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After Felix\'s body got reconstructed outside of the gate, he massaged his temples with an irked expression, \'I can\'t stay hidden from that brat lest she tells her father and he ends up joining me.\'

Felix knew that ditching Princess Bird for a couple of hours wouldn\'t cause any issues since the Chief wasn\'t going to kick him from the event because of it.

However, if he kept pushing his luck like this, it would appear too disrespectful to the Chief who was the sole reason he could attend this auction.

Who knows, he could end up getting kicked out by the Chief if he felt displeased by him.

Felix didn\'t want to get kicked out on the first day of the event as he knew that after each day, the quality and rarity of items would keep increasing.

At the end of the event, there would be one final Co-Hosted Auction that could be accessed only by guests who spent at least 5 billion in the event.

Felix didn\'t want to miss it even though he had no idea what items would be auctioned in it.

Hence, he switched back to his previous disguise and showed his Landlord\'s name above his head.

Then, he walked in direction of a restaurant, wanting to grab a bite since the next auction on his list wouldn\'t start until two hours.

Well, it had already started and finished selling their first batch of items.

Felix was planning to attend the 2nd batch in the day.

This was how every auction was operating in this event to give the guest a chance to visit as many auctions as possible while also not missing out on too many items due to time constraints.


In a few minutes...

Felix had reached the entrance of an ancient-looking building that was only two-story high.

Felix waited for a couple of seconds for his turn in the queue before going inside.

Just like always, space inside was enlarged immensely, making it possible for thousands of people to eat on tables.

While he could see that the restaurant was packed and bustling, he realized that the noise never went beyond a certain limit.

This made the scene seem lively but at the same time tolerable to sit in and enjoy one\'s food.

\'Queen, please teleport me to an empty tab...For real\'

Felix\'s request was cut short after his eyes landed on The Chief staring at him speechlessly with Princess Bird pouting by his side.

There were a woman and three men sitting with him at the same table, which was placed near the entrance, making it pretty visible to anyone who entered.

\'I will be damned.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he swiftly turned his head left, acting like he didn\'t see them.

Alas, the moment Princess Bird saw him, it was nigh impossible for him to escape sitting with them.

There he is! Princess Bird pointed her finger at Felix and grumbled to her father, He ditched me at the Belverian Auction House.

I even searched hours for hi...

Before she finished on her rant, she hastily covered her mouth shut with her hands, appearing like she said something she shouldn\'t have.

The Chief displeased expression as he eyed her made pretty obvious that he didn\'t like what she just mentioned.

\'Didn\'t you tell me an hour ago that you felt bored and left him in the auction\' The Chief questioned her telepathically with a deep frown, \'Daring to lie to me now\'

\'I didn\'t want you to scold me.\' She sent a message with a wronged expression, \'Plus, it\'s that bastard\'s fault.

We did him honor by inviting him and he took it for granted.\'

\'Shift the blame all you want.\' The Chief gave her a strict gaze, \'You are still not escaping punishment for lying.\'

\'This is so unfair!\' Princess Bird\'s eyes got watery as she knew that a hellish training awaits her after the event.

\'As for Landlord, I will deal with him on my own.\' The Chief sent this message while gesturing kindly with his hand for Felix to approach the table.

\'God damn it, should have fasted for the day if I knew this would have happened.\' Felix complained in his mind while walking towards them with a polite smile.

After reaching the Chief side, he nodded his head respectfully towards him and the seniors on the table with him.

Then, he glanced at aggrieved Princess Bird and asked shamelessly, Where did you run off Didn\'t we agree to meet at the auction\'s gate

Princess Bird\'s eyes widened in disbelief at the crap he was spewing without a change of expression.

Just as she opened her mouth, wanting to deny his bull**, The Chief laughed loudly and said, Do forgive my daughter.

She could be a bit clumsy and forgetful.

Felix shook his head and said with a satisfied expression, I beg to differ, I truly enjoyed her company.

And if I didn\'t lose her, I would have loved to have her around in the previous auction.

Youuu!!!! Princess Bird managed to utter only this as her quickened breaths from rage were making it impossible to construct a sentence.

Looking at her reddened cheeks and ears, Felix smiled gently, I am glad that you feel the same way.

Not wanting to make her cough out blood or faint, Felix turned his vision to the four seniors and requested politely, May I join you for dinner

Be my guest. A man with a long white mustache that was reaching his chest, gestured for Felix to take the empty seat near the Chief.

