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After the Winter Wolf Boy got auctioned successfully, a couple more servants followed after him.

Most of them were from different races, which weren\'t really that high up in the SGAlliance Power/Authority Tree.

If they were to be placed, they would utmost have a tiny branch just like the Human Race.

Naturally, those Races in the ruling power would not be sold in any public auction like this since it would offend the race they belonged to.

Those Races at the top like the Witch Race, Dwarf Race...etc, always had fewer numbers but they were more united than ever unlike the Human Race and others.

They couldn\'t accept that one of their own people was enslaved by a lesser Alliance member.

Hence, each of them had created over the years countermeasures against the slavery contract and those who kidnapped one of their kin.

Just like the Space Worm Race who created the lifelong contract to give their juniors backing whenever they were doing their deliveries or just playing around in space by opening up random wormholes.

Therefore, if one planned on kidnapping a Dwarf or a Witch, they better make it impossible to find them.

If they were going to auction them, it would be done in black Market auctions, not this one.

Meanwhile, no one would give a ** if a human got kidnapped unless he was famous or had a noteworthy figure or background backing him up.

Unsurprisingly, most races were just like humans in this case, making it possible to kidnap them and force them into a slave contract just to be sold later on.

Just like what was happening for the past hour since the moment Felix had stepped foot in this auction.

A slave after another kept passing by Felix\'s numbed expression as he was merely waiting for a good bid to appear.

So far, there were many 3rd stages or 4th stage bloodliners that had been sold.

But Felix didn\'t like their details.

Some of them had high-profiled mutations while others were still resisting the notion of being a slave.

Which was totally within their rights but Felix didn\'t want to buy trouble.

He already had enough troubles and wanted loyal subordinates to help him deal with a few issues like the Gama Organization situation.

He didn\'t want to lie by comforting them that they would be freed from the contract if they worked hard enough.

Felix had no intentions of releasing anyone exposed to his secrets unless he got strong enough to not give a ** about his secrets being exposed.

Hence, his servants shouldn\'t be mentally unstable but those who were willing to serve him.

He believed that would take work to really deserve their loyalty instead of being forced upon them...But, Felix was ready to go all out on gearing them up and making them part of his inner circle. 

That wasn\'t the only reason he kept rejecting each auctioned servent but also due to their elements.

Felix hoped to get one with a common element so it wouldn\'t be expensive as hell to gather the primogenitors\' essences.

Thankfully, he wasn\'t left waiting for long as the next servant that the Queen had brought was to Felix\'s liking.

He was a well-toned man with two long white feathers attached on top of his smooth bald head.

That\'s as much as Felix managed to see since his face was censored.

Naturally, the auction would either use this or give them a random face to hide their identity.

Even the details didn\'t have their full name or exactly their background so both the auction and the buyer would avoid trouble if there were authoritative figures looking for them.

\'Not bad, an epic peak 4th stage bloodliner with the primary element being wind.\' Felix was reading off his details while glancing once in a while in his direction.

\'His background is clean and he never exhibited any worrisome actions.\'

Felix closed off the details hologram and focused on the starting bid that was written in the window...>700 millionOne hour later...

Felix was cleaning himself up by changing into new clothes.

He had already successfully won a bid on another epic peak 4th stage bloodliner by paying 5.1 Billion for her.

This brought down his leftover capital to 15 billion SC.

Currently, he was preparing himself to meet them both in his room and see upclose if his bids were worth it or not.

\'Queen, please them send in.\' He requested.

Immediately after he said so, light particles started to gather in the open space next to his seat.

The room was bigger than usual just for this reason as the Auction had taken into consideration that the bidders would want to check their winning bids.

After a moment, the light had gone away leaving behind him the bald man with two white feathers on top of his head and a woman.

She was quite a sensational woman as her hair was orange like the sun being seen from afar and remarkably long, reaching down to her kneecap.

She had a well-proportioned body, appearing like she was taking good care of herself.

Meanwhile, her face would have appeared even more gorgeous if she wasn\'t staring coldly at Felix with clear hostility, unlike the other dude who was checking the place like he was on a vacation.

Both of them were using their real faces and bodies since they were in the presence of Felix.

Hello. Felix greeted with the warmest smile that he could muster.

After all, no need to be all bossy from the start and create a separating bridge that would never be crossed.


The man greeted back cooly but the woman didn\'t even bother to nod her head at Felix.

She merely kept staring at him like he killed her parents or something.

Felix didn\'t mind how she was looking at him as he believed that he would also react like that if he was ever in her situation.

Heck, the dude\'s carefree manner was actually even weirder than the woman\'s silence!

Can you please introduce yourselves Felix requested.

He already read their details and knew about their names and such, but he still wanted a proper faceoff introduction.

As expected, the man didn\'t voice any complaint as he started introducing himself, I am Erik Boggous, an epic peak 4th stage bloodliner.

I have two elements wind and magma but I never bothered to integrate with a magma element beast since the element affinity rating is pretty low...What else

Erik paused and started pondering for a couple of seconds before continuing, Oh, my current bloodline is from the Fierce Atlanta Pheasant. He stopped to ask, Do you want to know about the rest of the bloodlines that I used and such

Felix shook his head and stated with a contentful tone, No, that was perfect.

Let\'s leave the rest for later.

Gotchu! Erik winked at Felix, making him roll his eyes speechlessly.

He started to doubt the validity of the Queen\'s information as Erik was starting to appear like he was a bit retarded.

\'Sigh, at least she appears normal.\' Felix thought while looking at the silent woman who didn\'t seem like she had any intentions to share a single thing about herself.

Felix waited for a while, giving the woman all the time she needed to respond.

Alas, she still seemed reclined to speak.

At least your name Felix showed a tight-lipped smile as he looked at her.

The woman traded eye contact with him for a couple of seconds in silence until Felix started to lose faith.

\'This will take more time than anticipat...\'

Just as Felix wanted to sigh in dejection, the woman said coldly, Malak Sollorio.

Then, she went quiet again.

But, Felix was still satisfied by hearing her voice as that made him feel like she wasn\'t a helpless cause that might take months just to approach.

\'Now, let\'s get into the sticky question.\' Felix thought solemnly, \'Hopefully, they wouldn\'t react excessively.\'


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