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Queen, full thurst above those coordinates. Felix said while displaying the Gama\'s spaceship\'s coordinates.

It was finally time to confirm if Felix\'s interference in the timeline somehow affected the Gama\'s Spaceship coordinates or not.

\'What\'s the altitude you want to be above those coordinates\' The Queen asked.

\'Just keep us at the exosphere. Felix said, I can scan their spaceship from there without getting noticed.

Felix knew that the Gama Organization\'s surveillance system was deactivated due to the laws imposed upon them by the Alliance.

However, the anti-surveillance alliance was fully active and his spaceship scanning attempt would be discovered if it was any other spaceship.

Too bad for them, The Dark Deviant had one of the best surveillance/anti-surveillance systems.

Though, its defenses, weapons, and speed were ** compared to other spacesh.i.p.s in its generation.

Felix had already dealt with the weapon issue after his modification.

When he deals with the Gama Organization and picks up the artificial symbiote, he would take care of its defenses.

That would leave only its speed without an upgrade.

As you wish. The Queen replied.


A couple of minutes later, The Dark Deviant had its engines turned off while positioning horizontally, making the Red Plasma weapon face the planet.

Good, keep it this way. Felix looked at the glass window that was showing a massive cl.u.s.ter of clouds, appearing like a storm was on its preparation stage.

Felix ignored them and requested, Please scan for the existence of spacesh.i.p.s in those coordinates.

Immediately after his request, Felix noticed a button turn bright white in the dashboard.

Felix memorized it since it was always better to get himself familiar with his spaceship in case he had to go manual when the situation forces him.

\'The scan has been completed.\' The Queen said while displaying a hologram before Felix that was showing the disk-like black Gama Spaceship, parking right in the red desert.

Got you. Felix grinned evilly after seeing the positive results.

He wasn\'t surprised by how smooth the scan went since his Dark Deviant spaceship was known for excelling in surveillance and anti-surveillance.

Its speed was average so as its defenses and weapons.

But it was the king in surveillance compared to the spacesh.i.p.s in its price range.

Hence, Felix was confident that his scan had gone unnoticed by the Gama members.

He chose it for this exact reason.

Please scan for any signs of life near the spaceship. Felix said.

A couple of seconds later, he got his answer, \'100 lifeforms had been found in a Tusayan.\'

So those sc.u.m are still there Good. Felix said coldly. 

Before he got the spaceship, Felix had already scouted Tusayan town and found out that it had been raided by five criminal gangs who wanted to turn it into their base operations.

The town was perfect since the population was only 560 and it was isolated.

Hence, the real citizens were forced to escape their town and seek refuge.

Because this was merely one of the thousands of towns and cities that were hit and still being hit by criminals, the US government couldn\'t really spare a single platoon to take care of those gangs, who turned the town into a fortress.

It was more important to defend their metropolis cities than a town in nowhere.

Felix didn\'t know if this was the doing of the Gama Organization or just a lucky coincidence and that those gangs had no clue about the spaceship a couple of miles near them.

But, soon they were going to find out...

Queen, load the Divine Judgement at full capacity! Felix requested under the cheers of Asna who was already having a bucket of popcorn on her lap.

Meanwhile, Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx were playing chess.

Honestly, it wasn\'t even a fair game as Lady Sphinx was wiping the floor clean with Jörmungandr, who had absolutely no chance to contest in intelligence with her.

How could he beat her when she was able to calculate hundreds of steps ahead of him

It was pure bullying just like he was bullying Asna previously!

Aren\'t you busy with your research projects or something Why are you still here The Jörmungandr murmured in irritation while knocking down his king.

I can spare some time to watch over this kid. Lady Sphinx laughed while setting up her pieces back up on the board.

I am not playing for now. The Jörmungandr swiftly teleported next to Asna after seeing that she was rearing for another game.

Tsk, sore loser. Lady Sphinx clicked her tongue in criticism and teleported next to them.

Then, they all raised their heads and started watching the countdown of the Weapon\'s preparation while stealing popcorn from Asna\'s bucket, making her slap their hands every time in annoyance.


While the countdown to their doom was ticking second by second, the Gama\'s executives were currently split in their spaceship doing their jobs.

None of them were outside of the spaceship.


Pink, I am here to report our daily harvest. Said a smart-looking man with a white coat on while he pressed a button on the side of a door.

A second later, the door had automatically opened up and the man entered with his head lowered and a list under his armpit.

Speak. Miss Pink ordered without looking at him.

Her eyes were focused on multiple holograms that were around the desk she was sitting on.

Each was showing different stats and numbers.

