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Days passed by quickly and the Galactical Yearly Auction Event was just around the corner.

Felix spent those days either practicing or conversing with his private agent Emma.

She had already signed the contract and got to work on his Landlord\'s business emails that he kept ignoring.

Naturally, before contacting anyone, she had to ask first whether Felix was interested in the offer or not.

99% of them were rejected since they were invitations to interviews and Ads that either required him to show his face or the payment wasn\'t even worth 2 hours of Felix\'s time.

As for the remaining 1% It revolved around sponsorship deals.

Felix permitted Emma to accept only brands that were willing to pay 450 million SC for each game he had their brand logo on his clothes.

Naturally, not everyone agreed to such a preposterous offer when Emma relayed it to them.

After all, 450 million SC for just a logo appearance That was too much of a rip-off.

Yet, three brands actually agreed upon the price on the condition that Felix remain contracted to them for three games at a minimum.

Plus, he needed to give the brands some shot-outs once in a while.

It might seem like it wasn\'t worth it of an advertis.e.m.e.nt since Felix\'s games rarely had above 100 million live viewers, but that was only if we considered live viewers.

The brands weren\'t paying to be seen live but actually noticed when Felix\'s highlights get posted on the VRVideos platform!

After all, there were millions of games that were being played daily, no one could invest in watching all of them.

This made the viewership of each gold game always be on the border of 100 million to 200 million.

However, in the VRVideos Platform, the highlights of those games receive billions in mere seconds and if a highlight went viral it could reach up to hundreds of billions of viewers in just a minute!

That\'s what those brands were investing their money on!

They hoped that in Felix\'s upcoming games, he does some crazy ** like slaying the Kraken and surfing on lava.

Hence, his videos explode in popularity, which helps their brands get noticed by as many viewers as possible.

Felix didn\'t care about their wishes and hopes as he was planning to play the games like he sees fit.

But, he still accepted the business deals since he needed coins badly for the Auction. 

If it wasn\'t for his desperation, he would have listened to Emma\'s suggestion of creating his own clothing Landlord brand and wear it in the next games!

He knew that it needed months and months of effort to get his Landlord\'s clothing Brand ongoing.

He needed coins in merely 15 days.

With that being said, Felix still told Emma to take care of his future brand and that he was going to wire her capital to start later on.

He didn\'t want to give her now since that would defy the purpose of gathering coins for the event.

From those three brands, Felix had earned 1,350,000,000 SC extra, adding to his 15 billion SC capital.

Obviously, it was increased by 2 billion SC or so due to his investment projects coming along but mostly due to the 4th games recordings getting sold.

Yet, Felix still felt that his capital wasn\'t enough to get the best out of this event.

Thankfully, he still had the Ancient Ruins maps that were ready to be placed in the event.


4 hours before the event, In the Androxa House...

Felix was sitting in the living room with a leg above the other.

It was currently 08:00 AM and Felix woke up this early to write an email and send it to the Maganda Chief.

Naturally, he still hadn\'t accepted the invitation right away so it wouldn\'t appear like he was thirsty to get inside.

Felix wasn\'t worried that the Chief would suddenly change his mind since Princess Bird wrote that her father would wait for a response until the last hour before the event started.

Let\'s keep it short and simple. Felix murmured while typing a single sentence expressing his gratitude for the invitation and honor to meet with him.

After all, the Maganda Chief was a legendary peak 6th stage bloodliner who was only one step away from getting into the ranks of the strongest bloodliners in the Galaxy.

Not mentioning his influence and Tribe\'s strength as a whole made it one of the top four entities in the Mariana Empire Territory.

Even though Felix knew that the Chief was aiming for him, Felix still had to show the proper respect.

After editing the email, he sent it and closed his inbox.

Now, he could only head for a shower and prepare himself as there were only 4 hours or so before the official opening.


While Felix enjoyed his morning shower, Princess Bird was lying on a bed that appeared like it was made from pink leaves.

The entire room actually resembled a normal teenager room but everything had relations to trees and plants, making it appear somewhat fresh and unique.

I have been refreshing for over an hour now. Princess Bird mumbled while biting her nails, Is he really not going to accept the invitation

Let\'s check again.

After she waited for a couple of seconds, Princess Bird pressed refresh again on her Inbox.

This time, she noticed that a new email had emerged and she got instantly excited about it since she could see that it was highlighted with red.

She swiftly opened it up and read the content with her eyes.

