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After all, the only reason he was this calm about the entire situation was his utmost belief that he would be freed soon when Felix\'s energy runs out!

But when the pyramid was sustaining itself by relying on his artificial symbiote massive energy, he could be sealed for days until all of his energy was sapped dry by the pyramid!

Not mentioning, getting suffocated after running out of his oxygen bottles!

Whoosh Whoosh!...

\'Now, I could just watch as he dies slowly and painfull...\' Felix stopped grinning at once after seeing five jets flying past his head.

He quickly entered stealth mode and turned on his X-ray vision to limit since it was the best when it comes to giving him information about lifeforms.

\'They sure arrived quickly.\' Felix clicked his tongue after seeing that the army was advancing slowly from every direction towards the blast area.

Just by looking at their skeleton\'s displacement, he could guess that there were tanks, marines, jets, and the rest of the army vehicles.

Since most appeared like they were sitting in the air.

\'Queen, send me a scouting aircraft to pick me up and withdraw the rest.\' Felix requested while sprinting away from the green Pyramid.

He had no idea how much dead skin did his clones harvested and he hoped that it was at least 30% of the spaceship.

With the detectors and the spatial cards that he bought for them, he understood that gathering 20% should cause no trouble for them.

After all, the entire area was loaded with pieces of the artificial symbiote skin.

30% should be doable.

That\'s the calculated amount needed for his spaceship to get coated on from the outside and also the inside with the artificial symbiote.

For now, he didn\'t bother by it yet as he continued running away, wanting to keep as much distance as possible from the pyramid without leaving his ability\'s range.

\'I think those apes are going to destroy the pyramid and free that ugly thing.\' Asna said.

\'They wouldn\'t do it now.\' Felix replied, \'They need to understand what it is first.

That should buy us two days or three before the Council or the US government comes to an agreement to destroy it.\'

\'How about you threaten them with your spaceship\' Asna proposed with her eyes brightened, \'Fire some warning shots and no one would dare approach the pyramid.\'

\'No.\' Felix rejected the proposal firmly, \'I still don\'t know if the one inside realized I am Landlord or not.

If he did, he would publish the recordings.

Even if he didn\'t realize it now, he would do so later by a simple search on my abilities since they are unique than the rest.\'

Felix knew that whoever was inside still had his bracelet on since he was able to control the artificial symbiote.

After all, without the Queen responding to his orders, he wouldn\'t be able to even walk properly.

Felix still exposed his abilities knowing all of this since holding back against him meant either death or escape.

Felix had no intentions of leaving that thing to roam free when he was the one creating it.

But, he also didn\'t want to expose more than he already did.

His spaceship needs to be hidden at all cost otherwise a single picture of it and every Dark Deviant Spaceship would be associated with Landlord in the Galaxy.

By then He could forget stepping into a wormhole expressway unless he changed the spaceship.


While Felix was hiding and Mr.

Gama was counting down the seconds, the world leaders were gathered in the UVR\'s Council, discussing nothing but the green pyramid and the blast area that had been spotted by the jets.

After ten minutes of discussion, they still haven\'t reached a conclusive explanation about the abnormal situation.

But, they did decide to send army bloodliners with vision abilities to scout the pyramid and the surrounding.

Due to the fear of radiation, everyone was wearing a protective suit.

Naturally, Felix\'s stealth mode had gone unnoticed by those soldiers who were picked from the awakeners\' public camps.

Even Mr.

Gama hadn\'t been spotted by them since he was in the center of the pyramid.

Those bloodliners were at best a 1st stage of replacement.

There was no way they would have vision abilities capable of seeing beyond 20 meters.

Hence they informed their captains that the coast was clear.

Send in the energy detectors.

Just to be thorough in their search, the General of the army ordered for the use of the UVR\'s surveillance equipment.

This time, Mr.

Gama had been found red-handed, shocking everyone alike when they saw his energy aura that appeared like a mini sun in their detecting machines.

When the results were rallied to the Council, loud chatter broke in the assembly hall.

What is that thing!

I can barely see the shape of a human.

It\'s impossible that he is a human! Mr.

Rodrigas said in dread, He is at least five meters in height and I doubt that there is a human being able to pack that kind of immense energy.

The world leaders nodded their heads in agreement.

I believe that\'s a beast or someone from a different race.

So, what do we do now

They ended up back to the start without having a single clue on what should they do.

It was too soon to make a drastic move and no one wanted to propose a plan in case things went to ** and they ended up getting blamed for it.

Switching blame and pointing fingers is a peak active ability for those politicians and they had no plans on speaking first until things clear out a bit.

Let\'s at least make the area restricted and enforce our defenses around the pyramid. The German President proposed.

Her suggestion earned a resounding approval as it was the right thing to do now.

How about those black substances in the area The President of France asked, Does any one of you recognize them

Everyone shook their heads in denial as they were politicians, not Wikipedia.

