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\'Good job guys! Keep it up!\' 

While Felix was cheering for them at the side, his Turtle was getting closer and closer to flanking the Kraken, who had his entire attention placed on dealing with the Guardians.

Felix didn\'t want to risk approaching the Kraken\'s head from behind without making sure that he would go wholly unnoticed.

Thankfully, the nimble Guardians made that possible as the Turtle had already entered the Kraken territory and he still didn\'t turn his head.

However, Felix didn\'t want to push his luck too much since the Turtle\'s size was too hard to miss.

Just a single glance from the Kraken and it would get discovered.

Thus, the moment Felix noticed that he was close enough to make it on his own, he swiftly ordered the Turtle to stop.

Then, he did the unexpected as he went and dragged the long exquisite blade and placed it next to him.

The viewers were confused by the sight as they could clearly see that Felix needed to use both hands to pull that blade.

So what the hell was he supposed to do with it

\'Asna, bring my energy back to 100% and be on your tiptoes to continue providing me.\' Felix informed solemnly, \'I will straightaway use X4 and my energy would be consumed 2% per second.\'

\'Uhmm!\' Asna made an acknowledging sound and snapped her finger at once, filling Felix with the necessary energy to get him back to his peak.

There was a huge improvement in energy management since Felix had barely used 70% for straight 4 hours, unlike the 3rd game where he wasted both his energy and the purified reserve energy in under 1 hour and a half!

However, since the game was close to a conclusion, Felix decided to go all out and use whatever he possessed to slay the Kraken.

That meant using the unlocked peak ability of the Jörmungandr which he always kept hidden due to not meeting a worthy foe that forced him to use it!

Felix relaxed his shoulders while taking deep breaths from his nose.

After entering a focused state, Felix said one word in his mind, \'X4 Body Enlargement!\'

The moment the order was given, his body started to grow bigger and bigger in a noticeable manner!

2 meters!..3meters...5meters!

Even though he was getting bigger, neither his body got deformed in any shape nor his clothes got ripped apart.

His growth seemed natural and smooth like he was always meant to be at this size.

Even his tail was growing with his body keeping up the balance as it should be.


The instant he reached 8 meters in height, Felix stopped the growth in its place with a single thought.

He knew that anymore and his energy consumption would be beyond monstrous.

To keep his current state, his energy was being consumed 2% per second.

That\'s meant, without having Asna\'s purified energy Felix could utmost stay in this state for 50 seconds at his peak!

Since he didn\'t have time to waste, Felix straightaway picked up the long blade with a single hand and waved it left and right to adjust to his newfound strength.

Thankfully, Felix had been training with his peak active ability ever since he etched it in his 1% human bloodline.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52552670715625481 for visiting.

It wasn\'t an easy journey since Felix needed to adapt to every size he could reach and every body part that was enlarged.

The fact that he could adjust the size made it even more difficult.

But, after months and months of training, he could fight just as well as his original state!

By now, the viewers had already gone silent the moment Felix had reached his giant height.

Felix\'s image resting that 6 meters blade on top of his shoulder while his size was even bigger than the blade, made even the most knowledgeable viewer keep watching with a dazed look.

Alas, Felix didn\'t give them time to think things through as he leaned forward and sprinted from one end of the shell to the other, reaching it in a single second!

The instant he reached the edge, Felix bent his knees to add more to his momentum, and then...Whoosh!

He hurled himself almost a hundred meters in the air, reaching above the Kraken\'s head almost instantaneously!

The sequence from the sprint to reaching his current destination didn\'t take even two seconds, making it impossible for anyone to react!

Yet, Felix wasn\'t even done as he lifted the giant blade above his head and started spinning rapidly while falling downward, appearing like a shuriken thrown to kill anything that it touches!

Due to the storm, his spin was splitting the rain itself, creating somewhat of a water halo around him, making it impossible for anyone to see anything but the spinning golden blade!

HE IS USING BLADE SPLITTING TECHNIQUE!! Lisa screamed reflexively the moment she came back to her senses.

She knew the blade technique since she saw it being used a couple of times in her previous games.

The technique was known for excelling in cutting through anything and everything!

Yet, this was the first time she ever saw someone using it with such a massive size and blade.

This made her open her eyes widely in anticipation of what the result was going to be like.

Was this it Was the Kraken going to be slain in such an epic manner by the hands of a single player! Is this the moment where history gets written!

That kind of questions and thoughts coursed in everyone\'s minds as they kept watching without blinking at Felix who was still falling rapidly!


Alas, everything went to ** the moment Felix reached 30 meters above the Kraken\'s head as a hidden tentacle abruptly emerged from underwater and b*tch slapped Felix straight into the ocean!

Splosh Sploosh!...

The strike\'s force was strong enough Felix\'s body didn\'t submerge instantly but rolled on the water\'s surface tens of times while smashing into few risen waves due to the storm.

By the time the momentum had eased, Felix started floating on his stomach without showing signs of movement.

Meanwhile, god knows where the blade had ended as it got separated from Felix immediately after the ambush.

Silence...A desolate silence had engulfed the stadium, cafe shops, homes, and every single place where this game was being spectated.

No one managed to comprehend what had just happened and how did it happen!

They saw how Felix had used his guardians to distract the Kraken.

They saw how the Kraken was screeching in fury as he kept being played by the guardians!

This was supposed to be the perfect ambush, especially when Felix was striking from above! Yet what the f*ck had just happened!

Skree Skree Skree!!

The Kraken, whose head was always facing the front, turned around while letting out an interrupted low-pitched screeches.

He appeared like he was laughing in mockery at Felix\'s attempt to ambush him!

The moment the viewers heard it, they instantly knew that the Kraken had been acting dumb about Felix\'s sneakiness since the moment he entered its territory!

Instead of attacking him straightaway, he waited until Felix was baited into launching an attack then strike him when he least expected it!

If Felix did one final switch to one of his copies or the guardians, he would have noticed that a single tentacle had gone missing!

The cunning Kraken had played it too well for a beast! But this sort of intelligence was normal for the Kraken even though it was nerfed to being only a legendary tier 3 beast!

Right now, the viewers and especially Felix\'s fans could only watch in utter mortification at the Kraken who was sending one of his tentacles to capture the motionless Felix.

\'Oiiii Felix, stop acting dead.\' Asna said casually while munching on cookies, \'The Kraken is going to catch you soon.\'

\'Argh, shut up!\' Felix snapped at her while groaning in pain, feeling like every organ in his body had been rearranged from that strike.

If Lisa played the scene in slow-motion, they would have noticed that the tentacle had struck Felix right in his guts!

With that kind of behemoth force, Felix felt like his breath had been taken away.

That\'s why he was floating motionless on his frontal body.

He was currently breathing using his gills instead of his lungs!

While the viewers believed that he was either dead or unconscious, he was chilling until he regains his body\'s motions.

Thankfully, he was in his X4 State which boosted his defenses by four times just like his strength, energy capacity, mental energy capacity, and other body stats!

If it wasn\'t for so, he would have exploded instead of being propelled like that!


After the tentacle reached Felix\'s body, it rolled on him once since Felix\'s body wasn\'t small in the slightest.

This actually made it easier for the Kraken to tighten its grip firmly, making sure Felix couldn\'t escape!

Then, the Kraken started pulling him towards his wide opened thousand-teethed mouth!


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