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In a short while...

Felix could be seen sitting inside a small-sized room that had only two chairs and a glass window.

This wasn\'t a VIP room but just a regular one inside this auction house, which didn\'t have any seats in it like the previous one.

Everyone had his own small room that was peeking at the holographic image of the Queen.

She was floating in the center while displaying a bottle with dark liquid within it.

This is an epic rank tier 6 Lavania Bulldozer Bloodline.

The Starting Bid is 700 million SC. She followed with, Its full details are on your screens.

You have 2 minutes to read them properly before we begin bidding.

Felix glanced at them but didn\'t read them carefully.

Instead, he scrolled on the updated items list, wanting to see what items were added recently by the guests.

While he was reading them, the bidding for the bloodline had already started and the price had climbed through 1 billion SC without any signs of stopping.

Oh! Felix exclaimed in delight after seeing that another epic tier 4 illusion bloodline was recently added.

He was already aiming to buy one epic tier 4 illusion bloodline from this auction and another one that would be placed on a different day.

He knew that only by buying a lot of them could he actually obtain 1% or 2% of the illusion primogenitor.

After all, they were just a tier 4 beasts.

If it was for any other uncommon element, Felix wouldn\'t even bat an eye on them.

Alas, if he ever wanted to utilize his illusion element, this was the way to go.

Clap Clap Clap!...

Felix joined the abrupt applause after the successful auctioning of the item.

When it quietened down, the Queen displayed another bloodline and Felix lowered his head in disinterest.

It wasn\'t what he sought and probably it was going to take a while until the bloodlines that he wanted to make an appearance.

After all, there were multiple elements.

Even if the auction decided to display a single bloodline for every element besides rare, the number of bottles could reach hundreds!

As expected, Felix had to wait for an entire hour until the Queen mentioned, This is an epic tier 4 Spectrum Mournling Bloodline.

The Starting Bid is 250 million SC.

She gave them two minutes to read its details and Felix decided to reread them since he didn\'t remember much.

//Bloodline Name: Spectrum Mournling.

Tier: 4

Rank: Epic

Element: Illusion.

Passive abilities pool: *Illusionary Vision*, *Skin Hardening*, *Hallucination Immunity*...etc

Active abilities pool: *Illusive Suggestion*, *Illusion Reflection*...*Illusionary Skin*...etc

History: Spectrum Mournling is a worm species beast that uses illusion element to avoid predators.

Its currently being bred domestically by the Welsh Family in Bardot Empire.//

Felix wasn\'t surprised in the slightest by the fact that the beast was being domestically bred instead of hunted in the Andromeda Galaxy.

He understood that 99% of the illusion bloodlines in the markets were all sold by the breeding families.

As for the hunted illusion beasts

They seldom make an appearance in the auctions.

If they did, it would just a pitiful tier 1 beast.

That\'s because it was almost impossible to hunt them down with their peculiar abilities.

If even tier 1 was giving this much trouble to hunters, how about tier 5

Until now, no one actually knew if there was even a tier 5 illusion beast or not since they were never spotted before.

Felix knew about the primogenitors\' existence, he understood that probably even tier 7 illusion beasts were existing.

After all, for the illusion primogenitor\'s bloodline to reach even tier 1 beast, it was impossible not to reach higher-tiered beasts first.

He believed that the only reason no one was finding those high-tiered beasts was that they were disguising themselves!

The Jörmungandr had stated before that no one had seen the real Illusion primogenitor due to his constant realistic shapeshifting.

Those beasts might not be able to shapeshift as good as the illusion primogenitor but they could at least fool humans.

So, those illusion beasts might have been spotted millions of times by hunters unbeknownst to them.

Please begin bidding.

Felix closed down the details after hearing the Queen\'s announcement.

280 million from room 14.

310 million from room 133.

390 million from room 63.

By now, the price had already exceeded the known epic tier 5 bloodlines in the market and it was still climbing slowly but surely.

Felix decided to join the fun by increasing 60 million at once, pushing the price to 450 million.

