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Five primary suspects already

Hell, they knew that for others to get those five, they needed at least 8 months and almost a 3 billion SC to reach them from the massive numbers of bloodliners there were in the empire!

After all, they needed to eliminate every suspect by paying bribes! How long and much was that going to cost them!

Haha, little Bird is truly a talented tracker.

Well of course! Princess Bird bragged with her chin pointed at the sky, I have been tracking all of the bastards\' players who made fun of my height in the last couple of years.

No one escaped my grasp and Landlord isn\'t going to escape either!

\'But he never called you short.\' The Chief wanted to say so out loud, but seeing his daughter enjoying the praises of his allies, he didn\'t want to ruin her moment.

After she basked enough, Princess Bird snapped her finger and five holograms had been manifested in front of the seniors.

Each hologram had full names, UVR IDs, and details underneath it.

Two of them even had a picture of the suspect!

Princess Bird pointed her finger at the last hologram on the right side and informed, This bloodliner is called Aladdin Musk, he is currently residing on a planet that was 90% sand and 10% water.

He was my 5th suspect since he was using the legendary Brown Copperhead Serpent as his bloodline and had utilized only three inducements that were similar to Landlord.

She pressed on his details and they read them by themselves.

So, Acid, paralyze, and sleepiness inducements.

That\'s a good connection. The woman commentated.

Yes, but it wasn\'t enough to place him as my first suspect since he had only shown poison bombs, a poisonous aura, and finally infrared vision.

The rest of the abilities, he never showed them before.


She smirked and pointed at the planet\'s environment, But now that we have seen that Landlord was a dual Elementalist with a sand element, it is highly likely that it might be him.

The seniors glanced at the golden planet and then at Aladdin\'s face.

Old Bird, we will leave you this one to handle.

Chief Maganda nodded his head in agreement and they all focused back on Princess Bird who was pointing at the next suspect.

Like the first one, he was suspected since he had shown multiple inducements and abilities closely related to Felix.

However, his body shape was wholly different than Felix\'s as he was at least two meters in height.

Since it was impossible to change height in the SG, he was placed in the 4th suspect list.

He wasn\'t removed from the list because of potions that could modify the user\'s shape.

This meant this man might have drunk one before participating in the games to make it even more difficult to suspect him.

Felix could have done the same but the side effects of those potions were too much to bear.

In the worst cases, the effect could stay permanently.

Since it was the doing of a potion, the bones weren\'t going to be as tough as they used to.

Felix wanted none of that **.

But the seniors and Princess still had considered it.

After a while, Princess Bird had finished her presentation of each suspect.

Unsurprisingly, none of them were Felix!

Heck, Felix probably didn\'t even make it to the candidates\' list since whatever he had shown in real life wasn\'t streamed in the UVR!

How was Princess Bird supposed to find him when even planet Earth wasn\'t known yet in the UVR

If the Earthling\'s team had played their game earlier, they might have left a tiny mark in the Alexender\'s Kingdom search engine.

But at this moment Only the Gama Organization and some non-natives knew about their existence.

Even if someone had filmed Felix using his abilities and posted them in the UVR, those videos would be almost invisible with all of the infinite data shared in the UVR each second.

If, this was a big if! Princess Bird managed to find the posted video somehow and watch it, she would only place him in the candidate list and get rid of him later.

That\'s because, Felix had shown only poison bombs, superstrength, paralyze inducement that had a relation with Landlord.

This was even worse than the 5th primary suspect!

Not mentioning, Felix\'s use of hypotension inducement that he never showed as Landlord or, Poison Pillars, Poison Absorption, and lastly semi-morphing!

He was a whole different person compared to Landlord and even a retard could see it unless they would assume right off the bat that Felix had more than 6 abilities.

Naturally, all of this was merely hypothetically speaking since Princess Bird hadn\'t even noticed Felix or planet Earth yet.

Her full focus was placed on those innocent five suspects who were about to be experience hell due to Felix unbeknownst to them.

I still haven\'t sent anyone to get them since my father refused to entertain my research results before. Princess Bird humphed with a displeased expression but still carried on, Three of those suspects are living in advanced planets which were under the rulership of the Royal Family and the other two were under either a kingdom or still holding into their independency with the SGAlliance.

It\'s good that you didn\'t make a move. The woman sighed in relief, You might have just alerted them and still wouldn\'t capture them.

I know. Princess Bird glared at her abashed father, If you listened to me, we would have made a move even earlier.

