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\'Argh, still hurt like hell.\' Felix groaned in pain after his bruised areas were aggrieved by the tentacle tightening its grip.

Felix couldn\'t even heal himself since he had lost his *Poison Revitalization* after it got replaced by another sand passive, which was utterly useless with his abilities arsenal.

Too bad, complaining about it wouldn\'t make any difference now.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the Kraken\'s mouth, Felix tried to escape from the tentacle\'s grip.

Alas, his attempts resulted only in creating unnecessary agony as the suckers refused to let go of him. 


Still not giving up, Felix used his enormous tail to smash the back of the tentacle over and over again at the same exact spot!

Due to his mammoth strength, his tail strikes were too much for the Kraken\'s weakened body to take! The struck area got bloodied in no time.

Yet, the Kraken merely screeched in pain but still didn\'t let go of him!

Instead, he actually increased his pulling speed after realizing that the ant was capable of hurting him badly.

\'Damn, that\'s not working.\' Felix\'s brain went overclock, trying to figure out a new plan.

However, due to the time constraint, Felix didn\'t go over many plans before choosing the best one like always.

Instead, he swiftly went with the 1st one that came up in his mind!

He used his long tail to roll once around the tentacle, he then hastily ordered in his mind for the rest of his body to shrink back!

Unlike his growth process which took at least a second, Felix\'s body was returned to its original shape in merely a split second!

The moment that happened, he slipped from the tentacle grip quite easily due to the size difference!

However, he didn\'t drop into the water because his tail was still gripping into the tentacle!

Its enormous size wasn\'t affected at all by the shrink, making it possible for Felix to dangle on the tentacle!

That\'s right!

Felix was capable of deciding which body part to shrink or grow based on his preference!

The only limitation was that Felix couldn\'t shrink beyond his original shape and couldn\'t grow beyond what his energy allowed him to.

This *Size Manipulation* was the Jörmungandr\'s bread and butter ability, which he was infamous for in the Primogenitors Era.

He wasn\'t referred to as the Ragnarök Bringer for no reason! It was due to the cosmic size that allowed him to devour planets, stars, and any other beings!

Felix always assumed that every Primogenitor was capable of reaching the Jörmungandr\'s cosmic size but only after unlocking this ability and asking about it, did he find out the truth!

Only a few primogenitors were capable of manipulating their size to their own preference.

As for the majority Some of them weren\'t able to even move while some could shrink to the point, they reach a microscopic level!

Felix who unlocked this ability had been reassured by the Jörmungandr that if he managed to supply the necessary energy, Felix\'s body could potentially get as big as a planet!!!

This was the reason why he kept it over semi-morphing!

Naturally, the energy required to reach that cosmic size was monstrous to even the Jörmungandr.

Felix was told by the Jörmungandr that he was devouring planets to sustain his size by absorbing their natural elemental energy!

So when Felix saw that sight in the Jörmungandr\'s memories, it was because he was restoring energy to carry on his wandering in space.

Felix didn\'t dare to imagine how much he would need at that point since even as an eight meters giant, he wasn\'t able to sustain it for more than a minute...Obviously without Asna\'s purified energy.

However, even with it, Felix could utmost stay in X4 State for three minutes.

Thankfully, he could shrink and regrow as he willed!

That\'s exactly what he did after escaping the clutches of the Kraken.

He grew back to his X4 State and hurled himself towards another tentacle that was waving in the sky!

By the time the Kraken realized that his prey had escaped, Felix was already mid-air!


The Kraken didn\'t wait for Felix to reach its tentacle as it whipped it in his direction, wanting to straightaway kill him!


Felix narrowed his eyes in focus at the approaching tentacle and thought, \'Just like you trained in the School...\'

Under the eyes of tens of millions viewers, Felix did the unexpected by whipping out his enormous tail at the tentacle after executing a beautiful posture.

What is he doing!!

He had gone mad!!

Everyone thought that he was insane for doing so as it was impossible for his tail to match the full-powered strength of the tentacle!


Too bad, the end result of the collision was nothing short but unbelievable as Felix\'s tail had managed to explode a portion of the tentacle without getting hurt in the process!

WHAT THE HELL! He actually overpowered the KRAKEN! Mindblown, Lisa screamed with her lips closely near the mic, waking everyone from the shock at the sight.

Felix didn\'t give them even a split second to comment or react as he retracted his tail instantaneously and swung it at the bloodied long tentacle!


Instead of attacking it again, Felix rolled his tail once and propelled himself with an even bigger momentum towards another tentacle in his path!

If the Kraken wasn\'t feeling immense pain from his destroyed tentacle, he would have managed to withdraw the other tentacle before Felix reach it.

Alas, he was too fast with built-up momentum, making it possible for Felix to roll his tail around the tentacle again before propelling himself even faster towards the Kraken\'s head this time!

Yet, even with that kind of unprecedented momentum, the Kraken still instinctively sensed the approaching danger and sent two tentacles at once to defend his head!

\'Don\'t have time to waste.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows during mid-flight at those tentacles that were blocking his path.

He recognized that his attempt might be blocked but he still wished that he could end this battle with one strike at the Kraken\'s weak spot before the game ends.

He knew that there wasn\'t much time left in the clock!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52574557852193111 for visiting.

Just like he thought, there were only 30 seconds left on the big screen before everyone gets teleported back to the stadium!

\'I can only use that tail technique to end this as fast as possible.\'

In the end, Felix made a split-second decision before he reached the two tentacles.

