Gama signed it and requested the Queen to send it from a new email.

>Your email had been sent<

Upon hearing the notification, Mr.

Gama smiled with a tingle of hope in his eyes.

Alas, minutes have gone by then hours.

Yet, no response was heard from the other side.

\'Maybe I should try with another email.\' 


Gama went and did so.

The result Still no response after waiting two hours.

By now, Mr.

Gama\'s heart started thumping wildly as his suppressed agitation started to resurface.

He didn\'t know if he was being ignored or Felix had his AP bracelet messages and emails muted.

He was scared as hell by both of them.

Yet, since he had nothing to lose, he kept creating emails and sending them.

He even begged the Queen to inform Felix that it was an urgent matter concerning Felix\'s life or death.

Too bad, the Queen didn\'t entertain his requests as it was against the rules to make the Queen send information forcefully like this.

Unless one had given permission, he wouldn\'t send a message even if the fate of a planet depends on it.


Two days later...

The green Pyramid had already reached 200 meters in height, making the Council and the army quite agitated by its abnormal growth.

But Felix had been updating Mr.

Rodrigas anonymously, informing him that it was a normal occurrence for the energy absorption.

Truly, when the Council received the latest energy scans from within the pyramid, they were shocked to see that the mini sun was replaced by a normal human-sized energy shape.

After doing a reading on the energy capacity, they found out that it belonged to a 5th stage bloodliner!

That result shocked them but also relieved them After all, at least they knew now the strength of the person they were dealing it unlike before.

Yet still, they didn\'t order for an attack since they weren\'t retards to not notice that the Pyramid was weakening Mr.

Gama and even sealing him.

Hence, they decided to continue watching patiently for any other developments while continuing to gather the remaining few pieces of the artificial symbiotes.

As long as Mr.

Gama wasn\'t released, they were Gucci with the current status quo.

Meanwhile, Felix was sitting inside an invisible scouting aircraft right above the tip of the pyramid.

He was staring downward at Mr.

Gama\'s heat radiation that was still pretty active. 

\'If it wasn\'t for the artificial symbiote blocking the green sand from reaching him, he would have fainted straightaway from having his elemental energy drained as well.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows, \'Symbiotes are truly a pain in the ass to deal with...Whatever, let\'s harden the pyramid for extra insurance.\'

After deciding so, Felix snapped his finger and the green pyramid had started to shake from the base to the peak, alarming the patrolling soldiers.

What\'s going on!

Is this an earthquake

Inform the captain!

Too bad, before the soldier could use his AP bracelet, the shaking had stopped and what was left behind had dumbfounded everyone alike.

Such a magnificence. A soldier murmured in a daze while staring at the green pyramid that had turned as smooth as glass, gleaming brightly under the rays of sunlight.

Anyone who saw it would never doubt that it was a construction instead of an ability!

200 meters in height and with a base that was measured visually to be at 250 meters or so.

They were rightfully to think so!

While the Council members were discussing this abnormal development, Mr.

Gama was laughing in derision after feeling that the sand had turned as hard as rocks and as heavy as a mountain.

It was already impossible for him to move a finger with a weight like that on his shoulder, but now He couldn\'t even twitch!

Landlord, oh, Landlord, since you seem hell-bent on getting me killed, I will make sure that your life, your family, your planet, and everyone that is close to you feel the weight of your actions. Mr.

Gama murmured softly, not bothering about saving oxygen anymore.

Only 3% left in the last bottle and he had already accepted his fate.

\'Queen, send this folder to every social media platform in the Mariana Empire.\' Mr.

Gama requested peacefully.

\'Are you positive\'


Gama took a second to think about the massive profits that he was giving up and nodded his head, \'Do it.\'

He had no wife, no kids, or true friends.

So, there was no need to let someone else benefit from the folder by selling it to the interested parties.

\'It has been done, the file named -Landlord\'s Identity- has been sent to 7.4 million social media platforms in the empire\'s territory.\'

Thank you. Mr.

Gama said while closing his eyes shut, \'Please delete all my data and destroy the spatial card when I am gone.\'

\'I will.\'

After hearing her response, Mr.

Gama opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

Then, he did the unexpected as he shouted at the top of his voice, LANDLORD YOU WILL REGRET YOUR DECISIONS TODAY!! MARK MY WORDS! Cough! YOU WILL REGRET IT DEARL..COUGH COUGH!!

Before he could even finish, he ended up breaking into dry coughing before trying to inhale the last bits of oxygen from the bottle.

He didn\'t know if Felix heard or not, but he would like to believe that was the case.

\'Warning, 1% remaining.\' The Queen reported faithfully.

\'It doesn\'t matter anymore.\' Mr.

Gama snapped his bloodshot eyes open and said firmly, \'I am not dying from suffocation!\'


Meanwhile, 1 kilometer in the air, Felix was glancing from time to time at the heat radiations of Mr.

Gama, checking on him.

\'What the hell\'

When he took another glance, he was shocked to see that the heat radiations were increasing abnormally, appearing like a tree that had been lightened on fire!

\'Queen!!! Take us away from here!!!\' Terrified, Felix shouted in his mind while fastening in his seatbelt.

Felix didn\'t dare to remain here even a split second after seeing that sight.

He always kept in mind that Mr.

Gama would lose his ** and end up exploding his soul but never expected that he would actually go for it!!


Alas, he did and the result was nothing but frightening as the explosion resulting from it was strong enough, the Pyramid had been shattered to pieces and hurled in every direction!!

Before those poor soldiers realize what happened, they have all turned to either ash or got hit by a flying green rock before turning to ash just like the rest.

Meanwhile, Felix had already reached 2 kilometers in the sky, escaping the blast zone but not the shockwave as it ended up reaching him and hitting his aircraft, damaging two of his main thrusters!

Losing them was more than enough to force the aircraft into falling down!

\'Stealth mode, Desert Domain!\'

This time, Felix acted quickly by starting with his hovering strategy since it works much faster than consuming wings potion.


After stopping his body from falling with his mental energy, Felix swiftly exposed his head and drunk the 2nd Angel Wings potion.

Then, he waited until his wings had fully manifested before deactivating his desert domain, turning the sand into light particles.

While he was flapping his wings, Felix kept looking at the 2nd mushroom cloud with a gloomy expression.

He did warn the Council about the possibility of Mr.

Gama going supernova but those greedy politicians didn\'t bat an eye to his warning since the artificial symbiotes hadn\'t been fully collected yet.

He doubted that they would order for the soldiers to retreat even if they knew that was going to happen for real.

That\'s because they might worry about the pieces getting destroyed or propelled kilometers away.

\'Sigh, greedy f*ckers, you lucky I have ** to deal with.\' Felix cursed them in his mind while soaring rapidly to his spaceship.

The moment Mr.

Gama was confirmed dead, Felix had to leave the planet as fast as possible since he had no idea how Mr.

Gama had dealt with his information.

But he knew that it wasn\'t going to be pretty.

Soon, very soon, he was about to find Mr.

Gama\'s last despairing gift...


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