Cough, I think your sisters are calling for you.

Not wanting to get scolded by his own daughter in front of his allies, The Chief swiftly snapped his finger and teleported Princess Bird outside of the room.

Youuu!! I will tell mom about th..!

Princess Bird\'s furious voice resounded one last time before she completely disappeared from the room.

Cough, where were we Indifferent to the scornful looks he was getting, The Chief merely asked while scratching his beard-less chin.

Thankfully, they were discussing a serious matter.

Thus, the seniors continued their discussion where they left it.

It was splitting the five primary suspects each for one of them to take care of.

We need our operations to be discreet and also friendly. The Chief said, We want the source behind that lad and not him per se.

So, we can\'t make it difficult for him lest we anger the person or the background behind him that was responsible for his abnormality.


Soft approach at the start would be beneficial.

Check first if he had that tail mutation. The woman reminded them, After all, little Bird\'s information is quite outdated.

That goes without saying. 

Everyone agreed to the notion and dove into the primary problem they were going to face...The Royal Family!

It\'s going to be tough to extract those three bloodliners from planets belonging to the Royal Family. The man in the left sighed, We need to make a move without exposing that our Alliance is behind it, lest the Royal family end up protecting them at all cost.

The Chief and the rest of the men supported his claim, unlike the woman who just sneered at their reaction, Are we going to continue acting like rats They already know that we want them dead to change the rulership of the empire, so what\'s the point of this needless wait

Here we go again. The man in the center sighed and requested, Chief you take care of it this time.

The Chief smiled bitterly and repeated for the thousand times to this stubborn woman who only had battles and wars in her mind, Zosia, can you drop this subject already Our alliance might seem indeed strong enough to contest against the waned Royal Family.

But in reality, they are simply hiding their strength deeply waiting for us to make a move rashly and get rid of us all at once.

I don\'t know about the rest, but I don\'t trust your Eagle Foresight. She snorted, It was working 5% of the time 95% it was just feeding you utter bull**.

I don\'t care if you believe what I saw in the future or not, but this alliance is based on votes. The Chief shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand in the air, Please raise your hand if you think it is the best move to delay the declaration of war until 15 years later or so.

Unsurprisingly, everyone raised their hands but Zosia, who was left gritting her teeth in anger.

All of you are useless!

The Chief eyed her solemnly and said, I understand your reason for hating the Royal Family, but please understand that we allied not to fulfill your revenge but to bring the Mariana Empire\'s Glory!

A glory that was stripped at the hands of those filthy useless royal generation! The man in the middle finished the sentence for him with a fuming tone.

Upon hearing so, Zosia calmed down a bit but she still asked with a tingle of weariness in her tone, Then when I have been waiting for more than 80 years and I can\'t hold it any longer.

The Chief smiled faintly with a hidden glint and said, Didn\'t we just get the opportunity that we were waiting for

Zosia\'s eyes brightened up after hearing so.

She instantly understood that he was referring to Felix!

If we managed to get the source that made those strong bloodlines, we might have a chance to do a lot of things and reach new heights!

The seniors nodded their heads in anticipation of that day.

But for now, they were still required to locate Felix as fast as possible and they needed to utilize every method possible instead of just using Princess Bird\'s list.

Hence, Zosia proposed, I suggest that we contact Landlord privately and see if he is willing to meet with us in the UVR.

Alright, each to his own on this matter. The man in the center smirked faintly, I will be inviting him to the royal palace of my kingdom and see if one of my daughters caught his eyes.

Hahaha, old geezer going straight for the oldest trick in the book. The Chief chuckled and said, You try that and I will be requesting my daughter to invite him into the Galactical Yearly Auction Event as my 1.

Hopefully, he agrees.

Oh It might actually work. Zosia affirmed, That event is well sought for by everyone in the Galaxy and if Landlord didn\'t have any other method to obtain an invitation link, he would almost certainly accept it.

The senior on the left hologram nodded his head and said, Let\'s start planning on how to buy him over.

We don\'t have much time before the event starts.

Upon hearing so, the seniors got into a discussion while the Chief had sent a message to his daughter, requesting her to send an email to Felix.

He decided to use his daughter since she had some connection with Felix and it wouldn\'t appear as weird as a random invitation from a total stranger like him.

Naturally, he made sure that Felix knew that the invitation was actually from him.

After receiving the email from his grumpy daughter and reading it softly, he nodded his head in satisfaction and told his daughter to send it.

Then he joined the ongoing discussion with the rest.


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