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May I know how both of you ended up in this situation Felix sugarcoated his question as much as possible.

He understood that anyone signing a slave contract seldom came without a **ty experience that was too hard to recall.

By asking them this, he was doing nothing but opening up their wounds.

As expected, Malak expression\'s turned nasty instantly.

She didn\'t seem like she was targeting Felix with her look.

\'Well, she ain\'t answering that.\' Felix shook his head lightly after seeing her reaction.

When he turned to Erik, Felix saw that he was being given a look meant for morons.

Before Felix could feel baffled by that look, Erik said with a casual tone, Obviously because we signed a recruitment contract.



A desolate silence had descended in the room as both Felix and Malak felt like their brain had short-circuited.

They kept staring with a dumbstruck expression at Erik, making him feel a bit weirded out.

Why are you looking at me like that Abashed, Erik scratched his nose and said, I am getting embarrassed.

This can\'t be right. Felix shook his head and fired off multiple questions at once, You are joking right About the recruitment contract You do realize that you signed a slave contract Right

Slave contract What are you talking about boss Baffled, Erik snapped his finger and displayed a holographic contract.

He pointed his finger at the title and said, See It says Recruitment Contract.

Neither Felix nor Malak knew how to react after reading the title.

It wasn\'t because it was written Recruitment instead of slave contract, but because of Erik\'s sincere bewilderment about the situation!

They knew that all slave contracts never actually have a title that said >Slave Contract


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