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You are not bad yourself. The Monster looked closely at Felix who was still in stealth mode and said, I don\'t know if you\'re body is this tough or you are wearing something to protect you, but I know that you can\'t last long.


The moment his words reached Felix\'s ears, he found out that he was kissing the ground yet again!

By now, Felix knew that the monster had only this method of killing him since the moment he punched him, tried to twist his head, or something like that, they would end up glued together!

Felix was certain that the monster didn\'t have a method to remove the stickiness effect from the substance!

This was one of the reasons Felix didn\'t want to fight this battle at all!

He knew that if he fought melee form with his size manipulation or his tail, he was bound to get stuck again.

When that happens, it was truly a game over for him!

Bam! Bam!

\'F*ck it, Let\'s go all out!!!\'

In the end, Felix stopped caring about having his \'Landlord\' Persona found out as he snapped both of his fingers, creating a massive pitch-black cloud that had engulfed him and the monster alike!

He used the strongest and deadliest poison combination in his arsenal...Corruption Inducement!

Did it have any result

Bam! Bam!


Felix was still getting beaten up, appearing like the monster wasn\'t affected even slightly by the inducement.

When Felix glanced with his X-ray vision combined with his energy senses, he saw that the corruption particles never actually entered inside the monster!

They were blocked outside, sticking on the pitch-black skin!

Usually, this wouldn\'t have been an issue since corruption inducement was a skin-based effect as well, but for the Symbiotes It was just like dust touching it!

This killed all of his poisonous abilities as the Symbiotes skin was the perfect counter to it! Even the holes in the monster\'s face got closed shut immediately after poison had emerged.

Felix knew that he could keep his poison cloud active around him since the monster couldn\'t hold his breaths forever, but that was possible only if he had time to pull it off.

Alas, his suit wasn\'t going to last that long.

\'Warning, warning, 20% left in the energy absorption futhark.\' The Queen\'s monotonous voice resounded in Felix\'s mind.

\'Damn it, I can only cut my foot and escape!\' Felix\'s expression hardened at the thought.

He wanted to avoid doing so at all cost but delaying it any further and he may never walk away from here.

Although he decided to detach his feet, he didn\'t hastily do it.

Instead, he started analyzing the pattern of him being smashed left and right.

He wanted to cut it at the best possible time so he would get hurled away by the monster when that happens!

A couple of seconds later, Felix beamed a sharp dagger in his hand that was hidden by the suit.

This dagger wasn\'t cheap at all as it was purchased by Felix for emergencies like those, giving the capability to cut through hard objects.

Whoosh! Bam!

The moment Felix got slammed on the ground and was about to get lifted back up, Felix ordered the nanobots in his feet to leave an opening to his skin from the back calf to his feet.

Then, without a single ounce of hesitation, Felix brought himself upward and sliced his feet in a single motion, making him get hurled tens of meters away!!

Cunning Bastard! The monster roared.

Felix heard him loud and clear but he didn\'t pay attention to him as he was fully focused on his wings, wanting to regain control of them and balance his body that was flailing randomly in the air!


Alas, the hellish pain waves of his severed foot kept making him lose focus continuously!

But Felix just gritted his teeth and roared in his mind, \'FLYYY!!\'!

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Felix\'s wings flapped twice, finally uplifting him from his falling posture!


Just as he was about to continue flapping his wings and soar away, a maddened barbarous roar echoed in the area, making him turn his head reflexively.

He was left horrified when he saw that the monster was actually flying a hundred meters in the sky, approaching him from above!

Felix couldn\'t see if he was using wings or that was just from a single jump.

But he wasn\'t planning on remaining beneath him to find out!

Alas, just as he changed his path to the left, Felix was forced to reflexively dodge after sensing an incoming danger!

Thank god he reacted that fast, as the monster had attempted to catch up in the same way as before by extending the substance like it was rubber and sending it to Felix!

Felix only knew so after the monster\'s hand passed by his head, scaring him out of his wits!

Felix swiftly glided to the right side, wanting to create some distance from the extended pitch-black arm since god knows if he could control it even from this distance.

Thankfully, that didn\'t seem possible as the extended arm didn\'t follow him.

However, Felix still didn\'t let down his guard as he could see that the monster had landed back on the ground and jumped again with a frightening momentum, bridging the distance close again.

Whoosh Whoosh!

