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Felix committed to the grind as he spent the remaining hours doing nothing but repeating the same process over and over again.

Repetition and hard work was the key to mastering this technique and Felix planned on dedicating 2 hours of his daily life to practice it.

Vrrr vrrr!

Felix stopped his training after seeing that he received a message from George.

After reading it, he yawned while stretching his arms behind his back, Let\'s end this game as fast as possible.

The message stated that everyone was required to group in the conference room of the Drop.

Felix swiftly logged out and morphed his Obscurum suit to the main team\'s uniform.

After so, he wore his Seeker Shoes and walked towards the conference room.

He ended up meeting with Sylvia on the way.

He caught up to her and they walked together while conversing about their opponent.

So far, no one knew which planet they would be playing against.

But they knew that it was already chosen a month ago.

Unlike Individual games where it didn\'t matter much to know the participants, in the Planetary Supremacy Games that was forbidden.

For a good reason.

If planets knew their opponents beforehand, they could buy them off to win-trade the game!

This happened in the early days of the SG where the SGAlliance members kept either buying each other off or making threats to lose the game purposefully.

But, it got patched real quick and it stayed like this ever since.

It was only possible to know their opponents in the Game Hall where the connection to the outside world was cut off from the players.

Naturally, this would also make it impossible for the viewers to know which planets would be facing each other.

But if they followed only their planet, they could see when the game would start and its details.

No one complained about it since most of the viewers always were from the planets playing the game.

In a short while, Felix and Sylvia reached the conference room which shouldn\'t really be called one since it was just a podium placed in the open in front of hundreds of chairs.

Alas, those chairs weren\'t taken by reporters from all over the world as ESG Organization expected in the early days.

Due to the Choas, airports were locked down and the ESG Organization didn\'t feel like they should waste military force to bring some reporters.

Hence, the conference room was filled with only the hundred team members and the Drop\'s staff.

However, it would be streamed live for the people who were in lockdown for over 4 months now.

The world was depressed and everyone truly needed a win to recover morale.

Did someone die Felix murmured while taking a seat next to Olivia.

She appeared quite nervous as she kept tapping her foot on the ground continuously.

The rest weren\'t acting any better than her as everyone was showing signs of agitation and worry on their faces.

If Felix still had the infrared vision, he would have noticed that their hearts were beating out of their chest.

No one was speaking.

Even the staff members were affected by the mood and merely spoke telepathically to trouble the players even more.

After spending a couple of minutes bathing in this gloomy ass mood, Felix finally noticed Mr.

Rodrigas and Jacob\'s arrival, the current Council Spokesperson.

While their faces were exhibiting some signs of weariness and exhaustion, they were still smiling merrily.

After they climbed the stage, Mr.

Rodrigas said a couple of greeting words and how proud he was of the massive efforts they put into their training.

Since Mr.

Rodrigas was known for being strict and stingy in his praises, it meant a lot to those juniors.

When he saw that he had earned all of their attention and none of them were dazing in their negative thoughts, Mr.

Rodrigas extended his hand towards Jacob and said, I will leave the stage to Mr.


Clap Clap...

Under the heartful applause of everyone, Jacob stood in front of the podium while fixing his tie.

In front of him, there was an invisible hologram that was displaying a speech.

Jacob took a good look at it for a few seconds before shaking his head and removing it from his face.


Rodrigas arched his eyebrows immediately after seeing so.

He knew what Jacob did and he was displeased by it since that speech was written by professionals for a week now!

\'What are you doing Just stick to the speech.\' Mr.

Rodrigas sent a message.

Jacob fully ignored the message and placed his hands on the podium\'s ends.

He looked at the eyes of everyone in front of him and spoke with a solemn tone,  Today, history is going to be made.

Those seven words were all it took for every junior to feel their heart thump loudly.

We observe today, not just the beginning of a game but the true beginning of a New Era.

An Era led by the newer generation and supported by the old generation!

He paused for a second to regroup his thoughts and carried on with a tone that was raising slowly, Hand in hand, we shall stride as one and work together to help our dear planet put its mark in the galaxy!

No one knows of our existence on this little blue planet and those who know, deep down look down on us and treat us as measly barbarians!

We know that we lack in everything compared to the other civilizations and planets outside of our solar system.

God knows that not a single day passes by me without dreaming about catching up to them and even surpassing them.

Jacob tightened his fists on the podium as he continued his speech, They have multiple old bloodliners reaching peak 6th stage of replacement, They have technologies far surpassing what our minds can fathom, they have old history and heritage that was extending to millions of years.

What about us Jacob looked deeply at the juniors and the cameras, then repeated his question solemnly, What do we have

No one answered him as they were left stumped by his question.

They were expecting to hear a speech alright, but no one anticipated that it would be striking their ego like this.

What do earthlings have

This question was resounding in the minds of the citizens, bloodliners, criminals, troops, and even the world leaders, who were watching the stream from their offices.

The entire world\'s eyes were on this little stream since it was the only news streamed currently.

Yet, no one managed to figure out an answer, which made them gloomy about the situation.

The excitement that was risen earlier was started to die down in the hearts of the juniors.

Just as it was about to snuff out utterly, Jacob clapped his hand once and said with a voice filled with una.d.u.l.terated confidence and pride, We have you!

He lifted his hand slightly in the air and made it into a fist, We Have You! So lift your heads and puff out your chests in pride! You are our hope! You are our future! YOU ARE OUR PIONEERS IN THIS ERA!

He shouted the last part with such zeal and avidity; the bloodliners felt their blood get set on fire at once! Their hearts started pumping boiling blood in their body, making their ears reddened and cheeks flushed!

Yet, Jacob wasn\'t done as he carried on shouting, uncaring about his ruined composure on live TV, If they have better technologies, you will get them for us! If they have peak 6th stage bloodliners, you will reach the Origin Realm!


Without taking a single breath between, Jacob lifted his fist high in the air and ended the speech with one last sentence packed with raw emotions, WE WILL SHOW THEM THAT WE! ARE! NOT! BARBARIIIIAAANS!!!


Cheers followed by thunderous applause that spread far and wide, reaching outside of the dome and scaring some birds that were nesting on branches!

The cities, towns, and villages had been risen from the ground by the deafening noise of the citizen screaming their anger, agitation, frustration, fear, and all of those negative emotions that had been clouding them for months now.

At the start, the noise was just noise but soon, everyone started chanting a short sentence at the top of their voices, uniting everyone together and making them feel like they were not alone!

A sentence that resonated even in Felix\'s heart who was bullied constantly in his previous life due to his earthling\'s status in his clan!

Just like Hina, Olivia, Leo, Ronaldinho, Zhang Wie, and the rest of the team, Felix dropped his ego and stood up with them.

Then he shouted out loud, harmonizing his voice with the entire World!



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