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Felix didn\'t have to worry about himself getting found out as he was using the same voice he spoke with as Landlord.

The conversation didn\'t last for even a minute as Felix went straight to the point and informed the Chief that he had already contacted the Organization for them.

Naturally, the Chief asked for their response to which Felix told him that he wasn\'t informed about it.

However, he did comfort him by telling him that he should be expecting a response in the next month or two if he was lucky.

Thank you for the hard work. The Chief showed his appreciation by emailing an invitation link to Felix, Please feel free to pay a visit to my Royal Tree in the UVR.

I will have Alicia show you around.

Will do Chief, Will do. Felix voiced his confirmation with a soothing tone and hung up.

Although he told them that they would receive a response in a month or two, he had no intentions of honoring it.

He wanted them to feel that they weren\'t important to the Organization and they weren\'t begging to have them as allies.

Hence, he was planning on making them wait at least three months before actually replying to them as \'The Organization Leader\'.

Only then would Felix have the upper hand in the negotiation if it came to be.

In addition, he wanted to give them time to search for him and fail so they would feel like they had no other choice but to put their lot with the Organization if they were still interested in his bloodlines.

Since they were planning to declare war against the Empire, those bloodlines were a must to secure the victory!

Felix had caught them by the balls and he wasn\'t planning on letting go until he took everything that they were willing to offer for an alliance between them and his fake \'Organization\'!

Ring Ring!

Felix\'s peaceful thinking was interrupted by his bracelet ringing.

He glanced at the screen and noticed that it was from George.


What\'s up

Today\'s training will start at 3 PM and last to 9 PM. George said sternly, There are only three days left before our game.

We need to double our efforts lest we regret it.

Aight, I will be there. Felix agreed and hung up later on.


After a while, Felix got out of the shower fully nude.

He didn\'t cover himself with the Nanosuit offered to him by the ESG Organization.

Instead, he beamed a small black suitcase that had three darkened Futharks embodied in a triangle shape.

Let\'s test this bad boy.

Eager, Felix placed his hand on the surface of the suitcase and requested in his mind, \'Queen, please bind the Obscurum Artifact with my AP bracelet and make it an exclusive use.\'

A moment after his request, the Furtharks brightened up each with a different color for a split second before turning dark again.

\'The Obscurum Artifact is successfully bound to Your AP bracelet.\' The Queen informed.

Felix nodded his head in appreciation and quickly requested with an eager grin, \'Open it.\'

Cluck, Sshshh!

Chilling steam escaped from thin cracks after the suitcase opened up partially.

Felix placed both of his hands on it and opened up it fully in a slow manner, allowing the chilling steam to blow on his delighted face.

Queen, please make these pajamas as set-1. Felix requested while manifesting a hologram that was displaying normal black pajamas.


When he received a confirmation, Felix put his hand inside the suitcase and said, Activate it!

Immediately after he said so, Felix found himself in that black pajamas! The suitcase had disappeared right in front of his eyes like it was never there!

Holy! Shocked, he exclaimed while touching the smooth comfy fabric of the black pajamas.

He never expected that the difference between the 7th generation of Nanosuits would this big compared to the 3rd generation he was using before!

Felix always needed at least a couple of seconds before wearing his previous Nanosuit and the process wasn\'t pleasant in the slightest.

But with this one, he barely felt anything!

Ecstatic, Felix swiftly stood up and went to the mirror in his closet door.

Hehe, not bad at all. He grinned in satisfaction after seeing that pajamas appeared exactly as in the hologram.

Even the three Futharks were gone!

Yet, Felix wasn\'t worried by it as he knew most of the details about the Obscurum\'s suit.

After all, he bought it in the auction with 5 billion SC.

It was the most expensive item he got at the event and he had to read its details carefully.

From what he read, The Obscurum\'s Suit was created by a famous Dwarf from the Technology School of Thought in the Dwarf Race.

This school of thought was known for embracing advanced technology in their artifact creation, unlike other schools that use materials harvested or obtained from lifeforms.

The Obscurum Suit was created by combining the 7th generation Nanobots with the three Engraved Futharks!

Felix didn\'t know how it was combined since that was a trade secret but he knew that this suit was the best for him!

It provided anything that a normal Artifact could and also allowed him to shape it as he pleased.

Not mentioning, hiding the Engraved Futharks, making it resemble like any other Nanosuit!

Let\'s do a quick run in the Measurement center. Eager to test out the suit, Felix swiftly laid on his bed and logged in.


Inside The Measurement Center, in a VIP room...

Felix was standing in front of an AI dummy while wearing a tight black armor-like suit that had two brightened up Engraved Futharks on his chest and one more on his back.

The two in the front had brown and green colors respectively.

Meanwhile, the one at the back was black.

Naturally, each Futhark was engraved with an ability that was correlated with its element.

Let\'s test stealth mode first.

The moment Felix made this decision, his head got encased as well by the suit, making him resemble the Black Panther from the movies greatly.

(RIP Chadwick Boseman Three, Two, One...Whoosh!

A bright red solar beam was fired from the muzzle and smashed into Felix within a split second!

The moment he saw the beam coming, his body was already flying in the air with his limbs flailing uncontrollably!


The force was so strong, he ended up smashing into the wall of the other side of the room!!

Thud, Argh!

Felix groaned in pain after falling to the ground on his face.

He felt like his body was smashed by a construction hammer.

Yet, he was still grinning with some difficulty while clasping into his stomach which was bruised but not heavily wounded!

Meanwhile, the suite didn\'t even seem harmed by the beam as the area of contact was merely emitting some smoke!

Haha, a 7th generation nanobots\' defenses plus force absorption from Engraved Futhark is truly the best. Felix praised while standing up on his feet.

He knew that without the suite he would have exploded instantly as his body defenses weren\'t even as good as a 3rd stage bloodline!

Although he was propelled like a sandbag, he wasn\'t complaining in the slightest as the Engraved Futhark did its best to absorb most of the force, making his body get hit only by the leftover force.

However, in a serious fight, his wound from the attack would still affect him heavily.

That would have caused Felix a problem if his 3rd Engraved Futhark wasn\'t related to plant element!

Felix merely cracked his shoulder joints with a smirk after standing up, feeling not a single ounce of pain from his stomach.

Due to the suit, no one could see that his wounded area had been healed earlier with green particles that were released from the Green Futhark!

However, both those two Futharks had gotten darker noticeably.

They were still bright but just not like earlier.

I guess the energy needed to defend against 4th stage attacks is monstrous. Felix frowned his eyebrows after noticing this as well.

Well, what did he expect The Obscurum suit wasn\'t meant to help him fight against 4th stage bloodliners but just survive against two or three of their attacks.

That was its limit and if he went beyond it, the suit would definitely give in and break!


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