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Huh Come again

Startled by his sudden offer, Emma exclaimed out loud, breaking her composed expression.

Her exclamation reached the ears of the few parties sitting near them in total silence, drinking or reading on their AP hologram.

She quickly bowed her head towards them as an apology and turned back, looking at Felix who still had an easy-going smile while staring at her.

She knew that he was waiting for an answer.

However, she didn\'t know what to say.

The last thing she expected from this meeting was getting an offer to be hired for such an important role.

When she received his email, she assumed that he would tell her that he was planning on owning the club and paying them salaries to keep doing their job or inform her that he had hired a private agent and she would be a subordinate of him.

Emma understood this much because she was actually working in a new starter agency, which had most of its players still in bronze rank.

This meant she wasn\'t foreign at all to the agencies and fan club world.

In fact, the reason she joined an agency and created a club in the first place was due to her passion being always centered around the games and SG platform in general.

She always wanted to join the SG as a player, but her affinity rating was too abysmal to help her make it far in her integration.

Thus, she settled with the closest job that was related to the games.

Obviously, it was an exclusive agent to a player.

However, since her agency was actually small and lacking in players, she still wasn\'t assigned one.

She was only doing odd jobs in the agency waiting for her chance.

This gave her the free time she needed to create Felix\'s club and also manage it.

Yet out of nowhere, she was offered her dream job from actually Felix.

A player who had just hit the top 10 trending news in the Mariana Empire and even the top 100 in the entire Galaxy.

She knew that his email inbox was about to explode from all the offers he was receiving.

Some of those offers were definitely from professional freelancer agents, wanting to be his exclusive agent.

This was the reason she was confused and startled.

He chose her instead of those individuals.

Why me She asked, knowingly that Felix didn\'t choose her out of pity or her beauty.

Why not Felix leaned back on his chair and said, I have read your profile that you posted on the club website.

You already have experience in this field.

It might not be as good as long-term veterans, but still, that is more than enough for me.

Plus, I am a bit familiar with you than others, and so far, your personality and works ethics that you showed were in line with what I want from my private agent. Felix paused and added, Do notice that I am not giving you the job straightaway but will place you on a 6-month probation until you show me that you have what it takes to be my agent.

Thank you for putting your trust in me. Emma could only say so while bowing her head in appreciation.

Although it was just probation, she didn\'t hesitate to accept it as she knew that opportunities like those rarely show themselves.

She was confident in skills and had the passion required to work without complaint since this was literally her dream job!

Good! Pleased by her straightforwardness, Felix extended his hand forward, asking for a handshake to seal the recruitment.

Emma delicately shook his hand.

Now then. Felix withdrew his hand and pressed on his AP bracelet, displaying a contract before Emma.

Before we got into talking about the contract details, I assume that you understand your job requirement, correct He asked.

Yes. Emma nodded her head.

Based on the training she received in the agency, a private agent dealt with his client\'s emails, the business offers, social media accounts, brand if he had one, and most importantly managing his fan club.

This meant nothing would change much for her besides getting access to the mentioned above.

Of course, Felix would give her only Landlord\'s email and not his real one.

He also was going to make sure that only business emails were accessible to her.

Good, do you want to read the contract now or should we reschedule another meeting to read it properly He asked.

Let\'s reschedule. She clarified, I can\'t sign it now anyway since I am still contracted exclusively with my agency.

I need to terminate our contract first.

I see. He rested his hand under his chin while asking, How much are the fees exactly

5 million SC. She sighed.

It was clear that she didn\'t have that kind of capital to break her contract.

After all, she was just a salary woman in the UVR.

5 million SC might sound like a peanut to Felix, but in the eyes of Emma, it was an insurmountable mountain.

Give me your bank ID. Felix looked at her and said, I will wire you the fees for now.


No buts. He smiled, Don\'t worry, you will pay me back in a jiffy if you became my agent. He enlarged the contract and highlighted her payment.

The moment her eyes landed on the percentage she would be getting, her mouth couldn\'t help but part a little.

However, she quickly closed it off while pushing her glasses upward, trying to regain her composure.

She couldn\'t show any signs of incompetence in front of Felix.

