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Should we adjure the assembly to the evening to give him proper rest Jacob suggested with good intentions towards Felix.

If it was any other time, I would have definitely agreed. Mr.

Rodrigas shook his head and said, But we can\'t be wasting time when the chaos hadn\'t been resolved and people are still hiding in their homes.



Plus, he doesn\'t even seem tired.

Looking at Felix who was flirting with Sophia in the stream, the head of states\' eyelids twitched at his carefree attitude.

I will send him the invitation link. Jacob coughed and sent Felix a message, informing him about the assembly and his requirement to attend as fast as possible.

A split second later, Felix could be seen scratching his chin with an irritated expression while saying his goodbye to Sophia.

Then, he broke into light particles, and a second later his body was reconstructed in an empty chair right next to the US President.

Hello there. Felix greeted with a faint smile while glancing at the tens of heads of states all eyeing him from their seats.

Clap Clap Clap...

However, instead of receiving a greeting, Felix was surprised to see them standing up one by one while clapping their hands boisterously.

They had appreciative looks and smiles affixed on their faces while giving him an unexpected standing ovation.

If it was any other person, they would have felt beyond proud to actually get applauded by the leaders of the entire world, but Felix honestly felt like it was any other applause he received from the spectators.

Still, he didn\'t show his nonchalant as he kept bowing his head slightly in their direction, showing his appreciation.

A couple of seconds later, the applause died down and the leaders returned to their seats.

Captain Felix, on behalf of the planet and every citizen... Jacob bowed his head deeply to Felix and said emotionally, Thank you for the hard work!

I am just doing my part. Felix waved his hand in a polite manner while thinking, \'At least their surface attitude is nice.\'

Felix didn\'t know if their appreciation was real or they were simply faking it to stroke his ego.

Whatever it was, he didn\'t care much about it.

As long as they don\'t cross his path, they were golden in his eyes.

After a couple of minutes of additional flattery, questions about his wellbeing to make Felix comfortable sitting with them, Jacob requested from Felix, Captain, can you please show us the list of earnings from the game

Felix nodded his head while waving his hand, displaying both the Earthling team profile page as well as a made-up earning list by the Queen.

//Rank: Mid-Bronze.

(Play three placement games to get ranked.)

About:  Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object is known to harbor life in the solar system.

About 29% of Earth\'s surface is land consisting of continents and islands.

The remaining 71% is covered with water, mostly by oceans, seas, gulfs, and other saltwater bodies, but also by lakes, rivers, and other freshwater, which together constitute the hydrosphere.

Much of Earth\'s polar regions are covered in ice...Earth has seven continents; Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America...Earth has five oceans...Earth has 195 countries that are...

Games Played: 001

Wins: 001

Loss: 000

Win streak: 001

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 001 //

The leaders didn\'t react much when they saw the profile details since every native on the planet had access to it.

But, the other earning list was something only Felix could have as the captain.

But since he had signed the Captain\'s Duties contract, he was obliged to share it with the Council.

Naturally, Felix\'s game points weren\'t needed to be given as well since they belong to him.

That\'s why the list appeared empty like this;

//>Winning Wish

>Total Streaming Revenue (0.01% from game points/1% from popularity/10% from victory): 2 billion SC//

Yet, in the eyes of the leaders, the list was loaded with coins after they saw that they had earned 2 billion from a single win!

They always knew that the games were beyond profitable but seeing the earnings with their own eyes was still a shocker.

Especially when they knew that the planet\'s entire data from the beginning of time to now barely surpassed that amount!!

Good, good, good! Mr.

Rodrigas laughed with a gleeful expression while staring intensely at the earnings.

At least his reaction was honest as Felix had noticed with his enhanced vision that most leaders were exhibiting subtle signs of greed and desire.

However, he didn\'t care about their reaction since they weren\'t going to get a single coin from those earnings unless they wanted to get exposed by the Queen based on the Anti-Embazzement contract.

So, they could greed for those coins all they want, but it ain\'t happening!

Captain Felix, did you split the team\'s 3% yet Jacob asked.

Not yet. Felix waved his finger and the 2 billion was reduced to 1.4 Billion SC, taking away 600 million SC for the team members, who risked their lives to play the game.

After seeing that 30% was gone just like that, not alot of heads of states were pleased by it.

After all, they weren\'t receiving a single dime while the team members had 600 million SC to be split by themselves based on their contributions.

Knowing that Felix had at least done 60% of the work in the team, he would be getting 360 million all to himself! 

So, it was only natural that those leaders, who always were at the top of the pyramid, would react like that.

