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After Felix was done with his testing that lasted more than 3 hours, he logged out and went to grab a bite in the cafeteria.

When he ate his fill, he came back and logged in again.

However, this time he straightaway used George\'s invitation link to enter his UVR\'s room where the team was already gathered on the football field.

After Felix\'s body got reconstructed, he was greeted by the team members.

Felix nodded at them while walking towards George, who seemed like he was arguing with a couple of instructors.

After Felix got closer, he started picking up their conversation.

I am telling you, Zhang Wie must stay as a defender.

We already brought him down from midfield to Center Back and we can\'t just place him as a substitute to the Goalkeeper.

George reasoned while tapping his finger aggressively on a hologram that was showing a minimized greenfield.

His new unlocked ability *Metalic Wall* is a massive help to the goalkeeping post. Sashaa argued back calmly, We need a good substitute to hold the torch in case something wrong had to Noah.

A couple of soccer coaches nodded their heads in agreement.

Although they were just professional coaches, they still had gained enough knowledge after spending 4 months with the team to voice their own opinions.

Plus, he is extremely slow and his abilities all required to be in melee form. Sashaa added even more reasons, He will be just a fat target to penetrate from.

Just as George wanted to retort back, he spotted Felix nodding his head behind Sasha.

Glad to see you finally arriving in time. George addressed Felix, making the instructors turn their heads and focus on him.

I am quite free today. Felix gestured with his head at the holographic mini football field and asked, Is that another formation

George immediately got heated after hearing so, Well, I am trying my best to keep it the same but they disagree hardly on it.

I don\'t want to make any more adjustments when we have only three days before the game.

I also don\'t want to make adjustments. Sasha still kept her cool as she argued back, But Zhang Wie\'s new ability needed to be addressed properly.

I don\'t mind doing so, but we can\'t make him a goalkeeper substitute when he didn\'t practice it in the past three months god damn it!! 

\'Here they go again.\' Felix took a step back after seeing that the rest of the coaches had gotten into the argument as well.

Seeing how heated they were, he guessed that probably everyone was stressed out from the game deadline and also the chaos happening outside of the island.

Although the situation outside wasn\'t as chaotic as in the first time, it was still causing issues in every country due to the full lockdown that was making it impossible for anyone to leave their houses.

George, Sasha, and the rest of the instructors were probably constantly worrying about losing the game.

If it wasn\'t for Felix acting as a pillar in the team with his behemoth strength, those instructors would most likely not sleep at night.

After all, the Council and the ESG Organization were all placing their hopes on the 1st win to wish for a surveillance system blueprint that could help them locate the Gama Organization.

Although only Felix knew about the surveillance system, the other still knew that the wish was important to the Council to make a move.

So, everyone was stressed and pressured.

Felix could see it also on his teammates as no one seemed to fool around.

Even Leo reigned a bit of his enthusiastic personality due to the mood.

As the Captain, Felix should by nature be feeling the most stress right now.

But, he was merely scratching his cheek in boredom while walking away with a copy of the new formation.

\'Oh Sylvia made it to the main team\'

Felix raised one eyebrow in surprise after spotting that Sylvia was taking the Left Wing back position.

\'I guess she reached peak 1st stage of replacement in the previous days.\' Felix could only guess so since Sylvia had made it only to the substitute bracket when he last trained with the team.

She was horrible enough that George didn\'t dare to place her in the game.

But she was the only one with wings and George wanted to keep her as a substitute lest their opponents end up having a flying player.

\'Well, good for her.\' Felix closed down the formation after seeing that everything remained the same as the last time he was here, which was just four days ago.

The formation used was 1-4-3-2 and this was going to be the final version if those instructors stopped arguing about changing it again.

The main GoalKeeper Position was taken by Noah and his substitute was from the reserve team who had big arms, allowing him to catch balls.

The main defenders were taken by Sylvia(Left Wing back), William Bentley(Righ Wing Back), Zhang Wie(Center Back), and lastly Hina Suzuki(Central Back).

As for the midfielders, we got Johnson, Felix, and Aadav Acharya.

Felix was at the center the other two were at his wings.

For the strikers, there were only Rolandihno Castro and Leo Bridge.

They were placed near each other for backup since it wasn\'t safe to hold the ball while separated from the team.

Since their position was the most dangerous, they both had two substitutes ready to replace them.