Hehe, of course it\'s an honor for you to meet my father...Uhmm That\'s it

Princess Bird was startled when she realized that was the last thing ever written in the email.

She expected that she would get mentioned at least once since Felix had spoken with her during the shuffle Maze.

Alas, she reread the email twice and it was still just a single sentence.

I guess he forgot about me Annoyed, Princess Bird wore her slippers while closing the hologram.

Then, she went to her bedroom door that was just a giant square-shaped pink petal.

Immediately after standing in front of it, the petal automatically rolled on itself, allowing Princess Bird to exit her room.

Good morning Princess Alicia. A pretty short servant greeted with her hands folded together and head lowered.

Morning Sissy. Princess Bird asked, Do you know my father\'s current location

I believe he is at the Royal Bloodline Library. The servant answered.

Tsk, does he ever leave it. Princess Bird clicked her tongue in criticism and stood on two gorgeous-looking white lotus flowers.

Then she snapped her finger and the flowers hovered one meter above the branch she was standing on.

After all, her room wasn\'t in a normal modern building but in a humongous tree that had its branches and leaves touch the clouds!!

This Tree was actually the main Royal Palace of the Maganda Tribe on this planet.

It was the only one with this uncanny size as the rest of its brethren and sisters did not even reach 20% of its height.

Naturally, all of those trees were inhabited by the tribe citizen.

It might appear like they were uncivilized to live in trees instead of buildings but this was actually done by choice to keep the heritage and culture of the tribe.

Still, they weren\'t resistant to the idea of technology as they had included what they could without affecting their lifestyle or changing the appearance of their culture.

For example, there were no hovercars in the tribe but the citizens used hover plants and mounts to move around.

All of this was in actual real life!

Currently, Princess Bird was riding on those two hover lotuses while heading towards the central elevator in the tree that was specifically used just for the royalty.

In her way, she was being greeted constantly by servents, guards, and some distant family members.

As the youngest daughter and one of the three heirs to the Tribe, she was ought to be treated this respectfully by anyone residing in the Royal Tree.

After a while...

She reached the elevator which was just a wooden platform that was connected by long green vines.

Princess Bird stepped inside and scratched a vine next to her like she was greeting a pet.

It wasn\'t farfetched to consider it so as the vine actually moved based on her gentle touch, appearing like it liked being carrassed this way.

Viney, please take me to the royal library. Princess Bird requested gently.


The vines responded to her request by rolling one vine against her waist and then lifting off the elevator, faster than normal technological ones!

Princess Bird didn\'t seem bothered by her hair flailing everywhere, exposing her hexagon-shaped blue eyes.

She kept looking downward at the citizen of the tribe, appearing like tiny ants.

If it weren\'t for her mutation that gave her eagle eyes, she wouldn\'t even notice them.

In a minute or two, the elevator finally stopped and the vine unrolled itself from Princess Bird.

She swiftly carried on hovering on a long empty path with paintings of people wearing tribal outfits and cold weapons, ranging from spears to shields.

Under those paintings, there were sentences written in an unfamiliar language.

It seemed to be the Maganda language.

Princess Bird didn\'t bother to glance at those paintings as she had been seeing them ever since she was a child.

All of that due to her father rarely leaving the bloodline Library, forcing her to hang out with him there to play.

Soon, she reached a giant gate that was closed shut.

It wasn\'t a gate per se since it was just hundreds of black vines intertwining with each other, making it impossible even to take a glimpse inside.

Princess Bird stood in front of them and shouted, DAD!! OPEN UP!

A similar irritated shout replied to her, I AM BUSY! GO AWAY!

NO! Princess Bird kept yelling, LANDLORD HAS RESPONDED!


Princess Bird smirked evilly and shouted, LANDLORD HAS CURSED YOU IN THE EMAIL.


After she said so, the area went quiet for a second before the sound of footsteps resounded from behind the gate.


The moment the footsteps got near the gate, the vines started relaxing on each other and slithering back into the tree, hiding out of sight.

This exposed the Chief who was approaching Princess Bird while wearing a nightrobe and glasses.

He looked quite solemn and also annoyed at having his reading session getting interrupted.

However, he still went next to Princess Bird and asked strictly, What did he say

Instead of responding, Princess Bird showed him the email while tiptoeing slowly around him.

The moment she saw that he started reading it, she swiftly bolted inside the library while letting out a mischievous laugh.


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