Too bad, there was no way that they would remain quiet about it even though the 3% given to the team was written by them in the contract.

Sigh, 1.4 billion is truly not enough to deal with the Organization. A president lamented out loud.

Indeed, we need to buy spacesh.i.p.s, materials, hire professional nonnative manpower to build the Surveillance Tower in the Moon. Another one supported.

If we wanted to finish it fast we need to pay even more to increase the manpower. A female president smiled bitterly.

Even if we finished it and located the Gama Organization, I doubt that our armies and weapons can do anything to their spaceship.

True, This meant we need hundreds of millions more to get a good weapon to destroy them or at least to kick them away and force them to choose another planet to take advantage of.

While a president after another kept lamenting loudly, Felix was laughing his ass out in his mind with Asna.

But on the outside, he still had that faint smile on his face, appearing like their discussion had nothing to do with him.

\'haha, they are trying to guilt-trip you to donate some of your money!\' Asna giggled while covering her mouth.

\'They have better chances robbing you than using this strategy on an insensitive prick like you.\'

\'Well, their attempt is useless against me but it will definitely work on Olivia and the other softies.\'

\'Don\'t let those useless farts rob my little Oli!\' Asna growled in fury.

\'I am not the one giving her coins, it\'s the Queen.\' Felix mentally shrugged, \'Plus, I am not her babysitter.

She has her own parents to advise her on what to do with her coins.\'

\'Asshole, you will die single if you kept acting like this.\' Asna cursed.

\'I don\'t mind, single life has been good to me so far.\' Felix smirked faintly.

While Felix and Asna were living in their own world, the presidents finally stopped whining about their hardsh.i.p.s after noticing that Felix was as unmoving as a rock.

Not a single emotion had been shown on his face and they wondered if he even cared about the planet\'s misfortunes.

Whatever it was, no one dared to antagonize him by personally asking him to donate some of his money.

It was as clear as crystal that he wasn\'t interested in doing so and those leaders weren\'t retarded to put him in the spot publicly lest he ends up aiming at them later on.

None of them had forgotten that Felix was the strongest bloodliner on the planet and he could easily kill them in their own houses without trigging even the alarm.

Hence, they had no intentions to put their weight in front of him.

Such as a basic intelligence and instinct of survival was required to be a country leader and stay as one for the entire term.

Cough, Captain Felix, we were blabbering all along about the Surveillance Moon Tower without telling you first about it. Jacob coughed and clarified to Felix, We have already made a decision to get this tower blueprint by using the SG wish.

It will be our best chance on locating the Gama Organization\'s spaceship.

Do you have any opinion on the matter Jacob asked.

No. Felix shook his head, giving his approval.

Good! Jacob smiled widely and asked the Council, How about we wish for it now

The response he received was a resounding \'yes\'.

Jacob displayed a hologram that was showing an enormous black tower that was at least five times taller than Burj Khalifa!

It was thick at the base and thin at its peak.

Under the image was its name \'AAS Surveillance Tower\'.

Jacob extended his hand at Felix and requested, Will you do the honor by wishing for this particular Tower\'s blueprint

Felix glanced at the image for a couple of seconds before nodding his head.

This was the same tower that was built on the moon in his previous life after the earthling team won their 3rd game.

Felix had just changed the timeline yet again and he didn\'t want to mess it up even more by telling them to change their wish.

After all, by the time the tower get fully erected, Felix\'s spaceship, Malak, and Erik would have already arrived and taken care of the problem.

The last thing he wanted now was to mess up with anything that could potentially affect the Gama Organization\'s coordinates!

>Your wish has been granted! The AAS Surveillance Tower Blueprint has been placed on your memory card.<

After the notification, the Queen followed it with a bunch of warnings, entailing that he could not sell copies of this blueprint to anyone and if he forged one or even attempted to do so, he would face jail time based on the rules.

However, he could use it, give it, do anything he wanted with it.

Just not sell copies of it since he didn\'t buy the copyright from the owner.

Felix snapped his finger and the notification with all the warnings was displayed before the presidents.

Then, he asked, To whom should I give it

To Mr.

Rodrigas. Jacob replied instantly, appearing as they had already discussed those matter long ago.

Alright. Felix nodded his head and sent the blueprint per email.


Rodrigas thanked Felix after he received it.

But he didn\'t bring it out now since he knew that Felix wouldn\'t want to remain and hear them blabber on about kickstarting its building process.

Hence, he brought out the subject of the Council\'s Balance by creating a hologram that was displaying the current capital placed in it.

>294,015,040 SC<

\'The planet is sure poor as hell.\' Felix\'s eyebrows twitched at the sight.


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