I suggest scanning it. Mr.

Rodrigas said, If the information about the substance was public, the Queen would inform us about it.

His decision was approved quickly and the order was relayed back to the General.

In turn, he sent a soldier to scan a piece that was nearby.

Felix didn\'t react much when he saw this sight as he wasn\'t bothered by those artificial symbiote pieces getting taken by the Council.

That\'s because he knew that they would either get sold for money and be placed in the Planet\'s bank account or used to coat their upcoming spacesh.i.p.s.

Felix only hoped that he got enough for his own spaceship.

\'I should probably send Mr.

Rodrigas an anonymous message about this situation.\' Felix thought while watching the soldier running with an excited expression towards the general.

He didn\'t want to tell them about every little detail but telling them about the Gama Organization\'s destruction and that the last survivor was sealed inside the pyramid shouldn\'t be a problem.

On the opposite, it would help him buy a couple of days until his pyramid was done absorbing the artificial symbiote\'s energy.

Without further ado, he wrote a quick letter and emailed it with an anonymous identity to Mr.

Rodrigas who was currently shocked just like the rest of the world leaders about the soldier\'s scan.

Vrrr Vrrr!


Upon hearing his bracelet, Mr.

Rodrigas broke out of his daze and glanced at the screen.

Seeing that it was a new email to his private email address, he frowned his eyebrows and asked, \'Queen, what\'s its content\'

\'It\'s from an anonymous email.

He/she said that the skin of the artificial symbiote is a result of the destruction of the Gama Organization\'s spaceship...\'

Just this alone was enough to throw Mr.

Rodrigas off, making him doubt the content of the email.

The Queen didn\'t bother about his reaction as she continued, \'He said that the monster inside the pyramid is Mr.

Gama who survived the Red Plasma attack by wearing an artificial symbiote skin.

Currently, he is dying slowly due to suffocation and you shouldn\'t free him.\'

\'He also said that it was highly advisable to pull away from the soldiers from the pyramid since Mr.

Gama might explode his soul as a despairing attempt.\'

\'Is this for real We can\'t be that lucky\' The more Mr.

Rodrigas heard the faster his heartbeat accelerated as he couldn\'t help but wish that the validity of the email was real.

But, he wasn\'t that naive to believe everything sent to him even if it appeared close to reality.

After the message ended with a request to not launch an attack at the pyramid for the next days with a clear explanation why, Mr.

Rodrigas took a deep breath to calm his nerves and started thinking calmly about the content without sharing it with the rest.

\'First, how did the emailer got my ID to send me a letter personally Second, if everything he said was the truth, he must be still nearby the area watching the pyramid and worrying about our interference.

Third, who is he and why did he allegedly destroy the Gama Organization\'


Rodrigas kept rubbing his chin while contemplating, \'Then, we have Mr.

Gama as being that monster, is it the truth or not So many questionable matters that needed to be solved before trusting that letter.

But first, let\'s inform the rest.\'


Rodrigas went and did so by showing the content of the letter.

After the initial shock faded away, everyone began discussing it, sharing their own opinions on the matter.

Some were in favor of trusting the content and making a move based on it and some were totally opposite to it.

After 15 minutes of back and forth between the two parties, a decision was finally voted on by the majority.

That was to aim all of their weapons at the pyramid and focus first on gathering the artificial symbiote pieces.

Only after securing such valuable resources would they discuss again what should they do.

As for Felix\'s warning about the explosion It was totally ignored.

Felix didn\'t know of their decision but he was glad that they didn\'t fire off at the pyramid.

He even lied to them about Mr.

Gama being the monster since he wanted them to feel pressured not to make a rash decision.

This was the only chance he had to kill off Mr.

Gama and if it was lost, he would never be able to encase him again in another pyramid.

Though he was somewhat bothered that his warning was ignored.

Frankly speaking, he was expecting this response since the Council wouldn\'t walk away from the symbiote pieces no matter what.

\'I wonder how is he reacting right now\' Felix thought while squinting his eyes at Mr.

Gama\'s skeleton that was constantly moving, unlike the symbiote body.

\'He probably started realizing that he is being drained.\' Felix grinned slightly.

Just as Felix expected, Mr.

Gama was truly about to lose his mind since more than 30 minutes had gone by and he had yet to be freed as he anticipated!

What\'s worse, the Queen had informed him that the artificial symbiote had lost more than 0.5% since the moment he got caged!

This led him to conclude that the green sand was absorbing the artificial symbiote energy!


\'Don\'t tell me that the energy absorbed is sustaining the ability!\' Mr.

Gama drew a deep breath in dread and fear, \'No!! I can\'t stay here anymore!!\'

\'I need to find a way out from this ability!\'

Scared out of his wits by the idea of getting buried alive to the death, Mr.

Gama decided to utilize the network for solutions.

Since he can\'t create holograms in his situation, he simply asked the Queen to make a search for him.

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