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Felix ho saw this sight smiled widely while speaking to Drago and those two Salvadorians, You guys are focusing too much on me while ignoring the best striker in my team.

Before they could comprehend his words, Leo clasped both of his hands together and roared, Moderate Earthquake!


The penalty area trembled like a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit it! The field started cracking and splitting apart, throwing grass and soil into the air.


F*ck!! Bamur cursed after losing his balance and falling on his knees!

If he remembered that Leo was an Earth Elementalist and had this ability etched in his 1% human bloodline, he would have tied his hair with the metal poles like before! 

But how could he remember anything about Leo when all of his attention was placed on Felix like the rest of the Salvadorians 

There were 16 members in each team and it was impossible to memorize everyone\'s details in only 15 minutes of scouting!

Hence, the most dangerous individuals were placed more focus on and Leo Bridge wasn\'t considered!

Leo could see that they were looking down on him just like Olivia and the rest before the game even began.

It was time for them to pay back the price of underestimating The Barbarian of Australia! 


Leo roared while jumping three meters in the air, making everyone\'s eyes switch to him instead of Rolandinho who was about to reach the field corner.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!!

The moment their eyes were placed on Leo, they widened in awe after seeing brown pillars raising in the sky like a staircase, starting from a three-meters pillar to the last one that was at least ten-meters tall!

The scene appeared magnificence especially when Leo was jumping from a pillar to another, appearing like he was trying to climb to the sky.

\'Incoming lighting ball!\'


Upon seeing that Leo was on the verge of reaching the last one, Ronaldinho slowed his speed down and kicked the ball with the side of his shoe, crossing it from the right side to the penalty area!!!

Unlike before, the ball was only 10 meters in the air but it was curving perfectly from the outside to the inside in direction of Leo, who was standing on the ten meters Pillar!

Clay Encas.e.m.e.nt!

Immediately after Leo saw that the ball was about to reach him, He encased both of his legs within muddy material that was born from his earth energy.

The clay had instantly turned solid, making his legs appear three times thicker than before!

Yet, Leo lifted his right leg like it didn\'t weigh anything and volleyed the spinning lightning ball with such familiarity, making everyone know that he had practiced at this height hundreds of times!


The ball didn\'t break the sound barrier, making it visible to Bamur, but it streaked speedily to the left-most angle of the goalpost, making it extremely tricky to catch it!

What\'s worse! The f*cking earthquake was still ongoing, not allowing Bamur to even stand up properly!



Not giving up so easily, Bamur jerked his head to the left side, sending out his long blue hair that was shaped like a giant fist!

Shshshshs!! Argh!

Alas, instead of the ball getting smashed away by the fist, Barum ended up joining it in the net after the lighting ball got snarled up in his hair and pulled him with it!

The force was stronger than he anticipated and since his hair wasn\'t tightened by the metal poles, his body could only follow with the momentum!

GOOOOAAAL!! Tyson threw his tightened fists in the air while shouting with a thrilled expression.

The viewers accompanied him in his excitement, especially the Earthlings viewers who jumped from their places while roaring in elation!

If there wasn\'t a lockdown and the game was streamed in public spaces, the screams would have echoed in every country, no matter their race, nationality, or social status!

Hahaha! Dare look down on me! Leo laughed loudly while spreading his arms and having his head tilted back.

He appeared quite arrogant when he was saying so from such a height.

\'Come down fast you stupid battle maniac!\' 

Instead of congratulating him for the goal, George scolded him with a terrified expression as he could see that the pillars were getting destroyed due to the earthquake! 

Alas, his warning didn\'t change anything as the last pillar was on its last stretch!

Rumble! Crash!

One last crack was all the pillar needed to break from the base and fall backward!

F*ck me! Clay Encas.e.m.e.nt! Scared out of his wits by falling with it, Leo screamed loudly while guarding his face with his hand.

Thankfully, his ability\'s effect was almost instantaneous as he was covered fully by the clay, turning him into a clay golem!


\'Leo! You alright! Ronaldinho asked while dashing towards the rubble that was in the process of breaking down into light particles.

Even the earthquake had stopped and the field was returning slowly back to its perfect shape.

Cough Cough!

\'I am good, just a broken finger.\' Leo gave a shaky thump up while lying on the ground, coughing his lung out.

\'Nice goal celebration.

You might go viral for it.\' Felix chuckled while passing through the dejected Salvadorians and the furious Drago.

He ignored their nasty looks as he simply raised his head and glanced at the score.

>Earthling Team 6:2 Salvadorian Team


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