Just like before, he didn\'t strike them.

However, instead of rolling his tail once, he just placed the giant bulgy end of the tail at one of them and span himself tens of times in a split second due to the tremendous momentum he built on his journey!



Before the Kraken, Lisa, and the viewers even realized what had just happened, Felix was already flying hundreds of meters in the sky akin to an arrow!

Rumble Rumble!

If it wasn\'t for the lightning striking even so often on the gloomy clouds, no one would have managed to spot him!

Too bad, the lightning wasn\'t striking continuously, and that made the viewers only catch glimpses of Felix as he went higher and higher until he finally reached his peak velocity.


The thunderclap roared in Felix\'s ears, making him feel like he was right within the gloomy clouds! But that was just a misconception due to him being almost 1 kilometer in the air!

Felix looked down and zoomed at the Kraken\'s dark red scalp, making it appear like it was only hundreds of meters away from him.

The moment that image registered in his mind, gravity started doing its job by bringing him down to where he belongs!

\'Good luck, Felix!\' Asna cheered on him with a fist pumped in the air, feeling excited after seeing what he had in mind.

Meanwhile, the Jörmungandr\'s had just smiled gently and continued watching Felix combine his infamous Size Manipulation with the Sphinx\'s tail mutation.


Felix had shrunk back to his normal size while plunging down rapidly towards the Kraken.

Due to the storm and his utter black clothes, the Kraken didn\'t manage to spot him even though he was inspecting the sky with his tiny black eyes.

However, the viewers were already saved from that issue as Lisa had swiftly brightened up the scene on the big screen, making Felix be as visible as daylight.

All of them were spectating with bated breaths and widened eyes, not daring to blink lest they end up missing something.


The instant Felix reached this height, the Kraken had finally noticed a tiny black thingy diving in his direction.

However, the Kraken didn\'t underestimate it as his instinct was warning him that life-threatening danger was approaching him.


Whooch whooch!...

He withdrew all of his tentacles at once and placed them above his head in an \'X\' mark shape!

That\'s wasn\'t all, as water had abruptly risen from underneath the Kraken and filled in the gaps left behind the tentacles! 

The Kraken had stopped underestimating the players and decided to use his water abilities!! Lisa shouted with an aghast expression, Landlord is done for!!

She didn\'t say so without reason as she knew that the Kraken\'s water barrier combined with its stacked eight tentacles was the strongest defensive method that the Great Eight-Tentacles Kraken possessed!

It brought nightmares to all the high-leveled hunters who went to take it down in real life!

Although this Kraken had been nerfed greatly, this defensive method was strong enough to hold against all of the players united elemental salvo! Don\'t even mention Felix, who was just a 1st stage bloodliner!

Every VIP or knowledgeable normal viewer had assumed the same as well!

While the rest shared her pessimistic view, Felix merely snapped his finger after reaching 200 meters above the Kraken.

Simultaneously, his body started to grow bigger and bigger until he returned to his X4 state!

However, he wasn\'t done yet as he snapped his finger again and his tail was started to get enlarged even bigger than his giant body!

Especially the tail\'s bulgy end that started to resemble a white meteor chasing after Felix!!

The moment the Kraken saw this sight, his senses screamed at him at giving up on his defenses and escape to the depth of underwater!

Since beasts always listened to their instincts unlike the humans, the Kraken truly started submerging his humongous head while still keeping a defensive position.

\'A bit too late buddy.\' Felix smirked faintly at the sight while entering the perfect posture to carry out the advanced technique that he learned in Silver Hammer School.

Falling Meteor Strike!

It truly deserved its name as the instant Felix reached 100 meters, he started front-flipping over and over again until he appeared like a spinning wheel!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh.....

Yet no one was focusing on him but at the massive white bulky end of his tail, revolving after him ceaselessly and splitting the wind itself!

Before anyone could voice a comment, the bulgy tail\'s end finally reached the stacked eight Tentacles and struck it right in the center!


The tentacles stood absolutely no chance against the behemoth power carried by the bulky tail\'s end!

It was fueled by a kilometer of nonstop dive, Felix\'s revolving motion, and lastly his pure unfiltered barbaric strength from his ability!

All of this combined resulted in the tentacles exploding into large or small pieces of flesh, hurling in every direction while accompanied by a fountain of blood!


The bloodied bulky tail\'s end was still carrying on its journey towards The Kraken\'s scalp unhindered!

The eight tentacles barely slowed its speed or took away most of its momentum!

\'Ah, I will need a long shower after this.\'

Felix sighed and closed his eyes shut the instant he felt that the bulky tail\'s end had connected successfully with the Kraken\'s scalp.

Then, a moment of silence occurred in the area before the head had splintered wide open, allowing Felix and his tail to carry on destroying every organ they touched!

Blood and pieces of ruptured organs were propelled outside of the splintered head, painting the sky red for a split second before the rain took over again.


The Kraken didn\'t manage to let out even a yelp as Felix\'s journey of destruction didn\'t stop until he emerged from the other side of his body!

The moment Felix felt the coldness of the water, he smiled pleasantly and relaxed his painted red body while breathing from his gills.

He didn\'t even bother to glance upward at the Kraken\'s body that was in the process of deconstruction into light particles since he had received a notification the moment he died.

>Congrational on slaying The Kraken! You have been titled as The Kraken Slayer and earned 5000 GP!!


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