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After hearing so, Asna snapped her finger and the connection was disconnected, making Felix clueless about their upcoming discussion.

Thank you. Lady Sphinx smiled and turned to the Jörmungandr.

She looked at his violet eyes that were hiding an ocean of depression that no one could see but her since she had also experienced some moments of that feeling in her life.

Thankfully, she had something to live for, pulling her away from falling into the same pit as most primogenitors.

Jörmi, I still didn\'t ask you. Lady Sphinx eyed him gently and asked, How are you coping

The usual. The Jörmungandr said with a soothing tone.

Then why are you still here Lady Sphinx asked in confusion.

I made a promise to that lad to stay for a year. The Jörmungandr said calmly, I will be leaving in a couple of months.

Asna\'s expression got a bit downed after hearing so.

She might bicker and curse the Jörmungandr all the time, but she enjoyed his stay in this dreadful space.

If he left, she honestly would start sleeping for days to weeks, waking up only when Felix needs her.

It was too depressing to stay in this closed space.

Don\'t be sad, little Asna. The Jörmungandr chuckled in a heartful manner, Sphinx will be here with you since she will need to stay in touch with Felix.

I am not sad! Asna snapped in annoyance, I don\'t care if you died! You were just taking up my space.

Hahaha. The Jörmungandr laughed after seeing that she wasn\'t being honest at all.

Jörmi, I am sorry to break it up to you. Lady Sphinx said calmly, But you are not going anywhere after you hear what happened after the pact.

What do you mean The Jörmungandr frowned his eyebrows. 

Do you remember how many attended the pact meeting Lady Sphinx asked.

The Jörmungandr took a second to dig within his memories and said quickly after, I believe that at least 60% of the primogenitors had arrived.

Yes, 60% were willing to die without passing their gifts to anyone. Lady Sphinx sighed, Alas after the pact ended, you should have waited a year or two to see if the pact was going to be taken seriously or not.

How could I wait The Jörmungandr smiled bitterly, I have already reached my limit and was pushing through every day like I was still a little snake, trying to pass through a muddy swamp.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t know how to react to that.

So she jumped over it and simply informed him, If you waited, you might have received an invitation by The Illusion Primogenitor like the rest.

What did that Trickster do The Jörmungandr raised his eyebrow in surprise.

The bastard finally did it. Lady Sphinx smiled wryly and said, He had created an illusionary world that resembled 99.99999999999% reality and every law in it.


How can that be!

Both Asna and the Jörmungandr drew a cold breath in shock and mortification.

They could understand creating an illusion close to reality but one that had even laws resembling reality

That\'s a bit too terrifying!

Your reaction was the same for everyone else who received the news. Lady Sphinx narrated, I still remember how everyone from the pact gathered again and entered at once that illusionary world.

The Illusion Primogenitor had manipulated the time laws in his illusions to run faster than reality.

The Primogenitors who entered inside had slept for 10 billion years while on the outside, only one billion years had gone by.

That duration of sleep was more than enough to refresh all of them and give them another push to continue living through their eternity.

She stopped to take a deep breath and continued, When they woke up, the UVR/SGA Era had been ongoing for about a millennial while their empires, descendants, and such had been erased from existence with time.

The Era was completely different as with the UVR, the universe was connected and wars had been almost uprooted with the existence of the SGA Alliance.

Instead of breaking the balance of peace, they decided to enjoy the new entertainment that was brought to them by the games without making their presence known.

So they were always awake in this Era but just hiding like you Asna asked.

Yes. Lady Sphinx added, But I am hiding since I dislike being interrupted during my research but they did so to keep the balance from breaking since the moment they show themselves publicly, the universe would fall into chaos.

The Jörmungandr arched his eyebrows, I watched a couple of games of that lad and they weren\'t really that entertaining in my perspective.

That\'s because you had nothing to gain or lose from them and the games were probably just humans tussling around with their pathetic strength.

Lady Sphinx dropped a bombshell on them, However, The Primogenitors had decided to choose either their lost descendants or fighters from new races as their champions to bet on in the games!

