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You are truly courting death! Mr.

Gama roared while swinging both of his arms at Felix from the sides, making it difficult for him to dodge!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Felix didn\'t even bother dodging as the green sand beneath him had shaped up as two shields and blocked those pitch-black arms.

\'What\'s is that!\' Mr.

Gama was left in shock by sight.

Alas, Felix didn\'t give him time to gather his thoughts as he ordered the guardians to enter a melee battle with him.

Felix knew that they were useless against the substance stickiness but he didn\'t care as he simply wanted to buy time until his green sand filled up enough space.

Thud Thud!...

As expected the Guardians managed to strike only once before getting stuck again, making them useless in the fight.

But, Felix still didn\'t recall or remove them as he wanted to keep them stuck like that to hinder Mr.


You think this will stop me! Mr.

Gama sneered while using his hand to break apart the Guardians weapons, separating them from his body.

This left only the weapons to be stuck with him.


Gama did the unexpected as he caught the long golden blade with his hand and utilized it as his weapon to smash apart those defenseless guardians.

They all returned to sand, making Felix\'s eyelids twitch at how useless they were against enemies of a higher caliber of strength.

Sure they had fine battle senses and weapon mastery, but those two things were absolutely useless in front of pure raw strength.

Thank you for the weap....

Before Mr.

Gama\'s voice trailed off, he realized that he was holding nothing but drifting sand particles.

Say what again Felix asked smugly while leaning closer.

Seeing that he was getting mocked playfully made Mr.

Gama understand that Felix wasn\'t feeling threatened by him at all.

Heck, he even appeared like he was disregarding his strength!

\'If I could use my active abilities, this bastard would have been killed ten times already. Provoked, Mr.

Gama breathed ruggedly leaning forward like a suppressed bull ready to charge.

\'Good, he is not leaving.\' Felix didn\'t show his delight in the outside but worry.

He entered a defensive guarding position while having his tail\'s bulgy end submerge inside the green sand that was about to reach his calf.


Just as he blinked once, he was shocked to see that Mr.

Gama was right in his face while having his hand ready to pound him to paste!!

\'Sand surfing!!\'

Felix instantly utilized his 4th passive, making the sand beneath him move his body to the side with an abnormal reaction speed!



Gama ended up having his hand submerged in the sand, fully missing Felix!

Yet, he didn\'t even pause his attacks as he brought out his hand from within the sand and swung it rapidly at Felix\'s head!


This time sand had abruptly risen and blocked it for Felix but its behemoth strength had ended up destroying the sand once and for all!

\'So that\'s why this bastard is emitting sand around us!\' Mr.

Gama concluded after seeing those two passives in play.

One for escape and the other for defense.

\'But still, the sand is weak and can be broken easily by a single strike.

If I kept pressuring him, I will end up catching him eventually!\'

Boom Boom!

Felix knitted his eyebrows in displeasure after seeing that his sand was getting destroyed each time it helped him block an attack.

\'I need to keep dodging away so my defensive ability wouldn\'t activate and destroy my sand!\' Felix thought while surfing away on the sand, trying his best to keep his distance from Mr.


His defensive ability was good but in this situation, it was ruining his plans since he wanted to create a desert domain as fast as possible.

Hence, Felix did nothing but dodge continuously without striking back or stopping for even a second to take a breather.

Naturally, he wasn\'t moving too far from the sandy area as he was moving in circles around it.


Gama\'s entire body had already turned green with all of the sand grains sticking to him.

Since they weren\'t much, Mr.

Gama didn\'t feel even an itch when they started to absorb tiny ounces of the artificial symbiote\'s energy.

Bam Bam!

He simply kept chasing after Felix, missing his strikes always narrowly, making him beyond livid and have his thought process affected by it.

Killing Felix was the only thing appearing in his bloodshot eyes, especially when he always sees himself missing by an inch.

Just more attack would do the trick, just one more strike and it would connect with him.

Thoughts like those fueled his mind and body, making his strikes continue to get faster and faster until the substance finally touched Felix\'s forearm!!

Got you!

F*ck mee!!