Old Eagle, aren\'t you going to introduce us to your friend Zosia tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she asked calmly.

Meanwhile, she sent a message to the Chief, \'Should we ask him about his backers here or keep it as planned\'

\'Let\'s wait.

It\'s too public and there are many ghosts around us.\' The Chief responded while extending his hand at Felix, This is Landlord, a mid-tier gold player, owner of three unique titles, and also one of the nominees to the Low-Elo Yearly Best Player Award.


So this is the player who created a ruckus 15 days ago What a remarkable young lad.

The four seniors all acted astonished in their own way, making Felix wave his hands as he replied, You are giving me too much credit seniors.

\'Heh, they are thinking that I don\'t know about them and their little Alliance.\' Felix smirked in his mind as he looked at the otherworldly youthful faces of those fogies. 

If it wasn\'t for Felix\'s previous life memories, he would simply know about their backgrounds but not their hidden alliance that wasn\'t out in the open currently.

How could he not know about the Anti-Royalty Alliance that was going to declare war against the Mariana Empire 15 years later if the time-line wasn\'t messed up by him

It was the first massive war in the Milky Way Galaxy for hundreds of thousands of years! As the progenitors, he had remembered vividly.

\'Zosia Everglow, a legendary peak 6th stage bloodliner and the future Queen of The Everglow Kingdom.\' Felix started recalling the pieces that he knew.

\'Her family was allegedly assassinated by the Royal Family, leaving only her uncle behind, who was sitting on the throne.\'

Felix didn\'t know exactly if the Royal Family truly had any relations to the assassination or not, but he knew that the Everglow Kingdom was the strongest kingdom in the empire.

The king was an Origin Realm Bloodliner while their fleets were over-equipped.

They could even give the Royal Family a run for their money if a war had occurred.

This was the reason why everyone assumed that the Royal Family was responsible for the assassination since the Kingdom was clearly started to be considered a threat to the Empire.

This was all that Felix managed to remember after seeing Zosia\'s face.

Meanwhile, for those three fogies who were appearing even younger than he was, Felix recalled that they were the three leaders of the Sanctum Federation.

This Federation was known for being the 3rd strongest superpower in the empire since it was created by a tight-knotted alliance of three Kingdoms.

Tight-knotted in the sense that their territories were sharing the borders and all big decisions in each kingdom were being voted on.

This was as much as Felix\'s **ty memory could help him identify those four.

However, knowing that he was being targeted by the entire Anti-Royal Alliance instead of just the Maganda Chief changed Felix\'s perspective about the entire matter.

At first, he believed that the Chief was aiming for his \'backers\' to obtain the method to create those abnormal bloodlines to empower his people, but now He was 70% certain that they were desperate to obtain his \'method\' to empower their bloodliners for the incoming war!

\'It seems like I am going to f*ck up the timeline pretty heavily this time.\' Felix sighed in his mind while joining in meaningless flattery and conversations with the seniors.

None of them mentioned anything private about him or the bloodlines.

They kept the conversation flat to the point Felix started to doubt his judgment.

Alas, his doubts evaporated after he was requested to meet them up in the final Co-Hosted Auction.

If you don\'t manage to secure a spot on your own, we will invite you as a ghost to spectate the Greatest Auction in the Galaxy. The Chief informed.

Thank you for the offer.

I will make sure to be there. Felix smiled politely while standing up.

It was truly a pleasure to meet you seniors.

The pleasure is ours. The seniors smiled back.

Go with him. The Chief warned the disgruntled Alicia, Don\'t create any more troubles for Sir Landlord.

FATHER! You ar...

Just as Princess Bird wanted to go on a rant, she was glared at by the Chief and she held her aggrievance in.

Princess, let\'s enjoy ourselves. Felix grinned faintly as he walked towards the door.

Bastard! Princess Bird\'s cheeks reddened while floating behind him.

Don\'t say such a bull** that could be misunderstood!

Seeing that he was far from the seniors, Felix dropped his act and ordered, Brat, if you don\'t want to get ditched again, you better stop annoying me in the auctions.

Who do you think you are to order me around! Princess Bird scoffed, Not even my father dare to order me around.

No wonder you turned into a spoiled brat. Felix murmured while checking on the map.

After setting up his next destination, he set off while being chased by the grumpily Princess Bird.


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