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It wasn\'t hard for Felix to find who was responsible for selling the ancient ruins maps since there was only one Auction House doing so in the event.

Alas, Felix\'s hopes were shattered after seeing that more than 30 ancient ruins maps were planned to be auctioned in the next seven days of the event.

This high number was quite understandable since the guests were allowed to place their own ancient ruins maps just like Felix planned on doing.

Those were added to the original number posted by the auction house itself.

At least, the starting bids aren\'t shabby.

Felix was comforted when he saw that tier 7 ancient ruins maps had 1 billion SC starting bid.

This tier was supposed to be the least desirable due to the insurmountable difficulty to explore the ruins.

Meanwhile, those with lower tiers like tier 1/2/3/4 were placed at 2 billion starting bid.

I should garner at least 20 billion SC off my maps if I was unlucky. Felix concluded so from the starting bids and his map tiers.

He was positive in earning this since he was planning to ensure that all of his ruins were still unexplored yet!

He would be stupid not to take advantage of this information by including it in the contract to increase the price.

The bidders would believe it since if they found that the ruins were explored,  Felix would be required to pay them back their money plus 50% extra.

But Felix didn\'t have to worry about it due to his future memories.

After he marked the Auction House name, Felix carried on his planning by checking on other auctions.

He spent at least two hours until he finally created an efficient plan for the next seven days.

However, the Chief\'s existence was probably going to mess up his planning.

After all, Felix couldn\'t just ditch him and do as he pleased when he got this opportunity only due to him.

That\'s beyond disrespectful and even if Felix decided to go for it, he could still get his invitation link revoked by the Chief since he was just his 1.

Since he invited me to buy me over, I can drag him around the auctions that I want to visit and he probably won\'t complain about it. Felix murmured without a hint of embarrassment.

\'Shameless! You truly don\'t deserve to be invited anywhere.\' Asna said in a chiding tone.

I didn\'t ask him to invite me though. Felix said as he shrugged his shoulders carelessly.

Felix did appreciate the invitation, but that didn\'t mean he was going to lower his head to the Chief and follow him like a dog in the event.

If it was going to be like that, he wouldn\'t even bother to accept the invitation!

Not much time left.

Felix glanced at his bracelet and stood up.

He opened the VR store and picked a nice formal suit and a randomized face disguise.

He wasn\'t planning on wearing a mask since a random face disguise was more than enough to stop anyone from seeing his real face.

The only reason he was wearing that hoodie in the games was to keep that sense of mystery that might attract more fans than just using a random face that wouldn\'t be approved.

One should never underestimate the players\' exterior in terms of bringing more profits.


One hour later...

Felix stood up from the couch and requested the Queen to activate the invitation link after he noticed that four hours had gone by since he woke up.

This time, the Queen didn\'t deny his entry but straightaway started the teleportation process, which was naturally free of charge.

As usual, it didn\'t even take a second before Felix\'s body got reconstructed back again.

However, this time he wasn\'t teleported inside a white circle within the teleportation company but in front of an enormous wide open wooden gate.

It had more of an earthling Chinese style of decoration as it was red and had orange lanterns hovering around it.

Felix didn\'t teleport right in front of it per se but on a long staircase that was leading to this gate.

He had opened his eyes to the sight of peak white mountains, clouds, and chilling wind caressing his cheeks gently.

Even the smell was fragrant like he was standing above a field of Stargazer Lily flowers.

Not a bad choice for a venue this time.

Indeed, I disliked last year\'s venue since it was held in a dome underwater and I am quite a claustrophobic person.

Felix\'s engrossment in the peacefulness of the atmosphere was shattered apart after more and more guests started to get teleported right next to him.

Unlike him who was standing alone, they came in twos and were chatting together loudly.

Most of them had their real names placed right above their heads, making it obvious that no one was afraid to hide his identity in this event.

Yet, Felix managed to recognize only one of them.

That\'s because he was a super famous high elo player who was pretty active in trending news due to his scandals.

As for the rest He had no clue.

Just as Felix wanted to climb the stairs and follow the herd, he received a message from the Queen, \'Sir Felix, if you want to directly teleport inside the venue, you can do so.\'

\'No need.\' Felix shook his head and carried on climbing the stairs while enjoying the view.

Alas, he barely took two steps before his bracelet started vibrating.

Felix glanced at the screen and noticed that he got a new email from the Maganda Chief.

He opened it up and read it with his eyes.