\'F*cking **!!\' Felix cursed while maneuvering to the side after hearing the upcoming raging wind.

This time, two extended arms went past him, failing to catch him yet again!

\'How could he f*cking see me\'

Felix was still baffled by this since he was still in stealth mode and his suit was capable of erasing everything about him, making him immune to vision abilities below the 4th stage of replacement.

The last time he checked his memories, the strongest member of the Organization was Mr.


If he assumed that Mr.

Gama was the one inside that monster, he should be still just at peak 3rd stage of replacement.

Felix believed in this information since it was told in the Alexander Kingdom\'s stream when they have sent a fleet to deal with the Gama Spaceship\'s in his previous life.

Felix still remembered word by word how the fleet general said that Mr.

Gama was just a 3rd stage bloodliner pest, creating some much trouble for them.

Felix believed it wholeheartedly since it was a known fact that only criminals, who gave up on their bloodline path or integrate 1% by 1%, choose this path of bullying new planets.

As for the 4th stage of replacement and above They turn to piracy or other criminal activity that was a hundred times more profitable than selling tier 1 abilities.

Yet, this monster was capable of spotting Felix no matter how much distance he pulled away from him.

It was like he had a GPS that allowed him to track Felix.

This made it possible to aim at Felix while using the smoke as a screen since Felix couldn\'t really see anything besides the skeleton with his X-ray Vision.

He understood that if he turned on other visions in this radiation furnace, he would make it just worse!


Felix was forced to change his path from soaring up to the left after another extended arm was sent in his direction.

Immediately after, he returned to his path and continued his climb!

He had already surpassed 150meters and was closing down on 200 meters.

He fully emptied his mind, focusing only on dodging those extended arms and soaring higher and higher.

In a couple of seconds, Felix decided to glance down and scout the situation after he didn\'t get attacked.

\'Sigh, finally.\' He couldn\'t help but sigh in relief after seeing that the skeleton was still chasing him but his jumps never took him higher than 100 meters.

Felix had already crossed half a kilometer.

\'Lame, I thought you will fight him.\' Asna commentated while eating popcorn with a bored expression.

The Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx traded glances between each other and saw the hint of disappointment in their eyes.

They understood that Felix\'s escape was the smartest decision to make.

But, they also knew that if he couldn\'t even win against this monster, how was he supposed to represent the Jörmungandr in the games against monsters that were tens of times stronger than the Artificial Symbiotes! 

\'Don\'t be stupid Asna.

How can I leave this abomination walk on Earth after creating it\' Felix narrowed his eyes dangerously, \'Who knows how many genocides he would end up committing before the SGAlliance\'s forces reach the planet and stop him\'

The Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx smiled faintly after hearing so.

Felix knew that the only reason Criminal Organizations respected the SGAlliance\'s rules was to not endanger their organization and their money-making scheme.

After all, they could easily use their spaceship to destroy a country or two before the SGAlliance\'s fleet makes it to the planet and take care of them.

But now that the Gama Organization was razed to the ground, leaving behind only that abomination, God knows if the rules even matter to him anymore! 

Felix who created this entire situation wasn\'t that irresponsible to bail just like that without even attempting to find a way and kill it!

\'Now, that I am free of his grasp, I can think of a plan...Argh! F*ck!\'

Felix\'s thought process was broken by the pain coming from his feet, reminding him that he was missing a foot.

The adrenaline had already withdrawn after Felix reached a safe area.

Felix quickly beamed Advanced Rejuvenation potions that were more expensive but also highly effective than the ones he was using always.

He drunk it in one gulp and let go of the bottle.

While his foot was regrowing slowly, Felix gritted his teeth in pain and started paying attention to the monster who never stopped chasing him.

\'Let\'s get him out of this **ty mushroom cloud first.\'

After deciding so, Felix flew horizontally until he emerged outside of the smoke and into the cloudy red skies.

Although the sun was blocked, the visibility was a hundred times better than being inside the smoke.

Felix quickly turned around and kept flapping his wings while in a still position.

His eyes were narrowed at the monster that had been successfully baited outside of the smoke.

When he deactivated his X-ray vision and zoomed closer to the monster, Felix couldn\'t help but wonder how could anyone turn like this.

Now, that he was in a safe spot away from the monster, he could think of the possibilities that resulted in this abomination creation.

Alas, no matter how hard Felix thinks, he would never be able to guess what had exactly happened during the Red Plasma Strike.


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