Lastly, Olivia and Sophia were going to be placed at the corners of the team\'s field right below the defenders.

That\'s the entire 16 member team that was going to join the game.

Cap! Did you hear what they are talking about Leo inquired in interest after Felix had grouped up with the main team.

Felix pointed his finger at gentle giant Zhang Wei and answered, It\'s about changing his position.

Zhang Wei got a bit nervous after hearing so.

Just as he wanted to ask in details, Felix pushed the ball basket that was next to them towards the other empty side of the field.

Usually, it would have been filled by tens of members but after the final team was picked, there was no point in forcing the rest to come train as they would be just taking space.

However, most of them still decided to come so they could show their serious attitude to George.

Who knows, they might get picked up for 2nd game due to it

I m going to train with the Cap. Leo swiftly excused himself from the pack as he chased after Felix.

Ronaldinho and Johnson also followed after him.

After they reached Felix, they saw that he was drawing a wide bullseye circle on the glass wall.

Shivers coursed in their back after seeing so.

Why can\'t you train like normal and just aim at the goalpost Johnson complained to Felix the moment he arrived near him.

Are you willing to be my goalkeeper Felix asked with an honest look.

Cough, want me to help you draw Johnson dropped the matter at once, not having the balls to be the goalkeeper with his flimsy body.

Meanwhile, Leo and Rolandinhio merely kept whistling while looking at the glass ceiling, avoiding eye contact with Felix.

Tsk p*ssies, help me out by drawing a couple more randomly. Felix clicked his tongue in criticism and turned back to focus on the bullseye.

He wasn\'t really drawing it but merely making the motion with his hand and the Queen was doing the rest.

With the addition of those three, the wall was painted with at least 10 targets on the glass wall.

Alright, that\'s enough. Felix waved his hand to make them stop and walked away from the glass wall.

Johnson and the rest picked up a ball and followed after him, planning to train in the same manner as him.

Oh They are at it again with that stupid practice Hina murmured near Sophia and the girls while fixing her shoes.

Why is he hell on bent to rely on the glass wall Sylvia frowned her eyebrows, His plan is too unreliable.

Because he knows your passing is **. Sophia giggled, The glass wall is more reliable than you in the field when it comes to football.

That\'s so mean to say, Sophi. Olivia scolded but she was laughing just like the rest at the expense of Sylvia whose expression turned annoyed by those constant jabs at her skills.

I am just trying to lighten the mood. Sophia smiled warmly, You girls kept appearing like you were walking to your death or somethi..


The girls\' conversation was interrupted by thunderous noises resounding throughout the entire field, forcing everyone to gaze in Felix\'s direction.

The moment their eyes met with him, they saw that he was in his semi-morphing state while his leg was emitting smoke just like the glass wall that he struck.

He totally missed the bullseye but no one seemed to care about it as they just kept focusing on what their eyes and ears were feeding them.

Baaam! Baam!

The instructors, whose heated argument was about to result in a fistfight, traded quick glances with each other while the deafening noise of Felix\'s kicks kept hammering their ears in the background.

George smiled widely and closed down the holographic mini football field.

He looked at the instructors and smirked, See why we don\'t need to mess with the formation at the last minutes

Why bother putting all of our focus on blocking goals when we have a human artillery in the team He laughed smugly while walking away from them.

Watch out!!


Alas, the warning came a bit late as a flying ball had already made contact with George\'s smug face.


The instructors were left speechless and somewhat horrified after seeing that George\'s body was deconstructing into light particles while lying on the grass.

The only thing left was a pool of blood that resulted from his head\'s exploding to pieces.

Cap, I think you just killed the Instructor. Scared **less, Leo gulped a mouthful while poking Felix on his shoulder.

What are you talk...Oh crap! Felix\'s eyes widened after spotting the newest victim of his kicks, reconstructing back up with a bewildered expression.

What did Felix expect would happen when those balls were bouncing against the glass wall randomly

Felix!! Use the f*cking empty goalpost!! George yelled with a tingle of fear and anger after understanding what happened to him.

Sigh, it seems like no one wants me to improve my aim. Saddened, Felix pushed the ball basket towards the empty goalpost with slumped shoulders.

I will help you hit corners cap. Leo thumped his chest and followed after Felix with the rest of the boys.


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