It was just a single sentence, informing him that they were waiting for him behind the red gate.

\'They\' Felix knitted his eyebrows, \'Don\'t tell me others are going to join us.\'

Felix forgot to consider this since he believed that the Chief would utmost secure a single invitation letter that allows him to bring 1.

\'It seems like I am going to meet with his friends.\' Felix smirked, \'Whatever, I will drag them all with me.\'

After climbing for a couple of minutes, Felix had finally reached the wide-open gate and was met with an inconceivable sight that took his breaths away.

Buildings of all shapes and sizes were carried by floating rocks, appearing like palaces in heaven.

Each one of those buildings did their best effort to be as unique and distinctive as the rest to attract the most attention.

Felix eyed the nearest building to him and saw that it had floating stones, leading to its gate that was guarded by two lions statues.

They were sitting on their paws with their jaws wide open, appearing like they were roaring at the rest of the buildings.

Lion\'s Gate Auction House. Felix read what was written on the golden board that was affixed above the auction gate.

He could see that multiple people were already jumping from one floating rock to another, aiming for the gate.

Meanwhile, some of them simply floated there with their hands folded behind their backs.

Just as Felix wanted to switch his vision to another auction building, he felt that someone had tapped his shoulder.

He turned around and saw a middle-aged man, smiling faintly while looking at him.

He was wearing a brown robe that had an Hexagone eagle in its chest.

Felix knew who he was without needing to guess since the man had his name written above his head.

Good afternoon, Chief. Felix bowed his head respectfully and said, It\'s an honor to meet you.

The honor is mine. The Chief said with a warm tone.

Felix could see that the Chief was inspecting his face without attempting to hide it.

Yet, Felix didn\'t exhibit feelings of nervousness or worry at being found out.

He just kept a polite smile affixed on his lips while taking glimpses behind the Chief, wondering why no one was with him.

The Chief noticed his bewilderment and facepalmed lightly, My apologizes, I thought my daughter gave you permission to see her.

\'Daughter\' Felix got even more baffled by what he heard.

However, soon he understood what the Chief meant after he received a message from the Queen, \'You have been given direct permission to see a holographic image of Princess Alicia.

Do you accept\'

\'Uhmm, Alicia Is she one of the two oldest daughters\'

Although Felix didn\'t know who she was, he still decided to accept.

Alas, he regretted his decision the moment he saw the infamous little devil, wearing an elegant black dress while having her yellow bangs moved to the side, exposing her gem-like eyes.

Felix wasn\'t fooled even a bit by her cute appearance as the horrors he heard about her in his previous life were still fresh in his mind.

Landlord, we meet again. Princess Bird said smugly.

I wish we didn\'t. Felix murmured to himself, but he still presented his hand for a handshake.

He was in the presence of her father and there was no need to provoke her.

Are you making fun of me Princess Bird\'s eyebrows arched in irritation, Can\'t you see that I am just a hologram

Oh right, you don\'t possess an invitation link. Felix said casually while withdrawing his hand back.

Bastard! That\'s because you are f*cking using it! Princess Bird snapped loudly, uncaring about being in public.

She knew that besides her father and Felix no one else could see her.

She was exactly like a wandering ghost who\'s here to only look and not interact.

That was pissing her off especially when Felix was using her own invitation link and lowkey bragging about it.

She wasn\'t the only one who visited the event in this form as most of the guests had brought their 2 in this manner to let them attend.

This \'ghost\' feature was only allowed in private spaces if the owner gave his permission.

Naturally, everyone could sense those ghosts if they got too close to them.

If they were annoyed by it, a simple request from the Queen would force those ghosts to go away lest they end up being kicked out from the event.

Father, I don\'t thi...Father Princess Bird was left stunned after seeing that the Chief had suddenly disappeared.

\'Where did he go\' Felix was also confused by this as he didn\'t expect that the Chief would take off abruptly like this.

Soon, he received his answer in an email that was sent to him by the Chief, >Alicia will be accompanying you while I am dealing with some matters.

I will catch up with you guys later.

Have Fun!<

Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he kept switching his vision from the email and Princess Bird who was looking everywhere like a child who lost his parents in a carnival.

\'He totally meant to ditch me with his daughter.

But why\' Felix wondered, \'Does he think I will hit it off with this spoiled brat\'

\'Whatever, It\'s even better this way.\' Felix grinned widely while walking forward, uncaring about leaving behind Princess Bird.


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