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After rewatching the memories for a second time and noting the terms that interested him, Felix left the consciousness space.

It was truly a fruitful memory reading and he got to know Lady Sphinx much better.

Seeing how intelligent she was, Felix doubted that she would even bother attempting to possess his body.

Knowing that she had participated in the primogenitors\' suicidal pact, he believed that she must have died somewhere like the Jörmungandr due to depression.

\'Hopefully, she will decide to stay with the Jörmungandr.\' Felix planned in his mind, \'I should try and matchmake them to remove any more thoughts of returning to the embrace of death.\'

\'I don\'t need a wingman.\' The Jörmungandr interjected in his thoughts with an annoyed tone, \'And nothing will change my opinion.

So just drop the subject.\'

Elder, you are truly too stubborn for your good.

I can d...\'

\'Drop it.\'

\'Sigh, fine.\'

In the end, Felix gave up on the matter as he didn\'t want to upset the Jörmungandr.

For now, he could only seek other ways to make the Jörmungandr stay since those series and movies clearly weren\'t affecting his stubborn will to die.

The only weird thing about the entire conversation was Asna\'s unresponsiveness.

Felix believed that she would have cheered for the Jörmungandr\'s resolve to die or curse Felix for attempting to make him stay, but she was as quiet as a deer.

\'It seems like she doesn\'t want him to leave either.\' Felix smiled faintly and stopped thinking about those depressing matters.

Instead, he went to grind for his poison manipulation potency increase method and followed it with some solo training against AI dummies by using the seeker shoes and his Obsecurm suit.

After he finished, he went to meet with George and his team in real life as they had decided to roll the wheel for the 2nd game only after 23 days instead of a month like planned.

When Felix entered the conference room, he was greeted by the team who was mostly all seating in their seats.

After a couple of minutes, the rest arrived and Felix was asked by George to take the stage.

Hopefully, it\'s a game based on basketball. Walton wished softly while sitting next to Johnson and Kenny.

I prefer puzzles but team puzzles format is truly tough. Kenny gave his own input with a smile.

Shssh, he is spinning it. Johnson hushed them while focusing on the spinning colorful wheel that was for formats.

Ting, Ting...Ting!

>Congratulation on Picking Sports Format!<

The announcement was followed by a couple of fireworks like always, making some team members sigh in dejections while some whistle in excitement.

As expected, Sports is a pretty dominated format in the PSG. George commentated casually.

Not reacting much to it as well, Felix pressed on the 2nd green button swiftly and watched the game wheel spin a few times before he stopped it.

Ting, Ting...Ting!!

>Congratulation on Picking Elemental DodgeBall!<

// Game Format: Sports

Game Name: Elemental DodgeBall!

Participants Number: 2

Game duration: 15 minutes.

The integration allowed: From lesser purity to peak stage 1 of replacement.

Ranks allowed: Bronze and silver

Game Map: The Bardot Gymnastic Closed Court

*Surprise Addition: No.

Prizes Pool: High-grade stones, Peak grade stones, Flask of Serenity, 4th-Gene Prosthetic Arm Blueprint,...Cancer Cells Vaccine.

Rules of the game:

1) Only 10 players can participate in each team.

Six on the court and four outside of it.

2) The game will last for 15 minutes and there could be multiple plays in it.

3) The first play will start with each team given 6 balls.

Hence 12 balls in total in the court.

4) The play ends when a team had successfully eliminated the opposite team.

5) Another play starts after but this time, the balls will be evenly spread on the centerline of the court.

Players from both teams are required to sprint to the balls and secure them for their use.

6) There will be 5 seconds grace period after securing the balls, forbidding the players from throwing the balls.

7) The players are required to hit/kill their opponents using only the balls in their possession.

Getting a direct hit in any body part will eliminate you from the current play.

8) Balls can be infused with elemental abilities and thrown with any ability.

(Players can only use hands and abilities related to hands to throw the ball.

If not, they will be out from the play.)

9) Getting heavily injured or killed will automatically make you ineligible to join any further plays.

10) Instructors or the captain can fill the empty spots with 2 players outside of the court.

The other two must remain outside of the court to give the dead balls to their teammates.

11) Deadballs are balls that have missed their targets and collided with the wall behind or the ceiling.

12) Thrown balls could be countered by; Getting caught by the target or allies without hitting the ground, getting bounced off another ball.

13) Using any other body part to throw the ball will result in getting kicked from the court for the duration of the play and rewards the other team with a point.

14) Barrier-related abilities are allowed and can be buffed out by the two Deadball catchers.

15) The court is split into two halves and there is a central line separating them.

Any players who stepped foot on that central line will get kicked out from the play and reward the other team with a point.

16) Eliminating one player rewards 1 point for the team and 200 GP for the thrower.

If the ball thrown ended up heavily injuring a player or killing him, the points given will be doubled.

(2 points/400 game points)

17) The winner would be the team with the most points by the end of the duration.

For more information please open your SG profile Interface.

Good luck to all participants.//


A chilling breeze caressed the cheeks of each team member, waking them up from their stupor after finishing reading the rules.

Yet, no one had commentated as their hearts thumped wildly in fear and dread at the notion of playing in this dangerous game.

Although shields were allowed, they knew that Dodgeball court is small and if they got targeted by six players, they would end up eating 6 elemental balls at once.

God knows if the shield could even defend against two balls in a row.

Only Felix was grinning widely while looking at his teammates like sheep waiting for slaughter.

Seeing his look, cold shivers coursed on their spine at the idea of training with Felix at this game.

Hahaha, let\'s have some fun. Felix laughed wickedly while closing the hologram.

Like hell you are going to practice with us! George interrupted Felix\'s unrestrained evil laughter by pushing him down the stage, Go deal with your business projects or something.

George would be a fool to let Felix traumatize the rest by exploding their heads with the ball again!

At least in football, the goalpost was the aim of Felix.

But in dodgeball He was literally given permission to kill who he pleases!

How could you treat the captain like this. Felix criticized George while fixing his clothes.

When he saw that no one was talking in his defense and they were merely gazing at the ceiling, Felix clicked his tongue and walked away from the stage, heading to the conference room\'s door.


Cheers erupted in the room after the sound of the door getting closed shut resounded in their ears.

Felix is sure popular in the team. Olivia chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt with Sophia and Hina.

Let\'s go for some shopping Oli. Sophia clarified after her proposal, This game clearly isn\'t for us.

I am going with you. Hina said, I am not joining this game as well with my flimsy body.

True, this game is perfect for those with morphing abilities and high physical defenses like Felix and Zhang Wie. Sophia agreed.

The girls\' discussion was being shared by most team members in the room.

Unlike the football game, it was apparent that not everyone was excited to join it as they didn\'t have the confidence to survive getting smacked in the face with a ball.

Alright, let\'s head to the UVR\'s room. George clapped his hands and shouted, We have only 1 month of practice this time! So Move!


Meanwhile, Felix went to his room and started doing some research on potion concoction so he would have some understanding when he spectates Madam Hala.

After he spent an hour reading about available information, he felt like he entered a new whole world that was completely unfamiliar to him.

However, his curiosity to learn more about potions never got quenched but just kept reigniting every time he read some bizarre information.

Especially when he read that even rank 1 Witch was earning hundreds of millions from the basic potions she was selling in bulks.

Sigh, Witchers sure have it nice. Felix said enviously while closing the hologram.

\'I wonder if Lady Sphinx would be willing to teach me her unique method of concoction. Felix wondered one last time before covering himself in bedsheets and closing his eyes.

He needed to wake up early in the morning to not miss Madam Hala\'s concoction of his Elemental Potion.


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