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Inside Tusayan town, a chaotic scene was ongoing.

Loud rock music was blasting in every street from the erected tower speakers, houses had their doors and windows destroyed, showing gang members standing either behind them or in the streets.

They were roaming while fully loaded with guns, laughing thunderously and sometimes firing off into the sky, expressing their fever and zeal at being the overlords of an entire town.

Something that no one would even dare to think about before the Gama\'s arrival.

Boss! When are we making a move A man with a tattooed face and a scar near his eye asked in intrigue.

Gather team 1 and 2. A good-looking man with short brown hair said with his head buried in a hologram, We will target Phoenix city, I have received information that the marines are getting pushed back slightly.

Ok...What\'s that The tattooed man tilted his head in confusion after his eyes were met with a Red Pilar as thick as a skyscr.a.p.er and as bright as the sun!

It wasn\'t touching the ground but suspended in mid-air like it had been stopped by something.

My Eyes!! He soon screamed in pain after his eyes were forcefully closed due to getting burnt off from the light.

The boss and the rest of the gangs around the town had all turned to the Red Pillar reflexively after it showed up and their end wasn\'t any different than the tattooed guy.

Alas, before a symphony of agonizing cries resonated in the town, the Gama Spaceship had its invisibility removed forcefully after the Red Pillar ended up penetrating all of its defenses and going inside!

Then...There is no then...Deathly silence engulfed the area for a millisecond before the Red Pillar expanded into a sphere from the base to the sky, appearing like a red mushroom cloud for the onlookers.

Alas, no one was able to look at this fascinating scene as the moment the explosion occurred, the shockwave spread to at least 30 kilometers in radius, turning anything inside of it into dust.

The gang members, the desert lifeforms, the buildings...etc, nothing was spared.

All of this happened in silence as the soundwave had yet to catch up to the explosion.

But when it did

The entire state of Arizona heard it loud and clear...The towns and cities that were a hundred kilometers near the explosion zone, were lucky enough to see what caused it since the explosion had climbed a couple of kilometers in the sky, appearing like a second sun.

Shock, disbelief, and fear clouded the eyes of the gangs and the marine soldiers who were either in combat in those cities or patrolling their areas.

What\'s in God\'s name is that...

Is, is, that a nuclear bomb!

Call the higher-ups!!

No one dared to believe it, but they knew that only nuclear bombs could create this scene.

Knowing that one had exploded this near to them, made them almost piss their pants in fright.

Especially the gang members who thought that the US government was pushed to the limit and started firing off their nukes as scaring attempts.

General, a nuke had gone off north to Phoenix city! What are your orders!

Governor, someone nuked an area in the Grand Canyon! A man in a black suit reported in utter agitation while looking at the mushroom cloud that had already climbed tens of kilometers, making it noticeable to even those further away.

I saw it too. The governor replied in dread while standing in front of his office\'s window.

His secretary was trembling while looking at the escaping birds in the sky and the clouds that had gotten extra darker.

Sir, what do we do The Secretary asked with a tremble in her tone.

Let\'s inform the white house first. The governor said, A nuclear going off in my state without my knowledge This is clearly not the doing of us.

Is it the Gama Organization doing The Secretary exclaimed in fear, Did they start trading in nuclear weapons now

At this point. The Governer smiled bitterly, Anything is possible.


Meanwhile, inside the Dark Deviant c.o.c.kpit, Felix had his eyes closed shut while listening to Asna\'s delighted exclamations and the Primogenitors\' disinterested chatter.

After a second or two, Felix opened his eyes while rubbing his eyelids in exhaustion like he just got sapped from all of his energy.

However, he still murmured, Queen, please scan for any life signs in the blast area.

A few moments later, the Queen replied, \'No signs of life has been found.\'

\'You really razed everything.\' Asna commentated.

Felix ignored her and requested the Queen to run the scan three times.

After coming out negative for the 3rd time, he requested for the spaceship to be brought down.

When it entered the stratosphere (30 km), Felix stopped it and did another scan.

Yet still, the results were negative.

\'Ah, let\'s get this over with quickly before the authorities arrive.\' Felix sighed while removing the seatbelt and changed his clothes to the dark suit meant for stealth mode.

Then, he touched his chest and copied himself over and over again until there were thirty clones standing around him.

All of them had their faces and bodies hidden in the copied dark suit.