We have harvested 140 uncommon tier 1 abilities and 49 rare tier 1 abilities from the two last batches of bloodliners. He reported while reading the list, Plus, we have lost 19 bloodliners due to failing to integrate 7% at once.

Should we revert back to 4% He asked.

No, if they die they die. Miss Pink said casually while clicking here and there, The earthlings have proven to be far more troublesome to deal with.

Especially after that demonstration of strength in the games.

Are we going to move out soon The man asked in surprise after understanding what she meant.

Yes, it has been decided that we will aim at another planet. Miss Pink clarified calmly, We can\'t stay here anymore since the Earthling team is probably going to win the next two games with their captain\'s strength.

By then, they would have all they need to find us and actually damage our ship.

Sigh, this is truly a first one. The man shook his head, This planet and their citizen were studied carefully and thoroughly.

The results showed that we could stay here up to at least 5 years. 

Variables exist. Miss Pink gave a tight-lipped smile, We were just unlucky to end up landing on one.

The man instantly understood that she was implying about Felix who had ruined most of their plans and was still doing so.

He arched his eyebrows in irritation and said, If only that little ** was caught like the rest.

Don\'t brood over it too much.

There is plenty of newer planets to harvest. Miss.

Pink waved her hands at him and said, You can leave now, I have recorded the data.

The man gave a slight nod and went away.

After stepping on the ground, his legs were clutched by the pitch-black artificial symbiote and he was taken to the \'farms\'.

The area he reached thoroughly was a perfect fit for its name.

It was a wide-open area with a ceiling reaching up to the sky.

At least 20 large black pillars were connecting to that ceiling.

In each pillar, there were hundreds of small chambers.

At least 80% of them were empty but the last 20% were filled with bloodliners!

Some were banging the glass doors while crying in despair while some were just lying on the ground with a deadpan expression.

All of them were wearing an AP bracelet, appearing like a slave collar in their situation.

Shut up before I zap you again! The man threatened out loud, making him earn either frightful responses, begs, or outright curses.

You liar! You said you let us go after you get 6 abilities out of us!! A burly man with dark eyes didn\'t care about the warning as he yelled in fury and despair, BUT YOU WERE JUST KILLING US AFTER!

His shout echoed in the spacious area reaching the ears of most bloodliners.

Some just started sobbing after hearing so as they knew that he was telling the truth.

They weren\'t fools to believe that the Organization was going to let them go after they take what they wanted.

But they still complied with them on the surface since they thought that by delaying their death, there was a slight chance of being rescued by the Council.

Alas, even if the Council managed to find them and had weapons to destroy the Spaceship, they would still not be able to save them.

That\'s because they would prioritize the Organization\'s destruction first and foremost.

This meant any bloodliner who stepped foot in the spaceship was a dead man without any chance to leave to tell the tale.

Even Felix had no possible method to rescue them without endangering himself.

It was impossible to sneak inside the spaceship even for the 6th stage bloodliner since humans\' strength was still not good enough to overpower technology.

Only Origin Realm bloodlines were capable of entering a spaceship and leave without a scratch on!

The rest Only death awaits them!

Highly advanced weapons were not a joke! 

Felix had yet to reach that state to make himself immune to the spaceship\'s weapons that could kill him in a split second.

Hence, he was hopeless to help them out while they were still inside the spaceship.

He had no plans to act soft and retreat without destroying the Organization since he knew that the longer their existence remain, the more bloodliners would get caught and harvested.

Then, get killed eventually.

He was willing to accept this necessary evil and he was ready to live while having it in his heart.

He had no plans to create excuses for himself like he was doing them a favor by ending their despair or they were already dead either way.

The moment he fires that weapon, their lives would be against his consciousness and Felix was willing to have them upon him if it meant that the Gama Organization get uprooted from the soils of the planet.

Currently, Felix was doing nothing but gaze at the counter, which had reached the last minute.


\'Don\'t worry Felix.\' Asna comforted with a smile, \'You are saving 8 billion in the process.

They will surely be grateful to you.\'

\'Saving is saving.\' Felix said calmly, \'Killing is killing.\'

Felix looked at the countdown that was about to hit zero and said one last time, \'Never mix the two.\'

The firing sequence has begun. The Queen\'s monotonous voice resounded in the c.o.c.kpit, making Felix clutch the armchairs tightly due to the massive tremors occurring in the spaceship.

Even the main jet\'s thrust didn\'t affect the interior of the spaceship this much.

Just this alone was enough to let everyone know the unfathomable power that was held inside the Divine Judgment Weapon!

It was about to deliver it on the wicked who brought terrors in the planet for the past half a year!


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