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The capital city Androxa, in a house near the northern border of the city…

Five individuals were sitting around a table with ugly expressions on their faces.

Who can blame them They were just conned out of 8 million SC with some tips.

What\'s even worse was that they were professional frauds who had an infamous reputation throughout the kingdom.

Countless young masters and rich newcomers fell into their schemes, losing fortunes they could never recover from.

Yet this infamous gang got scammed by a stranger.


One, can you please explain why the hell did you add that bastard in our operation You could have simply cried out loud that you don\'t know him, and he will have no choice but to bounce.

The kind woman from before raged while pointing her finger at Mr.


She couldn\'t handle the awkward silence in the room anymore.

Miss Four, it\'s not like I didn\'t think about it.

It\'s that I couldn\'t!! He placed his head on the table, not daring to make eye contact with his partners, and explained what happened.

The moment I wanted to expose him, he whispered in my ears that if I don\'t play along he will advertise our real faces in UVR, and I somehow believed him, because he called me Mr.


Something only you guys know.

He buried his head under his arms even further and continued, After that, I could only play along, or else our scam would be exposed.

Forget about earning a coin, I would have been beaten to death by the mob.

Even though they couldn\'t kill me, the pain is 100% real, and I wanted to avoid that at all cost.

You guys know I hate pain. He coughed to hide his embarrassment after mentioning that.

Honestly, it was not Mr.

One fault.

The little bastard intervened at the worst possible period.

At that point, we could only carry on and hope that he just wanted a piece of the profit.

Alas, who would have known that he would take the entire cake and run

They all sighed helplessly after the naive junior from before mentioned what was truly in their minds.

They knew that Mr.

One should not be blamed over this.

But they needed an outlet to vent their current suppressed anger.

To make things even worse, young master Lucas will hunt us down the moment he finds out that the nightmare bison was merely a rare ranked bloodline that was forced into evolving to epic rank.

Fucking hell, who proposed the stupid idea of hiding our gang logo in our products to spread our fame! Now we will take the brunt of The Ethanon family rage, while not earning a single fart from the scam. The red-haired elder punched the table with his side fist furiously.

Suddenly they all stared at his direction speechlessly, forcing the furious elder to gulp a mouthful.

Why are you looking at me

Because it was you, Mr.



One eyed him weirdly and continued after seeing his disbelieving look.

I still remember with vivid details that we were in this room drinking in celebration over our first successful scam.

Out of nowhere you stood on the table and proposed that idea.

He coughed and changed his voice into a hoarse one, trying his best to copy the elder voice and said, I quote, *Guys I have a dream to make our gang the most infamous fraud group in the UVR.

Everyone will fear us, and the crooks will respect us.

But to do so we need to have a unique logo that belongs to us, then hide it in our products, to spread our legacy for all to see.* end of quote.

He shrugged his shoulders and carried on using his normal voice, Then you laughed like a madman and passed out due to alcohol.

The others nodded their heads in approval as well, embarrassing the elder even move.

Elder is either losing his memory or trying to pass the blame to someone else.

Enough, I remembered as well after you reminded me.

Just shut up already.

He hit the bottom of his can on the floor to shush them and changed the subject hurriedly.

What important now is to lay low without doing any large activities, since we will soon be hunted by the Lucas family.

They might not be able to find us if we lived normally.

But the moment we try to scam someone they will find us in a heartbeat.

Their Intel network is no joke.

Indeed, we need to lay low for a couple of months; I am planning to spend this period in a vacation.

I always wanted to see Oceanic World. Miss Four shared her plans with clear lounging in her tone.

It is a good tourist destination.

I visited a couple of years ago, and it was honestly the greatest tourist experience in my life. The young junior gave her double thumbs-up as approval to her destination.


Five is right; anyone who did not visit the Oceanic World is missing half of his life.

Maybe I should go with you, Miss Four.

I also never seen it before, we can accompany each other. The fat seller proposed sincerely.

Stay away from me you creep.

We are calling each other with numbers to not know each other real identities.

So let\'s keep it that way and never ask me again on a date or I will smash your little balls. She viciously threatened him, not caring about his pitiful look, clear contrast to her kind image during the scam.

Cough, you can just say no politely.

Why must you always be this aggressive

If it was not for your constant attempts of hitting on me, would I need to threaten you She eyed him coldly and added an extra harsh remake.

You should change your code from Mr.

Three to ugly creep, it suits you better.

I gave you my heart, so you can see my honest feelings.

But you trampled on it coldly. Mr.

