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After a while...

The area around Felix was being emptied noticeably after most noteworthy items had been either purchased here or some of the players in Felix\'s 4th game had gotten them.

Whatever it was, the Prize Pool list was now trash since no one bothered to buy common items that were usually found in most Prize Pools.

Upon seeing so, Felix decided to close down his shop as he was more than satisfied by the total amount gotten from his run.

Now, his points had been increased to 15k GP from 10k! This meant he had actually earned 5000GP from all of his transactions!

This number wasn\'t normal or doable since thousands of gold players just like Felix had placed their shops in the area.

So, there was a vicious competition on whose items were going to be sold faster.

Those three titles had provided immense help to Felix so he could excel above most gold players\' shops.

After he closed his shop, Felix went to the parking lot of the PPFT Mountain and rode on a silver thin car that he purchased to be used in the Ivy League City.


The moment he pressed auto drive to a preset destination, he had to wait a couple of minutes before he got permission to lift off.

Then, the car drove in a specific line away from other hovercars, mounts...etc.

It took him 10 minutes to reach the newly added Residential Mountain where he bought a room in a shared apartment.

He parked his car in the parking lot and walked through the packed pedestrian sidewalk towards the complex.

Any transportation method wasn\'t allowed in the residential area since the roads had been shortened to leave more space for lodging.

A few minutes later, Felix reached the complex and took the ground elevator.

His apartment was on the middle floor of the complex.

Yet, it took the elevator more than five minutes to reach it since the building was exceedingly tall, reaching almost two kilometers in height!

Naturally, every residential building was as high as this one to milk most of the players\' game points during the residential auctions.

Although there was possibly more than 800 floor in this building with tens of apartments in each floor, it was still fully packed without a single room to spare.

After all, the Ivy League was a galaxywide organization that was open to all the players worthy enough to join.


After the elevator stopped, Felix walked on a long hallway that was leading to his apartment.

As he was walking, he kept appreciating the scenery of the Ivy league from this height.

The hallway\'s right side had glass windows, making it possible to stand and enjoy the city\'s magnificence.

Meanwhile, the left side was packed with rooms stacked next to each other...literally! There were barely two meters between each door.

On his way, Felix met with players entering and exiting through these doors without any signs of discomfort.

This was due to the space manipulation done to the apartments, making them spacious inside while saving space to add more apartments.

One could only revel on the Organization\'s profits from selling those apartments as each room cost from 1500 GP to 2500 GP.

Two months ago, Felix had joined hands with three players and secured an apartment for themselves with 8000 GP in the auction.

The amount was split into four, making Felix pay 2000 GP for a single room.

But it was worth it since there was a lot to do in the Ivy League than the eyes could meet.


After a long walk, Felix had finally reached his apartment door and scanned his bracelet to open it up.

However, before the scan was completed, the door was opened on its own from the inside.

Oh Welcome back Mr.


Felix was greeted by a clean-cut man with black boxing-like gloves on his hands and a black bandana on his forehead.

He appeared like a boxer who was heading to the gym.

Thank you, Sir Fury. Felix nodded his head politely and entered the apartment.

However, before he went far, he heard Sir.

Fury congratulate him loudly, Good work on the game! I have watched some highlights and you have truly shone in it.

Felix waved his hand without turning his head and continued on his way.

\'Tsk, it\'s going to be hard to befriend this blockhead.\' Sir Fury didn\'t show any unusual reaction but his thoughts were quite different.

Seeing Felix was out of sight, he shrugged his shoulders and closed the door after he left.

\'He seemed extra friendly, don\'t you think\' Asna said while narrowing her eyes.

\'No\' Felix denied while walking towards his room, \'If he truly watched my highlights that\'s just a polite reaction to do.

I would have said the same as well.\'

\'First, I doubt you will do the same you lying asshole.

Second, I don\'t know.\' Asna placed her hand under her chin and said, \'Something feels off about him, I can feel it.\'

\'Huh Did you turn into an expert in human behaviorism after watching dramas or what\' Felix laughed, \'Don\'t kid yourself.\'

\'F*ck off.\' Asna insulted lazily.

