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No one spoke as all three of them were mindblown by the realm peculiarities where a rainbow cloud suddenly turns into a gem and the gem turns into a wave, spreading further away and blowing the other clouds.

So far, only me, the metal race, and some entities had the capability to see this realm upclose. Lady Sphinx said while waving her hand at the screen closing it off shut.

The only difference is that I have the capability to actually touch matter with my mental energy while they could only spectate it. Lady Sphinx pointed at her eyes and said, That\'s the limit of the 2nd Class.e.m.e.nt, which I refer to as, The Quantum Vision.

Truly a marvelous gift. The Jörmungandr praised sincerely.

Indeed, I always thought that there was a universe inside each atom but I never had the ability to see it. Asna said.

Elder, can I also do that Felix asked.

You can, little thief. Lady Sphinx knitted her eyebrows in irritation after being reminded of the ** she had to go through for her to reach this 2nd Class.e.m.e.nt.

It took her at least 300 million years to discover a way to go beyond the Base Vision.

Yet, Felix obtained it just like that.

\'Kid, stop talking if you don\'t want to get beat up again.\' The Jörmungandr advised with good intentions.

Felix lowered his head and acted like a static tree, wanting to avoid her aggression.

Although you can do the same I doubt you can even use the 2nd Class.e.m.e.nt now with your weak foundation. Lady Sphinx warned strictly, So don\'t attempt to activate it lest your brain ends up exploding.

Felix smiled warmly without lifting his head after hearing her warning.

He could see that although Lady Sphinx was pissed at him, she still was kind enough to care for his well-being.

Don\'t be foolish. Lady Sphinx said, I just don\'t want my research project to die before I get my hands on you.

Hehe, idiot. Asna chuckled and asked, What about the other Class.e.m.e.nts big sis

Lady Sphinx stopped bothering with Felix and said, I can\'t show you the 3rd and the 4th Class.e.m.e.nt since we are in the consciousness space.

That\'s unfortunate. The Jörmungandr asked, Can we at least know what they do

The 3rd Class.e.m.e.nt is called the Spiritual Vision.

She closed her eyes for a split second and after they were open, another blue reversed triangle was added inside the red triangle pupil, making her eyes have three triangle-like pupils! That made her eyes have a somewhat hypnotizing effect!

When Felix lifted his head and gazed at them, he entered a trance that was broken after Lady Sphinx started talking, It allows me to view the Spiritual Universe that is mirroring ours.

Ohhh! So that\'s how you entered the Spiritual world in the memories. Asna exclaimed while leaning closer.

Memories Lady Sphinx frowned her eyebrows.

\'You wanna get me killed!!\' Felix yelled at Asna in his mind after sensing danger from Lady Sphinx\'s eyes.

Upon realizing that she shouldn\'t have said that, Asna smiled cutely, Opsi!

Oho, so you have read my memories as well, looking into my secrets and private life Lady Sphinx smiled coldly at Felix while cracking her knuckles.

She did it first!! Not wanting to get beat up again, Felix switched the blame to Asna while staggering a step back.

You should be thankful that you didn\'t see anything that crossed my bottom line. Lady Sphinx gave him a warning look and added,  Snooping into the Primogenitors\' memories had only one result.

Death! You were lucky twice that Jörmi doesn\'t care anymore and that I am a kind person.

Felix didn\'t comment after hearing her warning as he realized that he was truly seeking death by collecting the primogenitors\' essence, looking through their memories, and inheriting their abilities without their permission.

Before, he always expected that Lady Sphinx was going to be dead and depressed, making her not care much about his behaviors like the Jörmungandr.

But now that he realized that the primogenitors could be alive even though they have gone to the pact meeting like the Jörmungandr, Felix had no intentions of awakening another primogenitor even again!

Let\'s continue. Lady Sphinx didn\'t give Felix a hard time as she continued on, The 4th Class.e.m.e.nt allows me to see the void and what lays in the 4th dimension.

Although she saw their confusion, Lady Sphinx didn\'t bother explaining it since it would take her years for laymen like them to understand those concepts.

Lastly, the 5th Class.e.m.e.nt. Lady Sphinx deactivated all of the previous Class.e.m.e.nts, making her eyes return to normal.

She looked at them and said, Returning to roots and seeing what we were meant to see.

That is the 5th Class.e.m.e.nt, The Truth Vision.

I can see only reality and nothing but reality.

Illusions, lies, deception, fakeness, nothing escapes my Truth Vision.

\'For real\' Felix\'s eyes widened up as he realized that if Lady Sphinx was telling the truth, then she must be probably the only one in the universe to see the real illusion primogenitor!

But he didn\'t ask her about it as he simply kept listening to their conversation.

The more you expose, the more I start to feel cheated with my Size Manipulation gift. The Jörmungandr said speechlessly.

Hahaha, you joking Jörmi. Lady Sphinx laughed, My gift is good alright but how can it amount to the behemoth strength you possess when you enlarge to the size of a star It\'s simply for utility and thankfully I was never interested in fights or conflicts like you guys.

That\'s true. The Jörmungandr agreed at once.

This idiot had inherited both of them. Lady Sphinx narrowed her eyes at Felix, Are you even worthy to have one of them

Of course not. Felix pointed his finger at the Jörmungandr and said, Elder had made it clear from the start that I don\'t deserve even poison manipulation.