After doing so, he beamed thirty symbiote magnate devices that were capable of pulling symbiote skin pieces from tens of meters distance and gave them to his clones.

Then, he beamed thirty normal AP bracelets and ordered each clone to wear one.

\'Queen please activated the bracelets affiliation system.\' Felix requested.

A second later, the thirty AP bracelets had all been turned on, marking the successful activation of the feature.

This feature allowed Felix to control those 30 AP bracelets without wearing them or at least benefit from their features.

But still, anything he does with those bracelets was related to his consciousness.

If he took a contract with one of them, he would be still subjected to its terms.

This affiliation system was mainly used by parents with their young children\'s bracelets.

Instead of allowing them to connect their consciousness with the Queen, they use the affiliation system so if their kids were about to get cheated into signing a contract away from them, the parents would be notified straightaway.

Naturally, to not abuse it, anyone that was older than 12 years would need to connect their consciousness with the Queen if they wanted to continue using their bracelet.

Though for those clones, that rule didn\'t apply!

Hence, Felix had 30 spatial cards active and usable!

Follow me. He ordered while sprinting towards the area where the small scouting aircraft were parked.

However, after turning around and seeing that only 16 copies were following him, he quickly returned and beat up the f*ckers who decided to walk instead of sprinting.

Not wanting to waste time, he created another four and they obeyed him diligently. 

\'So this is how my ability appears like in the hands of idiots\' Lady Sphinx said.

\'Truly fascinating.\'



Felix\'s eyelids twitched at their mockery but he didn\'t respond.

He simply ordered his clones to enter one of the scouting aircraft and made sure that everyone was in his position before entering his own aircraft.

\'Queen, send us down and make sure to bring everyone up 15 minutes later no matter what.\' Felix said.

He knew that 15 minutes wasn\'t enough to gather all of the broken artificial symbionts since the government would be sending their army and they wouldn\'t hesitate to fire at him when he fails to obey their orders.

These aircraft were meant for scouting outside of radar, not for combat.

Whoosh Whoosh!

After they got sent down, the aircraft all entered the mushroom cloud.

Felix wasn\'t worried about the alloy getting affected by the radiation from the strike or his clones.

As for himself His entire body was protected with the Obscurum suit.

However, the heat was still too much for his copies to handle since those copied suits were just for looks. 

Hence, Felix had requested the Queen to let them cover areas outside of the impact zone.

Meanwhile, he went straight towards it as he knew that the largest parts of the artificial symbiont would be concentrated there.


After the aircraft reached a hundred meters, Felix looked down at the smoky crater with his infrared vision turned on.

He had already done a couple of tests with his 1st Class.e.m.e.nt Vision and now was fully used to some combinations.

Still, normal vision infrared vision was his go-to combination.

As for the range and duration of the activated It was still based on his mental energy.

\'Shit, there is too much heat radiation.\' Felix deactivated infrared vision immediately after noticing that everything was bright red.

He didn\'t dare to turn on his Gama-Vision since he would probably go blind due to the Gama-Radiations released from the explosion.

\'It seems X-ray combination is the best option in this situation.\'

After making his decision, Felix turned on X-ray vision above his normal vision.

After pushing it to the limit, he was shocked to find out that there was only one skeleton hovering five meters above the ground.

He wasn\'t shocked by the lack of other skeletons but by the fact that the skeleton was extremely close to the impact crater!!

That shouldn\'t be possible since he knew that not even a peak 6th stage bloodline could survive a strike like this!

After he had done three life scans with his spaceship before, he was even more certain that everyone was dead!

\'What\'s going on\' Felix narrowed his eyes through the mask at the skeleton.

Before he could think of his next move at the discovery, his heart was chilled after seeing that the skeleton had jumped hundreds of meters in the air towards him!


Not wanting to remain upclose to that abomination, Felix shouted loudly while leaning against his seat in fright.


Alas, before the aircraft could pull up, it got tugged down roughly, making Felix shake on his seat while clutching into the seatbelt.

He was utterly horrified after realizing that the aircraft was being pulled down forcefully into the ground!!



Simultaneous with his shout, an annoying alarm went off while three buttons had been turned bright red.

Felix glanced at them and couldn\'t help but curse out loud, \'F*ck mee!!!\'

It turned out, three of the four main thrusters had been destroyed by that thing!

Felix knew instantly that he was in unenviable situation!!


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