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Four days later...In The Earthling Team Headquarter, Inside The Drop...

Felix had just returned to his room from the Cafeteria after eating his breakfast.

He got out of the VR Pod today since his delivery was expected to arrive in 30 minutes.

But since it was delivered by the unreliable fatty Bodidi, it was delayed by another 30 minutes, making Felix want to beat that worm up for always arriving late.

Thankfully, all of his items were delivered without a single issue in them.

Instead of taking everything, Felix left the Elemental Potion Materials on Bodidi as he still needed him to deliver it to the Galactical Cargo Company.

Felix already made a deal with them to deliver those materials to Madam Hala.

After Bodidi left with the materials, Felix sat down on the floor and took out all of the bloodline bottles in his possession.

They were plenty!

There were two epic tier 4 illusion bloodline bottles, one epic tier 6 sand bloodline bottle, five epic tier 5 fire bloodline bottles, and another five wind element bottles.

Those ten bottles were purchased four days ago after he exited the consciousness space.

Truly, he didn\'t find difficulty getting them from Mr.

Goati\'s hands.

Felix wasn\'t planning on integrating but just extracting each primogenitor\'s essence and filtering them in prepared empty bottles.

Asna, you can start.

Felix requested while starting with one epic tier 4 illusion bottle.

After injecting all of its content into his heart, he waited with hands clutched in anticipation for Asna\'s report.



Felix smiled wryly after hearing her negative response.

However, he didn\'t let it affect him as he still had another one.

He swiftly returned all the previous bloodline content into the bottle from a small wound in his finger.

Naturally, this was the doing of Asna.

After doing so, he took a deep breath and injected the content of the 2nd illusion into his heart, and prayed softly for some good results.

Uhmm, this one has 1% Illusion Primogenitor essence but the memories in it are useless. Asna informed lazily, It\'s just 10 seconds of gazing at space.

No problem. Felix exhaled in relief, At least we got 1% as a start.

Felix needed to find anything in those two bottles for morals as he knew that this side project would be a long hellish journey until he collects 99% essence needed to finish a replacement stage.

It would have been better if he spotted the Illusion Primogenitor in his earliest memories to know his species...But it is what it is.

He couldn\'t have it all.

Felix quickly extracted the bloodline into its original bottle while the 1% illusion essence was placed in another empty bottle, separating the two.

He then beamed both in his spatial card and carried on with the five Fire bloodline bottles.

Although Felix didn\'t have even 1% fire affinity, it didn\'t matter since he could not integrate with the bloodlines.

With Asna\'s oppression, those bloodlines couldn\'t flare up inside Felix\'s body like everyone else who injected an essence of a wrong element. 

It took Asna 10 minutes until she finished dealing with them all.

It turned out that Malak was quite lucky as Asna had found 29% essence from 4 bottles while the last one was empty.

Felix carried the same sequence with the 5 wind bottles and this time Asna found only 19% in 3 bottles and the other two were empty.

So far so good. Felix smiled in satisfaction while holding into the last Epic tier 6 Sand bottle.

Finally, the last one. Asna yawned while stretching lazily like a cat on her bed.

With her furry grey pajamas that had cat ears on its hoodie, it wasn\'t a farfetched analogy.

Inject it fast; I want to return to my sleep! Asna said with a rushed tone after seeing that Felix appreciated the content of the bottle.

Sleep, sleep, that\'s the only thing you think about.\'

Vexed, Felix took the needle at once and injected the content into his heart.

After emptying the entire bottle, he rubbed his hands in agitation and anticipation.

This was the moment of truth.

Whether epic tier 6 bloodlines were more worth it than using multiple tier 5 bloodlines!

If the amount was above 10%, Felix would fully focus on hunting epic tier 6 sand bloodlines until he reaches 99%.

If not, he would buy epic tier 5 bottles from other shops than Mr.

Goati whose stock was still empty after a month now!

After waiting for a couple of seconds, Asna opened her eyes while raising her eyebrow slightly in surprise.