Just as Felix wanted to respond, he was met with the sight of a girl, showing a bit of her skin as she laid on a couch while watching a hologram.

She was quite attractive, especially when she was exposing some of her assets.

The moment Felix saw the way she was dressing, he knitted his eyebrows slightly, \'Okay, that\'s a bit weird.\'

Alas, the weirder part had yet to come as the girl exclaimed in delight the moment she saw Felix, Loordy! Welcome back!

Thank you

Felix was quite confused by her friendliness which she had never exhibited before not to him or any roommate in this apartment.

He knew that she was just like him, quite distant and detached unlike the other two players with them.

She always wore decent clothes when she was outside of her room.

So, he was pretty bewildered by the situation.

However, after being reminded of what Asna said about Sir Fury, he started sensing that something didn\'t add up.

The girl patted the side of the couch and requested with puppy eyes, Can you please tell me how it felt to slay the Kraken I always wanted to do something like that but I never muster the required courage to pull it off.

It felt like **. Felix smiled faintly and said, Hope that satisfied your question.

Then, he went to his room and opened it up with his bracelet without giving crap to the dumbfounded girl.

He didn\'t lie though as he still could taste the blood of the Kraken in his lips after literally penetrating his entire head.


\'Bastard!\' The girl cursed the moment she broke out of her daze.

She glared at his room for a second and snapped her finger, changing her clothes back to normal.

\'Did it work\' A message abruptly was sent in her mind.

\'No.\' The girl started biting her nails, \'Sir Fury, you are the smart one, try to figure something out to bridge the distance between us.

Otherwise, the payers would take back their money if we didn\'t give them any useful information.\'

\'How about Salma\' Sir Fury inquired, \'Was she bought as well\'

\'I think she didn\'t receive the message since she is still in a game.\' The girl said after glancing at her bracelet.

\'Alright, no need to rush things out.\' Sir.

Fury said, \'We were given three months to make progress.\'


While they were conversing behind Felix\'s back, he was lying on a bathtub with his eyes focused on a hologram that was displaying the Bounty Hunter website.

After he entered his SG ID, Felix found that there were three pages just concerning him only!

\'I will be damned.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sight of the missions ranging from asking for his head to useful information about his private life.

Some offered only 50 million while some were offering up to 1 billion SC for his real-life location!

Although this website was for hunting heads in the games, it had already branched out to accepting other missions since it wasn\'t that easy to cheat the clients.

With the Queen\'s existence, the website didn\'t need to do anything but place the missions and receive a symbolic fee from those transactions.

Felix entered the website straightaway after realizing that his roommates were acting oddly as Asna said.

Naturally, he couldn\'t avoid a big fat \'I told you so\' from the smug Asna.

Felix numbly accepted it and started wondering if his roommates\' extra friendlessness was due to those missions or someone else had straightaway bought them since they were the closest ones to him.

Whatever it was, nothing much would change because Felix never had any intentions to befriend them.

All of their efforts were bound to be wasted and he was happy to see them jump around him like monkeys.

That\'s if they actually managed to see him as those private rooms were big enough to have their bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a dining table.

He didn\'t need to leave his room at all unless he was heading outside.

\'Hehe, as long as I don\'t use sand and utilize the new poison abilities set that I created for the PSG, I will be off the suspect list.\' Felix chuckled as he closed down the website.

However, the moment he noticed his tail, he started feeling a bit nervous that Olivia and the rest of his cousins would notice the similarity!

After all, they had already suspected him once due to his poison abilities relation but still removed those thoughts after noticing the different abilities used.

But if they managed to watch the 4th game and saw that he had the same tail beside the different color, slight suspicion was bound to raise again in their minds.

At the end of the day, what were the odds of a coincidence happening twice in a row

However, Felix believed that their suspicion would be overcome by everything else that he showed in the game which had zero relation to his real self.

But belief wasn\'t a certainty and there was always a slight chance that something might go bad and derail from his expectations.

Weren\'t most of Felix\'s plans and expectations known for derailing


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