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Upon hearing so, everyone split up and walked towards their positions.

Felix didn\'t have to go far as he simply stood right outside of the central circle.

He was facing the ball exactly while having at least ten meters between them.

Meanwhile, Rolandinhio and Leo were sandwiching the ball from left and right, preparing for the kick-off.

As for Olivia and Sophia They sprinted towards their corners.

After they reached it, they simply entered through the transparent small dome that allows only them and the injured to enter it.

Upon seeing that everyone was standing in their positions, Tyson pointed his finger at the glass ceiling and said, The time and the score would be written there.

The moment everyone lifted their heads, they noticed that the board was written like this;

>Earthling Team 00:00 Salvadorian Team

Meanwhile, for the viewers, they had their own big-screen outside of the dome to read the details in it.

The match will begin in 30 seconds at the sound of the whistle! Tyson said so while teleporting back into the commentary table.

After he got comfortable, he brought the mic closer to his mouth and started doing his job, It seems like the Earthlings had chosen a flexible all-rounded 4-3-2 formation while the Salvadorians had decided to play offensively with their 3-3-3 formation.

That\'s all he had to say since it was too soon to guess the intentions and plan each team had prepared for this game.

Meanwhile, Felix and the rest were looking at the placement of each foe.

They weren\'t surprised by some of them since they could guess who would be the healer, defender, midfielder, and striker based on their abilities.

However, they were quite astonished when they noticed that the long-haired Bamur was actually the goalkeeper as they expected that he would be a striker.

\'It seems like the data we read was outdated.

Don\'t rely on it too much and just stick to the plan.\' Sylvia sent a message while glancing at the 10 seconds countdown.

Just like they were discussing telepathically, Drago was informing the three strikers to bombard either Rolandinho or Leo after the kick-off!

He was standing right behind him, making it obvious that he was a central midfielder like Felix.

Five! Four!...

Meanwhile, the viewers never failed the countdown tradition as they kept yelling harmoniously each number until they reached ONE!


Immediately after hearing the referee whistle, Leo tapped the ball to Rolandihno who in turn did the unexpected as he gave a short pass in direction of Felix!

Short in the sense that the ball wasn\'t going to make it to Felix!

Yet, those two didn\'t care about it as they swiftly activated their escape abilities and cleared the path for Felix who had just finished his semi-morphing!

KILL HIM!! Drago ordered loudly for the three strikers to switch their aggro from Leo and Rolandinho to Felix since the ball was clearly going to be in his possession.

Alas, before his voice could even resound in his teammates\' mind, Felix had already teleported in front of the ball and smashed it with his footbridge by using 50% of his total strength!

Then...There was no then!

The ball had disappeared from existence for a split second before emerging again at the embrace of the opposite goalpost net.

It could be seen that the ball was revolving like there was no tomorrow, trying its best to penetrate the net and emerge from the other side.

However, no one was actually looking at it as their eyes were still affixed on Felix\'s foot that was emitting smoke from friction.


Before they could even comprehend what\'s in god\'s name had just happened, the noise produced from the entire sequence had collapsed on everyone\'s ears at once, making the Salvadorians near the action close them reflexively.

Too bad, Bamur didn\'t even need to close his ears as they were fully ruined after the ball wheezed closely by his head.

Only blood was streaming down his earlobes and a beeping noise was heard in his ears, making him question his sanity since he managed to see nothing before he went deaf.

Although his eardrums were punctured, he could still hear his heartbeats that were accelerating rapidly.

It wasn\'t because of his situation but the sight of a flying headless corpse that was heading in his direction while spewing a fountain of blood everywhere!

Thud! Thud....

The instant it landed, the corpse rolled tens of times due to the momentum until it stopped one meter in front of Bamur while lying on its back.

Impossible...I must be dreaming, this can\'t be happening.

Bamur\'s elegance was no more as his eyes were widened in disbelief at the sight of their striker name written boldly on the uniform\'s back above a number. 


After the wave of disbelief withdraws a second later, it was followed by a bone-chilling fear that chilled his heart and made him feel like he was standing fully nude on a mountain\'s peak.

He fought many many battles against the lifeforms on his planet for survival and securing food for his family.

Hence, he could be considered as a veteran warrior before his planet was found by extraterritorial.

But, at this instant, he felt like his bladder was about to give in subconsciously and make him piss his pants in horror after realizing that his life was saved by merely an inch!...



The moment the ball stopped rotating and fell into the grass, the AI referee whisled expressionlessly while extending his hand towards the Salvadorian\'s goalpost.


Dear God, that was the fastest kill recorded in a game!!

F*ck me sideways, he almost scored two people and the ball from a single kick!

How could he kick supersonic balls! Isn\'t that possible only to those with peak 2nd stage strength!

The stadium abruptly rose on its feet at the uproar that was risen after the viewers regained their wits at the sound of the whistle.

Not in their wildest dreams would have they considered that the match was going to start in such an unbelievable manner!

HAHAHA, GOOD SHIT FELIX! Thrilled, Robert shouted thunderously while waving a cheering gadget that resembled a finger.

He was standing in the front seats while wearing a T-shirt that had a picture of Felix while he was a little kid.

If Felix saw it, he would have died of embarrassment.

Next to him were the elders, seniors, even juniors of the family all cheering at the top of their voices.

They didn\'t give a ** that Felix had literally just killed a man since they heard loud and clear that Drago had ordered for Felix\'s death.

Even without it, they would still not react excessively since they understood what the games represent and how dangerous could get for anyone willing to participate.

Felix Maxwell had asserted his dominance in the 1st second of the game! For a goal like this! 2 Points are rewarded! Tyson commentated passionately while replaying the highlight in slow motion.

Only after doing so did the viewers see the entire sequence of the kick and how did the ball end up killing Dranan and scoring a goal.

Even after seeing it, they didn\'t know if Felix had intentionally targeted Dranan or not since he was standing right in line with the goalpost!

He truly was standing at the wrong place and at the wrong time!


The moment the replay was finished, the referee whisled again but this time it was for the Salvadorian players to kick off the ball.

A minute of goal celebration had already finished and Felix spent it high-fiving his excited teammates.

Right now, it was the Salvadorians who were wasting time which should be unbelievable in normal situations.

Alas, seeing their emotional turmoil that was written all over their faces was an obvious sight of being lost.

Who could blame them They just lost a teammate and were left in horror by how easy it was! They knew that if it was them, they would have died all the same!

Upon seeing Felix\'s indifferent face while returning to his position, they couldn\'t help but start dreading being around him and especially in front of him.

GET YOU SHIT TOGETHER! Furious, Drago yelled with veins throbbing in his neck while pointing at his dazed teammates.

After the initial shout, he switched to the Queen messaging system and started firing off orders in a cool-headed manner, \'Hazea and Aigror, kickoff the f*cking ball before we get penalized! Bamur, Stop standing like a retard and go heal your ears! Sir.

Ralvol quickly send a substitute!\'

The Salvadorians did exactly what they were told after breaking out of their absent-mindedness.

They knew that it was pointless to have any type of hesitation now as that would mean getting themselves killed.

\'Play the ball defensively until Bamur gets his ears healed.

We will plan what we will do by then!\'


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