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Felix was bewildered by the name and most especially by the lack of details of this ability as he had found only its name and something called Six Class.e.m.e.nts.

This never happened before since all of the abilities he unlocked always gave him details about their use.

Elder, do you know anything about this Felix asked.

The Jörmungandr shook his head and said, That Odd-ball is too reclusive and even the primogenitors who were close with her weren\'t exposed to many of her information and secrets.

I see. Felix rubbed his chin and thought, \'Just like Elder\'s Size Manipulation, this ability must be the best one in Lady Sphinx\'s possessions besides her Sand Manipulation.

So, it must be something good.\'

While Asna and the Jörmungandr continued their chess game, Felix was left to discover his memories on his own to check if he missed anything crucial.

Alas, he ended up with nothing.

\'I guess I can only activate it and see what it does.\' Felix thought to himself.

I will be back in a couple of minutes.

Felix left a remark behind while exiting his consciousness space.

Then, he logged in and went to the Measurement Center.

After he got in a VIP room, he modified it for vision abilities tests.

It simply turned into a room packed with multiple beasts, humans, races, different environments, unique materials...etc.

Upon focusing on a single image, Fel

ix called in his mind, \'First Class.e.m.e.nt, activate!\'

Immediately after, Felix\'s golden triangle-like pupil expanded until the three angles had touched his pitch-black irises.

The sight resembled a cat\'s pupil expanding in darkness, adding an extra sense of charm to Felix\'s appearance.

Felix didn\'t feel a thing but his vision had received a massive overhaul, making him stagger two steps from shock due to the wide range of information that his brain was receiving!

Before he could even focus on a single object, the pain started assaulting his brain and followed by a nasty headache and eyes bleeding.


When it got unbearable, Felix closed his eyes shut while deactivating *The Truth Eyes*.

What the f*ck! He exclaimed the moment he healed himself back to peak form.

It wasn\'t because of excitement but out of bafflement as he realized that he saw nothing!

That\'s right!

When he tried to recall what did he see during the activation, his brain didn\'t feed him the information he saw but just a black image like he was looking at a dark room.

It\'s like his brain was having difficulty reimagining the scene.

I am positive that I saw so many things at once. Felix massaged his temples and this time he started thinking of a single object instead of the entire image.

Truly, this time he recalled that he saw the inside of Fox species beast that was placed randomly in front of him after the room\'s modification!

To be exact, he recalled that he saw only its skeleton in white while the rest appeared grey and foggy.

X-ray Vision! Felix exclaimed in excitement.

He knew that only X-ray vision was capable of letting him see through physical objects in that manner.

However, when he attempted to recall the same Fox, he was shocked to see the beast was emitting red waves like he was on fire!

The hell Infrared Vision!! Felix guessed instantly since he had a long experience with this vision.

That what shocked him the most, as it was the last thing he expected to see.

Yet, just as the image of that Fox crossed his mind, Felix was floored to see that everything had turned black and white just like the fox.

Guys, are you seeing this Felix asked in agitation as he had no idea what\'s going on.

He stopped trying to actively try and recall the image since god knows how it would appear this time.

It seems like your ability allows you to see everything in the electromagnetic spectrum. The Jörmungandr informed casually.

What\'s that Felix murmured in confusion, I think I heard of it somewhere.

It\'s the range of the visible light you dummy. Asna clarified smugly, The electromagnetic spectrum is a map of all the types of light that we can identify.

It separates all the types of light by wavelength because that directly relates to how energetic the wave is.

The Jörmungandr nodded his head and added after her, More energetic waves have shorter wavelengths while less energetic waves have longer wavelengths.

Not all light is in the visible spectrum, which is the light you humans can see.

There are many kinds of electromagnetic waves that you can\'t see.

Like, Infrared light, Ultraviolet light, X-ray light, Gama Rays...etc.

Only after hearing their explanation did Felix remember that he read about it in Vision-related class in his clan\'s school.

So the Truth Eyes allows me to use all of those vision abilities at once! Felix exclaimed in shock and understanding, No wonder my brain failed to process the information.

My eyes were using all of those visions at once!

That\'s indeed a hefty load on the brain. The Jörmungandr advised, I am also capable of seeing through the entire electromagnetic spectrum but I never bother to switch on beyond visible light and infrared light.

Every Primogenitor that I know had this ability as well but never use it fully as they combine only two or three visions at once and leave the rest off.

I will see if I can do so. Felix nodded his head in understanding.

He didn\'t react much about the primogenitors having this ability since he believed that for beings like them, it was only natural to possess it at their peak.

Felix believed that if he got lucky before, he might have unlocked this ability instead of Ultra infrared vision with the Jörmungandr\'s bloodline.

Let\'s test only X-ray vision.

After Felix made his decision, he closed his eyes and ordered in his mind, \'First Class.e.m.e.nt, X-ray vision, activate!\'

His golden triangle-like pupil turned a bit dim but the size remained the same.

However, the world in front of Felix was completely different!

Everything turned black like the world was a light candle that had been blown off! Besides, the bones of the beasts in the area and some objects, Felix was truly blind!

He lifted his hand in front of his eyes and marveled at the bone structure of his fingers and their connection with the rest of his skeleton.

Interesting, it seems like my eyes only accepted the X-ray radiations while blocking off every other light particle. Felix concluded from the test, No wonder Elder combine visible light with other visions. 

Felix understood that if he turned on his normal vision that every human possessed, the darkness would be replaced with normal background, but he would still be able to see bones and some materials.

Previously, Felix was actually doing so with his infrared vision but he never thought of it that way since he didn\'t know much about the depth of the light spectrum.

Knowing that the entire electromagnetic field had more than three visions, Felix was planning on testing them all since every one of them might come in handy in the future.


After his pupil regains the golden l.u.s.ter, the world brightened up before Felix like he had his eyelids closed shut before.

It seems like muscle, fat, and organs, allow more of the x-rays to pass through them. Felix sighed in dejection, Even though it\'s a primogenitor\'s ability, I can still see only the bones instead of what lays behind clothes...X-ray Vision in comic books and movies is truly just fantasies of us men.

Pervert! Asna cursed after hearing his pervy thoughts and what he hoped for X-ray vision to be.

The f*cker was planning on abusing it to see through the girls\' clothes shamelessly!

Meanwhile, the Jörmungandr was scratching his beard with a thoughtful expression.

A second later, he coughed and said, You can see through the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Be creative in your combinations and your wish shall be achieved.

While Asna was glaring at the Jörmungandr, Felix grinned widely after getting an indirect confirmation of that idea\'s feasibility. 


This time Asna grouped them both in her insult yet neither of them cared much about it.

Don\'t worry little Asna. The Jörmungandr smiled gently and said, I never use my abilities on little kids.

Understanding what he meant, Asna removed her arms from her chest and insulted him, Don\'t call me a kid you bastard! It\'s you who is as old as the universe!

You are still a kid in my eyes. The Jörmungandr rubbed his goati while murmuring, If it was the Sphinx, I might have taken a peek or two.

I still remember that she had a fine body.

Ohh I never thought that Jörmi liked my body.

I am flattered.




Felix, Asna, and even the Jörmungandr stiffened in their places after hearing a familiar reposeful voice resound in the consciousness space.

A voice they heard just yesterday making it impossible to forget about it!


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