After a couple of back and forth bidding, Felix ended up winning it after his last bid that reached 590 million SC.

That\'s double epic tier 5 sand bloodlines!

Yet, Felix wasn\'t even bothered by it as he knew that his money would return one way or another after he places those bottles back in other auctions. 

If it wasn\'t against the rules to place them back in this event, he would have done so after extracting the essence.

Alas, the auctions didn\'t want to see guests buying products in this auction and resell them in another.

That would mess up the entire seven days event.


A couple of hours later...

Felix had already secured the other illusion bloodlines after paying 510 million for it.

Now, he was simply waiting for the epic tier 6 sand bloodline to make an appearance.

It was kept at the end of the event with five more bloodlines with the same rank and tier.

Thankfully, it was presented sooner than the rest as the Queen had displayed the bottle in the air and told them that the starting price was 650 million SC.

Felix reread its details in those two minutes of wait and he couldn\'t help but hope that everyone\'s reaction would be lukewarm since the bloodline\'s abilities weren\'t really the best compared to its counterparts.

That\'s due to being from the Cat species.

After all, the evolutionary traits of cats weren\'t really that compatible with the sand element.

But they were amazing if the element was darkness.

That same concept applied to other species.

For example, bird species with water element weren\'t going to be as good as marine beasts with the same element.

Hence, compatibility should also be taken into consideration when choosing a bloodline.

Felix never bothered by any of this since he was simply seeking the primogenitor essence from those bloodlines.

690 million from room 1784.

730 million from room 986.

790 million from room 41.

820 million from room 1784.

As he hoped for, the Queen started the auctioning, the bids were coming from just 4 rooms and the newer bids weren\'t increasing by much.

\'So far so good.\' Felix smiled faintly, \'I will make a move when the price reaches 1.5 billion SC.\'

It took at least a minute before the bid reached it since only two bidders were left at the end and they were increasing by 20 million each time.

Queen, please add 50 million SC. Felix requested out loud, not bothering to speak in his mind since no one was with him and those rooms weren\'t accessible by the \'Ghosts\'.

1.550 billion from room 99. The Queen announced.

The two bidders went silent after realizing that another competitor had joined them.

However, they still wanted to test Felix\'s limits as one of them increased by 40 million and the other followed after him by 30 million.

Queen, 200 million. Felix said calmly.

With that, the final bid had reached 1.820 Billion SC.

Those two bidders wanted to jack up the price a bit more just to spite Felix for ruining their chances at buying the bloodliner cheaper, but they didn\'t dare to.

After all, they didn\'t want the bloodline to end up in their hands with that price when the beast\'s species wasn\'t even the best in the market for sand element.

They could purchase a scorpion epic tier 6 bloodline by just adding 200 million SC or so.

Hence, they stopped bidding at once.

1.820 SC billion from room 99...going once....twice.....Sold.

Bam! Clap Clap!...

\'Pheew, finally a lucky break.\' Felix sighed in relief after hearing the gavel sound followed by the applause.

However, he didn\'t stick around to bask in them as he needed to catch up to another auction that was selling potions, substances, materials...etc 

His main target was Elemental Potion...If he found it cheaper, he wouldn\'t hesitate to grab one!

Felix would always be needing new elements if he wanted to continue on his unique Primogenitors bloodline path.

However, if the potion was too expensive, Felix could only give up on it and continue relying on materials to concoct it.

After all, its market price was 5 billion SC.

Since there was no supply, this price could multiply with the snap of a finger in this event.

Although the rest of the humans who awakened a new element with the Elemental Potion weren\'t going to enhance their affinity rating as fast as Felix, still they could totally reach 50% if they were willing to pay big bucks.

Anyone aiming for the Elemental Potion was beyond filthy rich and could afford to waste tens of billions to raise it!

Felix didn\'t want to commit most of his leftover capital to fight it out against them.

He still wanted to buy a decent body artifact, other potions, the Elemental Potion materials, and more.


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