That\'s something I am fully aware of.

Why do you think I wake up at 06:00 AM and put my best efforts to train and better myself every single day Felix said calmly, I don\'t deserve them but I am working hard to change that...And I am going to change that.

Both Asna and the Jörmungandr nodded their heads in approval after remembering Felix\'s training routine that takes at least 12 hours of his day, ranging from poison manipulation to close combat training.

Words are words. Lady Sphinx crossed her arms above her chest and said, I will be the judge of that when I meet you.

Give me your UVR ID. Lady Sphinx suddenly said, I will give it to my student and she will take of all the procedures to meet me at Vamdarohm.

Without a single ounce of hesitation, Felix narrated the sequence of his ID that was unique to only him.

Good. Lady Sphinx waved her hand and said, You have four months max to reach me, or don\'t bother coming at all.

I hate latecomers.

\'Queen, how long it will take me to reach Vamdarohm with my Dark Deviant spaceship\' Felix requested instantly.

\'If you took the normal wormhole expressway, you will reach in 3 months, and if you took the VIP version all the way, you will arrive in about a month and 14 days.

Do consider that this calculation was based on you not stopping even once.\' The Queen replied dutifully.

\'Uhmm, I have time to deal with the Gama Pests but I can\'t wait for the Erik and Malak to reach me.\' Felix decided quickly, \'I will take care of the Gama on my own and tell those two to stay with my grandpa for a while until I reach the witch empire.\'

Elder, can I give...

Yes, be quick.

Knowing that she understood what he meant, Felix quickly narrated the ID of Malak and Erik.

He understood that without a high-ranked witch from the inside giving them clearance, they would never step inside their Galaxy as it was fully locked down and trespassers found would be subjected to the Forsythia empire\'s rules.

Thank you. Felix said, smiling.

Alright, beat it now. Lady Sphinx waved her hand at him and said, I want to catch up with Jörmi.

Big sis, you have never mentioned the 6th Class.e.m.e.nt though Asna said.

Oh, that\'s just a concept of mine that I haven\'t even entered yet. Lady Sphinx smiled bitterly but she had this feverish spark in her eyes that made them know that she had no intentions of giving up on it.

What is it Asna asked while resting on the table, looking at Lady Sphinx with her big star-like citric eyes.

I will tell you when I am capable enough to reach it. Lady Sphinx said while patting Asna\'s head.

Can I enter it also Felix said excitedly while pointing at himself.

Are you looking for beating again Lady Sphinx threatened him with her knuckles, making Felix laugh out loud while exploding into a cloud of mist. 

The moment Felix he opened his eyes, he remembered that he haven\'t asked an important question.

Elder, can I learn alchemy and concoct potions like witches He asked with a hopeful tone.

Yes, you can. Lady Sphinx replied in a straightforward manner.

How could I do so Felix inquired with his heartbeats accelerating in agitation.

You need to use the 2nd Class.e.m.e.nt. Lady Sphinx informed, Only with Quantum Vision could you have the same ability as the Witches\' Spiritual Eye that allows them to enter the microscopic world.

Haha, that\'s great to hear. Felix tightened his fists in elation and requested with an innocent tone, Elder, can you please be my Alchemy master

Little thief, didn\'t you take enough from me Elder Sphinx snapped, making the Jörmungandr chuckle in amus.e.m.e.nt, Now, you even want to steal my precious time to teach you Alchemy You think that would take you a month to master it

Elder, can\'t you leave a clone of yours to teach me. Felix murmured softly, I doubt you feel that it was missing.

What do you know Lady Sphinx said, All of my clones are busy with other important research projects.

So don\'t flatter yourself.

You are still not worthy to be a student of my clone or even a personal student of my worst student.

Felix clutched his heart in pain after hearing so.

But he didn\'t refute it as he knew that she was right.

Besides the information he got in the UVR, he was absolutely clueless about potion-making, don\'t even mention Alchemy.

Sigh, I am sorry for being inconsiderate. Felix narrowed his eyes in resolve and said, I will find a way on my own to learn at least potion-making.

Upon seeing that he wasn\'t willing to give up on potion-making, Lady Sphinx played with her cat\'s mustache while pondering deeply.

\'Should I send him to the Royal Potioning Academy I bet he will get eaten alive by the little witches there.\'

\'Uhmm, whatever, as long as they don\'t kill him.\' Soon, she shrugged her shoulders and said to Felix, Are you interested in being the first Human to attend the Royal Potioning Academy

Felix gulped a mouthful as his senses warned him that saying yes was nothing good.

But, he completely ignored them and nodded his head firmly, I will be honored!

He wasn\'t a fool to miss such an opportunity to learn the art of potion-making! He was ready to face off all the difficulties that would arrive with this opportunity!

Good, I will be informing my student about your arrival. Lady Sphinx said calmly, Do understand that you can\'t talk about me or mention my existence.

I am nothing but a shadow behind the Forsythia Witch Empire, and you better keep your mouth shut so it remains that way.

Felix didn\'t know why she was choosing to hide instead of coming out in the light and he wasn\'t preposterous to ask her for the reason.

She might tell the Jörmungandr or even Asna but not him since he hadn\'t earned his place in her mind.

Hence, he kept those questions to himself and promised, My mouth is sealed.


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