Upon seeing their stunned reaction, she carried on with her eyebrows twitching, Naturally, the bets were nothing ordinary as the stacks could skyrocket to the point even I will feel the pinch of losing them.

The Jörmungandr looked speechlessly at her, Don\'t tell me you are also taking part in this

Lady Sphinx waved her hand, I am standing behind witches and they can\'t fight.

I stopped taking part after ten of my champions got massacred the moment they met with other primogenitors\' champions.

I see. The Jörmungandr rubbed his beard and asked, I still don\'t know why any of this would make me want to stay behind

Truly, everything that Lady Sphinx had said was an eye-opener that changed how he perceived the universe\'s current state.

But still What the f*ck has any of that got to do with him seeking death

He was upset alright that many primogenitors reigned the pact but he was also somewhat happy for them that they had found a way to go relieve their boredom and depression.

But for him Nothing much changed.

Oh, I forgot what I was building all of this for. Lady Sphinx removed her glasses and looked at him deeply in the eyes.

Jörmi, your name, and legacy has been insulted and trampled upon by your enemies after they woke up.

It wasn\'t just you but also, Thor, Kraken, Roc, and every other primogenitor who died straight after the pact meeting.

The Jörmungandr\'s entire demeanor had changed after recalling the primogenitors with who he truly had a conflict instead of Thor who was his best friend and rival.

Asna was surprised to see a purple aura raising from the Jörmungandr\'s body and encasing him slowly while his expression was getting colder and colder, making her doubt if this was the kind and gentle Jörmungandr who was playing chess with her.

Oh What did they say and do He asked while narrowing his slits dangerously.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t open her mouth but it was clear that she was communicating telepathically with him.

This made Asna pout in annoyance after having her curiosity raised like this just to be trampled on.

However, she could see that the more Jörmungandr heard, the colder his expression got and thinner his slits became.

Even his hidden fangs were getting longer and protruding from his purple lips.

Without a single doubt, Asna knew that he was royally pissed!

Well, that\'s as much information that I managed to gather. Lady Sphinx said while returning to her seat.

Thank you. The Jörmungandr said with a suppressed voice while taking deep breaths through his nostrils.

So, what are you going to do about them Lady Sphinx asked in intrigue.

Remind them of who they are dealing with. The Jörmungandr smiled frigidly, They must have forgotten.

Lady Sphinx laughed softly and said, How could you do that when you have given your poison manipulation

She leaned closer and tempted, How about you possess the body of this idiot I kinda want to see the final result.

\'Oh, big sis truly doesn\'t give a crap about Felix.\' Asna thought while looking at the excited Felix who was packing his stuff in his Spatial Card, getting set for the journey, not knowing that he was in grave danger.

No. The Jörmungandr narrowed his eyes as he said, Since they have switched the battlefield to their champions in the SG, I will play by the rules as well and turn that lad into my champion.

I will let them know that Poison is eternal through that lad! The Jörmungandr thundered loudly, making even Felix stop his packing for a second to glance in confusion after feeling a sudden danger.

Seeing that it was just a false alarm, he continued packing with a foolish grin.

The Jörmungandr\'s cool-headedness had returned after a couple of deep breaths.

He looked at Lady Sphinx and said, Sphinx, I have a favor to ask.


I want you to use some of your treasures to bet on this lad during those games. The Jörmungandr coughed, I have nothing on me but memories of some buried treasures that might have been discovered or not.

I am willing to trade the information for some treasures to kickstart my plan.

I am down for it. Lady Sphinx gazed speechlessly at Felix who was getting nude for a shower and said, Are you sure about choosing him He will be eaten alive with his strength.

Looking at the buttn.a.k.e.d Felix, the Jörmungandr\'s eyebrows twitched, Do I look like I have another choice

Haha, true! Lady Sphinx laughed.

Plus, I am not worried about his strength. The Jörmungandr smirked faintly, I will be personally teaching him poison manipulation while you are probably going to increase his strength so he could tolerate the experiments.

That goes without saying. Lady Sphinx wore back her glasses and smiled, I will make sure to turn his body into steel!

\'Damn it, why am I constantly feeling danger\' Felix thought after a slight shiver coursed in his back.


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