Three clutched his heart in anguish, but the way he kept looking at Miss Four was tender and loving, sending chill on her back.

Without warning, he cried passionately with one hand on his heart, while the other trying to reach for the disgusted Miss Four.

The others who knew what was coming tried to stop him.

Alas; it was too late as he began reciting a poem.

Oh, how it hurts.

My heartstrings had been snapped into small pieces, while my love juice covered them like flies hovering over humans\' feces.


Incensed and aggrieved, Miss Four banged the table with both of her hands the moment he finished his disgusting love poem.

I will not work with him anymore.

I swear on it!


She slammed the door shut after exiting, leaving one last loud remark behind.

I don\'t want to see his face when I return from my vacation.

Otherwise, I will quite the gang.

A sudden silence engulfed the room as the other three men eyed Mr.

Three who still didn\'t realize that his abrupt inspiration had put him into deep **.

They cracked their knuckles noisily, managing to wake up Mr.

Three from his absent-mindedness.

He gulped fearfully as he saw them approach him with deadpan expressions.

Just as he tried to escape, they jumped all on him and began roughing him up mercilessly.

Didn\'t we tell you before to stop raping our ears with your disgusting poems

It\'s one thing to say it to her and another to do so in our presence.


One shouted as he stomped the creep face over and over again, breaking Mr.

Three\'s nose and frontal teeth.

Even so, he didn\'t stop his bashing.

He must have used the poem as an excuse to vent his shame over being played by Felix.

5 minutes later.


Three lay on the ground with 4 snapped limbs, each pointing in different directions.

Not mention his face that was unrecognizable after that heavy beat down.

Anyone would pass out in his condition.

But Mr.

Three just smiled with his bloodied mouth that had no teeth left and said with a hoarse inaudible voice.

Cough, Cough, you guys will never understand my art or my love for Miss Four.

No matter how much you torture me, I will never change myself.

You just have to live with it.

Hehehe, cough, cough

Just as he wanted to laugh at their futile attempt of stopping him from expressing his love using poems, he ended up swallowing a tooth, forcing him to chock on it.

He coughed while clutching his neck, trying to expel it, but to no avail.

The other bastards just laughed at his misery, not caring if he choked to death.


One even started recording this rare event while saying, Miss Four will pay a heavy price to have this recording.

The others nodded and pointed their bracelet at Mr.

Three, who gave up on relying on their assistant to save him.

So, with a pained heart, he paid a heavy fee to heal his body to peak form again.

The moment his body was fully healed, the others stopped their recording and changed the subject, ignoring the fuming expression of Mr.


What are we going to do about your nephew, Uncle Mr.

One Mr.

Five asked sarcastically.

Fuck off, don\'t bring that up again or else your fate will be the same as this creep.

Relax, can\'t one say a joke here anymore or what

Honestly, nothing much we can do about it.

He probably had a disguise on, when he joined our scam, and after submerging himself in the crowd he changed into another one. Mr.

Two sighed dejectedly and continued, So no matter how we search for him we will end up with nothing.

Just like the others who searched for us after cheating them.

It truly does not feel nice getting scammed, without the ability to retaliate.

Is this what our victims were feeling Mr.

Five said with a hint of remorse in his tone.

Well don\'t get used it.

This is the first time and also the last time we get into this **ed up situation.

Our next plan needs to be foolproof to block anyone who tries repeating the little bastard feat.

That\'s the only thing we can do now I guess.


One returned to his seat, and laid on it in a relaxed manner and added, Loosing 8 million makes me feel demotivated from doing any small scams.

I will take a vacation like Miss Four I guess; hopefully I recover from this setback.

Same as well.

Have fun guys.

We group up in 6 months here again.

And if the coast was clear we can start our operations.

See you guys later, I am heading towards Oceanic World.

My love shall lead me to meet up with my soul mate.


Three said as he bolted from the room not daring to stay.

He knew if he did, they would start around 2 of thrashing him.

Whatever, that retard probably does not know that Miss.

Four said Oceanic World to throw him off, while her true destination was unknown.

What a moron, spending 6 months in a planet searching for someone not even there.

Should we warn him Mr.

Two asked suddenly.

They shared eye contact in silence for a while and then exploded with laughter.


Let that creep suffer.

Hopefully, he dies so Miss Four doesn\'t leave us.

Sigh, our gang is really outbalanced.

If even she left, I can\'t remain here anymore with two dudes and one creep.

Preach True Can\'t argue with that.

Thus, Mr.

three fate had been decided, to spend 6 months in a planet searching like an idiot.


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