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Five minutes later, In The Androxa Capital...

Felix was already in his car, driving towards the Teleportation Company.

He didn\'t even look at his earnings as he wanted to do so when he secured a spot in the PPFT market.

He knew that he might end up queuing up for quite a long time if he was late.

Felix gave up on his usual shower and nap to avoid that!

He realized that he f*cked up when he didn\'t join the game inside his room in the Ivy League City! If he did so, he would have reached the market in a heartbeat.

Alas, he totally forgot about it since he got rushed by Asna to play cards before the game started.


While Felix was speeding like a madman on the road, Princess Bird and her father conversed about him in the VIP room.

What did you find father Princess Bird asked softly while peeking from behind her father\'s head at the holograms that appeared and disappeared in a heartbeat.

Be quiet! The chief shushed her down and carried on his research.

Currently, he wasn\'t looking for Felix but the bloodline library that he had been gathering for ages now.

He took great pride in it since only a couple of bloodlines had not been registered in it.

That made him be known as the Bloodline Collector within his circle.

Yet, no matter how much he searched, he couldn\'t find a single bloodline that possessed Felix\'s *Size Manipulation* Ability.

He even went and searched through legendary tier 7 bloodlines and the only thing he found was *Enlargement* ability that allows the user to grow in size only.

After another minute of search, the chief had finally raised his hands in defeat unwillingly.

To be called the bloodline collector yet not find even a single ability that lad had used, sigh...Those fogies are going to have a blast mocking me. The chief mumbled to himself in annoyance while waving his hand at the holograms.

Ring Ring!

Speak of the devil. The chief smiled bitterly after seeing that he was being invited to a group call.

The moment Princess Bird heard the ringing sound, she stopped moving and breathing, acting as a static tree.

Alicia, go play somewhere else. The chief shooed Princess Bird with his hand but she didn\'t respond.

After turning around and seeing her behavior, his eyebrows twitched in vexation, You wanna listen that badly

Alas, Princess Bird still didn\'t react and continued her static act.

Fine. The Chief pressed on accept while threatening, You better remain like that without interfering.

Princess Bird\'s eyes brightened up in delight while focusing on the emerging four holograms in front of the Chief.

Each hologram was displaying a close-up face of a person.

There were three men and one woman.

All of them appeared charming and quite otherworldly, unlike the Chief who seemed natural.

Old Bird, we were just discussing that lad\'s abnormal abilities and bloodlines. The man in the center sighed and said, We couldn\'t find anything from our data.

We hope that you share with us your findings from your collection. Another one requested.

The Chief lip\'s twitched at the request but he still came clean and told them that he found nothing as well.

Just as the Chief expected, he didn\'t escape getting ridiculed and mocked after his response by those three men.

However, the woman didn\'t let the farce carry on for long as she said coldly.

Stop wasting my time.

She narrowed her eyes and informed them solemnly, Make a decision fast on how to deal with this situation.

The Royal family is going to receive the news soon.

Plus, the other empires and kingdoms are also going to send their people to locate Landlord.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-6-months-efforts!_52595148479056831 for visiting.

The mood got pretty tense after hearing so.

The Chief and the three men knew that currently, everyone was interested in finding out the source of Felix\'s abnormality.

However, they were worried only about the Mariana Royal family making a move.

As for the hundred or so of the kingdoms in Mariana\'s territory

They were not considered a legitimate Kingdom in their eyes or worthy enough to be placed in the same breath as them.

Even if by chance one of them managed to locate Felix luckily, they would hand him to either them or the Royal family if they still wanted their kingdom to carry on its operations.

Their thoughts weren\'t based on arrogance or pride but simply due to their kingdoms\' absolute strength over the rest.

When their kingdoms got combined, even the Mariana Royal Family needed to show proper respect.

Hence, they were worried only about the Royal Family getting to Felix first or the \'source\' behind him.

Even the Empires and other forces outside of Mariana\'s Empire territory weren\'t much of a threat since their network could never be as good as them in their territory.

So it might look like every power was targeting Felix, it was in fact just those three superpowers and the Royal Family.

Let\'s hasten our plans then. The Chief asked, What do we know about him so far

We know that lad must be somewhere in the Mariana empire since his first three games were played in this region.

We also know that he barely interacts with anyone as Landlord and he keeps distance from everyone.

We know that he had joined Silver Hammer school in three months before and Blade Splitters School last month.

We...give me a moment. The man in the middle, who was reading from the list, paused for a couple of seconds and continued, My subordinates had just brought new intel.

It seems like Landlord is sharing an apartment in the Ivy League city with three players.

Two males and one female.

Oh That\'s quite good. The Chief asked, Can we buy them

It is possible since no one will say no to free money, but... The man shook his head, The report says that he is barely in the apartment and when he is in it, he just greets them and locks himself in his room.

I see. The Chief rubbed his chin and said, Just buy them anyways and add more coins if they are willing to attempt and befriend him.

Who knows, he might let out some info about his real persona by some chance.

My thoughts exactly. The woman nodded her head.

After so, the man carried on his report which was quite useless as that information had zero connection with Felix\'s real persona.


Princess Bird who was listening to their conversation without breathing out loud, couldn\'t help but cough lightly and interrupt the man from his report.

She couldn\'t handle it anymore as his information was even worse than what she collected in the past six months.

Can I say something She asked softly while fiddling with her clothes.

Didn\'t I tell you to remain silent The Chief instantly scolded her, Now be quiet or I will kick you out of the room!

Now now, Sir.

Maganda, no need to be so uptight. The woman said gently, Go ahead little Bird, say your piece.

Thank you Aunty. Princess Bird smiled smugly at her vexed father and said, I have been using my personal money and subordinates to try and locate Landlord in the past 6 months.

Everyone got intrigued after hearing so.

They understood that every information they currently possessed was gotten with minimum effort and resources.

They didn\'t commit to man hunting Felix right at the start since they knew that wasn\'t going to be easy in the slightest.

Difficult in the sense, hundreds of millions to even billions were needed to gain a tiny piece of useful information that could lead to his location.

For example, figuring out who was responsible for delivering to Felix and bribing him to give them a piece of indirect information without breaking the delivery contract.

That could be done quite easily.

One of the methods was simply following the deliveryman\'s path during his journey.

Another was requesting the deliveryman take a picture of planet Earth, city, town...etc, and post them on his social media feed.

There were many other ingenious ways to go around the standard contract that was signed before each delivery.

But a hefty amount of coins needed to be paid and Felix wasn\'t yet on those seniors\' radar since the only abnormality he had was his multiple inducements.

They wanted to see first if he lucked out on a singular bloodline that was capable of doing so, or he had a method to increase inducements in all of his other bloodlines before they make a decision.

But, Felix went on and showed them another abnormal bloodline from another element.

Only now were they fully committed to the chase and they were planning on using whatever resources they had to get him!

This meant Princess Bird was actually the only one committed to finding Felix since they separated after the Shuffle Maze!

She was ahead 6 months than any other superpower!

The first words that came out of her lips had already shown that she wasn\'t messing around, I have already found five primary suspects after eliminating 911 candidates.

She crossed her arms above her chest and said with a smug smile, I am confident that Landlord is 70% one of those five bloodliners!

The seniors went quiet for a second before starting to rain on Princess Birds with praises on her astonishing work.

They didn\'t expect that the Maganda Chief\'s youngest daughter who\'s known for being playful and useless actually to provide them with such a valuable piece of information!


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