And acting surprised after seeing large sums of money was a bad sign.

After all, she would be dealing with his business opportunities, which meant those kinds of numbers would be all over her face every day.

Though, what Felix offered her was a bit too large for her expertise.

He actually gave her a 0.2% of his streaming revenue, business opportunities, sponsors, social media ads, and such.

It might not sound like a lot, but 0.2% from hundred of millions to billions meant that Emma should be getting quite a large sum in every game and business opportunity that Felix accepted.

Emma knew that Felix was beyond generous, as only the best agents get paid with that amount.

The rest barely get 0.1%.

But this was Felix; he never acted cheap to those working with him.

I guess there is no need to negotiate the payment. Felix said in a joking manner while withdrawing the contract.

That was more than I ever wished for. She suddenly narrowed her eyes and said, I can\'t promise you that I will bring you the biggest profit, but I promise you that I will try my hardest to achieve so.

That\'s the spirit that I wanted to see. Felix chuckled lightly and snapped his finger, manifesting a long blue piece of paper.

It was revolving and shimmering with light.

Since we have yet to sign the contract, let\'s leave business matters for later. Felix pointed at the piece of paper and informed, This is a 30% ticket discount coupon.

I have three of those and I am planning to use one in my next game.

So make sure that everyone knows about it to take advantage of the low prices.

Emma\'s eyes brightened up in delight after seeing it.

That\'s really great help! We can secure more tickets with those and have more dominance over the rest of the fan clubs in stadiums!

Looking at her torch-like heated eyes, Felix wondered if he was talking to a different person from before.

He coughed to bring the atmosphere normal again and said, your first task after signing the contract is to give salaries to the management members of the club.

He waved his hand while standing up, You take care of the salary and whom to get paid.

I will not interfere.

I will be on it right away.

Calm again, Emma fixed her glasses and stood up after him.

She knew that the meeting had ended, and Felix was planning to leave.

Alright, I will see you soon. Felix pressed on his AP bracelet, paying for their coffee remotely, and left through the door.

The moment he stepped outside, a notification resounded from his bracelet.

He didn\'t even need to read it, as he guessed that it was Emma sending him her bank account ID.

She may not show it, but Emma was a proud principled woman.

If she wasn\'t, she wouldn\'t have rejected those agencies\' offers to buy the club from her.

For Emma who didn\'t even have 1 million in her bank account to reject such a freebie, said a lot about her character.

If she kept being this principled, she would definitely reach new heights in her career next to Felix!


8 hours later...

Felix had just finished his daily poison manipulation training, his tail training, his sand abilities training, and also some hand-in-hand combat.

Lastly, he threw in an hour to continue getting familiar with the Seeker Shoes.

By the time he finished, his body wasn\'t feeling anything but his mind was exhausted.

Yet, he wasn\'t done since another training was waiting for him.

That was Elemental Football practice with the team!

It had been a long long time since Felix had trained with them.

To be exact, Felix never stepped foot in George\'s UVR room for over two months now!

That\'s right!

In the past three months, Felix had only trained with the team in the 1st month before getting kicked out of it by George.

Who could blame George for doing so

In every goddamn practice match they played, Felix always kills the goalkeepers and other few teammates standing in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Although they played in the UVR and George even lowered the pain percentage, those who got killed were left with horrifying nightmares, making it impossible for them to sleep.

Imagine getting your head blown up by a ball to wake and repeat the same process.

The body might be fooled but the mind could never erase that image.

That image kept getting worse and worse until no one dared to stand before Felix in the practice matches.

Even the goalkeepers kept giving Felix free goals to avoid getting killed.

When this kept happening, George didn\'t dare to leave this daredevil to ruin the team before the real match.

He already broke them in a single month and he couldn\'t imagine what would happen if he kept him for three months more.

Hence, the innocent Felix who was trying to have fun was banned from training with the team!

Honestly, who are we kidding Felix totally meant to traumatize his teammates like that so he could avoid training with the team.

It was useless and just wasting his precious time.

Currently, he wasn\'t returning because he wanted to train but to check on Olivia and the rest.

He needed to know if they watched his 4th game and what their thoughts were.

The easiest target was obviously Olivia who had her emotions written all over her face!


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