Not delaying a second, Mr.

Gama pulled Felix towards him while having a fist waiting to greet him!

Knowing that he wasn\'t going to survive the punch, Felix bit his lips hard and sliced his own arm from the elbow with his sharp dagger!

Not this time!!


Gama reacted instantly by sending his other arm as well towards Felix\'s head this time!!

Thankfully, Felix was never fighting alone as the moment his body fell into the sand, he got encased in a half-spherical dome, blocking the strike for him! 

Immediately after the sand was broken apart, Mr.

Gama roared in fury at the sight of Felix surfing on his stomach, appearing like the sand was alive and taking him away to safety!

The only thing left behind was a trail of blood that was surging from Felix\'s separated arm.

Vrrr Vrrr!

Just as Felix wanted to restore his arm, his bracelet vibrated two times before going quiet.

\'The authorities will be here soon, time to end this.\' Felix thought while glancing at the green desert that was spreading around them.

If he had to guess its length, he would say that it had reached 80 to 100 meters in diameter.

As for its depth It was close to reaching his knee cap.

Honestly, the only reason it took a while was due to Felix\'s small figure.

If he activated this ability while he was eight meters in size, the story would have been different!

But Felix wasn\'t a retard to make himself bigger in this fight since he would make it easier for Mr.

Gama to catch him!

Whoosh! Whoosh

After Felix dodged with some difficulty two more green arms, he snapped both of his fingers, and the green sand underneath both of them rose instantly and swallowed everything in 80 meters!

If anyone was watching from the outside, they would notice that the green desert had turned into a humongous green Pyramid that reached 50 meters in height!

This was Felix\'s 4th active sand ability! *Sand Burial!*, it allows him to bury his targets in a pyramid of sand, depending on the amount of sand used!

\'Bastard, he was preparing for this all along!\' Mr.

Gama could only express his anger in his mind as he couldn\'t even open his mouth due to the green sand surrounding him.

That forced him to make the Queen close those three holes lest the sand fill inside the symbiote suit.

What\'s worse, he found out that he was having difficulty moving since the sand was sticking to his body, making him feel like he was carrying a building on his shoulders!

After a couple of failed attempts to move, Mr.

Gama stopped at once and thought calmly, \'An ability with a size like this would not last for even a minute since the energy consumption to sustain it was not affordable by anyone.\'

\'Since I am protected inside the indestructible artificial symbiote skin, nothing will hurt me while being here.\'

Those two reasons were more than enough to make Mr.

Gama relax his tensed shoulders.

One minute or so and his body would be freed from the sand and he could restart the fight with Felix.

\'Oh no, did the bastard lock me here to buy time to escape\' Mr.

Gama hastily looked 180 degrees in front of him, trying to spot Felix with his *Elemental Vision*.

\'Why is he still around\' Mr.

Gama was surprised when he saw that Felix was standing 40 meters or so away from him.

\'Is he planning on consuming energy stones to prolong it\' Mr.

Gama thought calmy, \'Maybe, his aim is to suffocate me Heh, I am able to hold my breaths for 3 hours without a problem.

Even if he managed to prolong my burial more than that by some miracle, I still have oxygen bottles in my Spatial Card to last me at least 3 days.\'

All of those countermeasures made Mr.

Gama as relaxed as a kite even in this situation that seemed doomed.

All of this due to his absolute confidence in Felix\'s inability to sustain the pyramid.

\'Let\'s see who will last the longest.\' Mr.

Gama scoffed in his mind when he saw that Felix didn\'t leave yet but simply kept standing in his place with his hands crossed above his chest.

Since he could see only energy shapes, he didn\'t see that Felix was grinning widely while touching the smooth surface of the green pyramid.

\'Hehe, it\'s working, I can feel that the sand is absorbing his energy.\' Felix looked with his infrared vision at Mr.

Gama who was frozen in the bottom center of the pyramid and grinned, \'He probably has no idea that the green sand can utilize the energy absorbed to sustain itself!!\'

If Mr.

Gama heard Felix\'s thoughts he would have lost his ** and started to squirm in panic!


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