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Meanwhile in the Ivy League City, The PPFT Market...

Felix was sitting on a comfortable armchair while having two humongous holograms placed in front of him.

One of them was displaying the Wrist Webbing Artifact plus the Shield of Domenic while the other was showcasing the 100 randomized items in his Prize Pool.

Due to the two Artifacts, Felix\'s \'shop\' was receiving quite a lot of attraction.

Well, it wasn\'t just due to them only as the three unique Titles above his head were also helping him quite a lot!

>The Kraken Slayer!The Record Breaker!The Wealthiest of Them All!The Kraken SlayerClap Clap!...

Felix waited until the applause ended before snapping his finger and showing the 2nd Wrist Webbing Artifact that he bought!

If it wasn\'t for the players being dazed in the stadium, he wouldn\'t have emptied the Artifacts stock in the Prize Pool! Probably Miss.

Mikasa and Golden Elixir were cursing him after realizing it!


Greedy bastard.

Thank god, there is another.

Meanwhile, everyone reacted differently to Felix\'s cunning ploy of showing only one in stock while hiding the 2nd to keep the price always high.

Felix shrugged his shoulders carelessly after noticing that few players walked away while huffing in anger.

He looked at the rest and said with a pretty smile, Ladies, gentlemen, it\'s all yours.

Henceforth, another round of vicious bidding begin yet again and ended after the last bid reached 850 GP this time.

After so, Felix informed the winner to wait for a minute until the last item gets auctioned.

Obviously, it was the Shield of Dominic.

This one was well received by the players since it was one of the best defensive artifacts in their integration level.

Although they couldn\'t use it in games, they could still benefit from its protection in the real world.

Thus, the final bid had reached a whopping 1300 GP!

Clap Clap!...

Thank you all for attending my small and humble auction. Felix nodded towards the players respectfully and pointed at his Prize pool hologram, Feel free to browse anything to your liking while I deal with those gentlemen.

After Felix said so, he stopped bothering the players and placed his attention on the three bidders.

Without wasting time, Felix sent them three standard contracts to sign.

This was exactly like the one he signed when he first purchased in the PPFT Market.

When the players asked the Queen to check for loopholes and found nothing, they immediately signed it and wired him; 2390 GP, 2350 GP, and 4300 GP respectively.

In return, Felix sent them the serial code of the items and said with a polite smile, Glad to do business with you.


I wish you die in your next game, greedy bastard.

Thank you for the shield.

Although he got cursed by the one who bought the 2nd Wrist Webbing, Felix still smiled in satisfaction after seeing that had earned a total of 3040 GP pure profit from those transactions!

That was due to his 5% commission on each item plus the betted amount.

Those were just the three prepurchased items, Felix could still gain more if those players decided to buy something from his Prize Pool.

After seeing that everyone was engrossed in his Prize Pool list, Felix took advantage of the free time to check on his earnings from the game.

He still hadn\'t checked due to time constraints.

After all, the moment he left the stadium he rushed here.

When he placed his shop, everyone gathered to buy those auctioned items.

Only now was he somewhat free to see his gains.

\'Hopefully, I earned quite a large sum from the streaming revenue.\' Felix rubbed his hands in anticipation and requested from the Queen to show him his gains.


>Winning Wish (Double value)

> Nomination to The Yearly Best Low-Elo Player in the Galaxy.

(It will be hosted at the end of the year.

For more information please click here)

> Unique Title: The Kraken Slayer

>Total Streaming Revenue (0.01% from game points/1% from popularity/3% from victory): 4.6 Billion SC.

>Game Points collected solo: 9500 GP //

Holy **! Felix couldn\'t help but exclaim out loud, startling the players around him.

However, he didn\'t give a ** about the weird looks he was getting as he simply kept gazing in shock at the streaming revenue he obtained.

He knew that he was going to earn quite a lot since he had secured a win but he didn\'t expect that it would be this much!

\'Queen, can you calculate how much I earned from just my fans\' He requested.

\'3.6 million individuals had chosen you as their reason for spectating.\' The Queen paused, \'Based on the price tickets they paid, you have earned 1.2 billion SC from them only.\'

\'Heheh, thank you Queen.\' Felix chuckled foolishly after hearing that his cute fans had gotten him a billion SC alone.

He never managed to get so much support from his fans in his previous life.

Well, although he was technically in gold, he was still one of the players who were struggling to reach peak-tier in it.

Hence, he was always having 100,000 fans coming to watch him and help him earn some money after he loses.

\'Things are truly different.

I should probably check on my cute fans website.\' Felix smiled faintly and closed down the earning hologram.

He already knew of the rest.

Bro, I want to buy x7 little Kraken suckers.

Felix\'s thought process was broken by a player demanding a transaction.

Felix nodded his head and sent him the standard contract, which was signed in a heartbeat.

After getting the payment, Felix gave him the serial code and sent him away.

\'I should probably buy the elemental material before they get sold out.\' Felix straightaway clicked on purchase >5 Purity Fountain Drop5 grams of DarkFly DustWin Streak< button.

Immediately after a hologram emerged before him:

//1) Surrender Coupon: Allow the user to be teleported outside of the game in a split second.

The user will still lose a tier and all the rewards obtained in the game.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

2) A Tier Lose Exempt Coupon: Allow the user to avoid the tier loss penalty.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

3) 30% Discount Tickets Coupon x3: After activation, any spectator choosing you in the next game will have a 30% discount on any ticket price.

(One use/365 days before expiring) //

\'Hehe, not bad at all.\' Felix was quite satisfied with his luck as those two first coupons could be used as a combo!

Surrender and activate tier lose exempt to avoid the penalty! This would lead to avoiding death or any trouble inside the game while also maintaining the tier.

This Tier Lose Coupon was quite common and sometimes it might appear as a hidden prize in the Prize Pool, allowing the players to purchase it with game points.

The Alliance did so to facilitate the climb a little for the players.

There was also another coupon that had the opposite effect, making the players climb two tiers instead of one.

Meanwhile, the discount coupon was also quite useful to him since many more fans would be willing to attend the stadium and contest for tickets when they see the 30% discount.

Felix wasn\'t surprised that he had gotten an extra coupon than last time since he knew that for each win he obtained, he would be getting an extra coupon.

As long as the win streak continuous, he would keep getting more and more coupons to help him in his climbing journey!

Felix had no intentions of stopping his winning streak now!

Who knows, he might actually surpass the longest recorded win streak in the history of the SG platform!


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