I found 16% in it, but...

THANK GOD! Felix exclaimed loudly in excitement and delight, interrupting Asna mid-sentence.

He was hoping for just 10% after getting traumatized by epic tier 5 sand bottles that rarely give beyond 5% due to the Sphinx being a Chimera species.

Upon seeing that he calmed down again, Asna carried on from where she left with an annoyed tone, Yet, that wasn\'t the biggest finding but her memories!

Oh You saw something useful Felix inquired.

Yes, I saw the reason why she was being referred to as the Guardian of Knowledge and Truth! Asna said.

Felix\'s eyes widened in delight as he understood that it would be vital information if he ever met with Lady Sphinx during her awakening at 99% integration!

So far, Asna hasn\'t told him yet what she saw in all the memories collected but she also said that it wasn\'t much information like he found in the Jörmungandr\'s memories. 

Wanna know She asked playfully.


Although Felix was curious alright, he still reigned it since he believed it was much better to watch the entire memories linearly.

Tsk, it\'s your loss. Asna covered herself with the bedsheets and closed her eyes after.

Alas, Felix wasn\'t done with her yet.

You better not sleep yet. Felix beamed a black box in front of him and opened it up swiftly.

He grinned widely after witnessing hundreds of rainbow stones stacked next to each other.

They were constantly switching colors, making him slightly dizzy by the sight as his eyes were sensitive to light than the rest.

He turned his head to the side and placed his hand inside the box, touching a dozen of stones at once.

Without needing to be told, Asna started absorbing them and purifying them later on.

This process lasted for half an hour until 1k High-Grade Illusion stones were purified properly.

This left Felix with multiple boxes filled with black dust lying next to him randomly.

Felix beamed them back in the bracelet and stopped bringing out any new boxes.

1k stones were more than enough to last him for 5 daily enhancements or so.

Asna didn\'t waste time as she started enhancing his illusion affinity, which was stuck in 12% for a very long time if his previous life was taken into account.

\'Oh, I missed this feeling.\'

Felix just laid on the ground in utter euphoria, feeling like he was lying on a peaceful lake in the hot summer.

Alas, it didn\'t last for even a couple of minutes as Felix\'s body was still not good enough to handle larger doses of enhancements.

Still, after he requested the Queen to scan him, he found out that his illusion affinity rating was increased by 4% at once!

This meant it wouldn\'t take him even 22 days until he reached 100%.

Though, as long as he didn\'t manage to collect enough illusion primogenitor essence, it wouldn\'t matter much if he reached 100% now or years later.

Speaking about illusion, Felix swiftly contacted the Beethoven auction house and informed them of his intentions to auction the Epic tier 6 sand bloodline bottle and those two illusion bottles.

Due to him being considered a VIP guest, the auction accepted the deal after informing him that he would be required to pay 1% fees for each item sold on their platform.

Felix agreed and signed the contract with them.

Then he sent them the serial codes and told them that he would be responsible for the delivery process.

He preferred sending them with Bodidi to stay on the safe side.

After dealing with those bottles, Felix called Looby and informed him of the incoming ten fire/wind bottles.

He gladly accepted them but he told him that he would be paying the full amount on 2 days interval.

Felix hung up after voicing his agreement to the proposal.

I should be expecting 5 billion return if I was unlucky and lost too much on the auctioned three bottles. Felix thought after doing a quick calculation.

Currently, he had only 9 billion SC left in his bank account, placing him back to where he belongs.

He was worried that his three bottles would be butchered in the monthly auction if they were contested heavily on.

But if the opposite happened, he could potentially sell them at a profit! He was already profiting from them by extracting the primogenitors\' essence!

Let\'s head to the show...

Ring Ring!

Just as Felix stood up, planning to get himself cleaned up, he noticed that the Maganda Chief was calling him!

Hehe, I guess they are getting impatient after not updating them. Felix grinned deviously while accepting the call.


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