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Felix swiftly called for his secondary clone to come back with its Turtle.

Then, he brought the feeding bucket and left his turtle to devour only half it.

That resulted in changing its color to green and finally blue.

With this toughness, it was more than enough to survive against the upcoming Oceanic Wave.

Meanwhile, the other half was left for the other Turtle.

If that madwoman Lisa wasn\'t his MC, the unique title would have been related to reaching the purple or black color.

Felix would have used all of his fish for one Turtle to get the unique title.

However, since nothing beneficial was given to reaching higher levels of toughness, Felix decided to toughen both the Turtles.

Plus, he couldn\'t sneak behind the alliance members while being on a purple-colored Turtle.

Everyone would know that he was the owner even if he appeared as Blue Whale.

After both Turtles had emptied the feeding bucket, Felix glanced at the time and saw that only 10 minutes were left before the last survival stage.

He ordered his copy to distance the Turtle away from his own and switched back to his original body.

\'Let\'s see if they are gathering nearby.\' Felix closed his eyes and felt the energy of his copy at the borders of his range.

\'It seems like they are 18 or 19 kilometers away.

I need to get a bit closer.\'

Felix didn\'t want to lose connection with his spy fish since there wasn\'t going to be another chance to plant it again.

However, he also didn\'t want to get too close lest he gets caught.

So, he stopped his Turtles after moving only 5 kilometers.

Then, he switched his senses to the spy fish and swiftly swam upward to the surface.

The moment he reached it, he realized that he couldn\'t see anything due to the giant shells of the Turtles appearing like cliffs in his vision!

\'Well, let\'s do some head counting at least.\' Unwilling to return empty-handed, Felix started counting the number of Turtles gathered in the area.

It was quite easy to count them since they kept their distance from each other.

It seemed like the players had learned their lesson from the previous Beastial Wave!

After a couple of minutes, Felix ended up counting 22 Turtles.

They weren\'t the total since he didn\'t have time to swim around the entire area and count each one.

The Oceanic Bestial Wave was about to arrive in under a minute and his spy fish was bound to be destroyed.

Despite so, Felix was quite satisfied by his scouting as he felt more confident by the Alliance chances now in taking the great Kraken.

\'Sir Felix, the oceanic wave is going to arrive in 10 seconds.\' Abruptly, the Queen\'s voice resounded in Felix\'s mind.

\'Alright, thank you Queen.\'

Felix\'s senses swiftly switched back to his real body.

Immediately after, the pre-alarm of the wave resounded inside the shell.

Felix turned it off and started focusing on the transparent glass.

With his enhanced vision, he could see a dark shadow looming closer from afar.

Felix did a double check on the entrance and noticed that it was already closed.

He smiled faintly and sat in a mediation position on the center of the shell.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52506876969022484 for visiting.

Then, he closed his eyes and waited for the collision.


30 minutes later...

Every Oceanic bestial Wave had withdrawn into the depth of the ocean after taking with them tens of ownerless Turtles.

The alliance strategy of focusing on only one Turtle was indeed good for survival but the rest of their Turtles had no way to defend against the claws and sharp teeth of the marine beasts when their shell color wasn\'t even proper green.

This resulted in the Alliance having only 6 Turtles left from more than 26 Turtles!

One of them was the base and the other five were belonging to the newly added members of the Alliance.

like the 2nd ranker, 3rd ranker...etc.

Just like Felix, they all had blue Turtles.

Since they survived, it only meant that Felix and his clone in the other Turtle were also doing alright.


Felix jumped outside of the shell and stood at the edge of the entrance.

Just as he wanted to turn his head and start looking for the Kraken\'s Transmission, he tilted his head slightly in doubt after seeing that the clear sky was getting cloudy.

Rumble! Rumble!

The clouds were dark and sinister, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Anyone who saw them would know that a storm was approaching!

Whoosh Whoosh!

The peaceful ocean was being played by the raging wind as waves started to rise high in the sky appearing like sand dunes!

Felix was forced to climb into the Turtle\'s head and clutch tightly its wrinkles to not get thrown into the ocean!

Trickle Trickle!

How could a storm be called one without the clouds raining like there was no tomorrow Felix got drenched in a split second but he didn\'t care about it.

He had absolutely no intentions to enter the shell since he didn\'t want to miss seeing the location transmission.

He wasn\'t stupid to do so since the location might end up being too close to him.

If he didn\'t see it, the Kraken would probably appear from underneath his Turtle!

It was a game over if that happened!

Just like him, the rest of the players were also standing outside, surveying the areas around them.

The Alliance members all had nasty expressions as they didn\'t expect that the appearance of the Kraken would be accompanied by a storm.

They didn\'t know if it was going to remain after he appears or not.

They wished dearly for the latter as fighting in the storm would make it at least three times more difficult.


Look there! Shocked, Fiddlesticks pointed his finger at a towering Waterspout that was in the process of emergence.

It was at least tens of kilometers away from them, yet they could still see it clearly!

Is that the location transmission Fiddlesticks asked with a tingle of worry in his tone.

It\'s been already two minutes and I don\'t see any golden beams. A player near him gulped a mouthful and said, It\'s got to be the Kraken\'s location.

Before anyone could comment on the Waterspout, the Turle started moving swiftly towards it! its speed wasn\'t hindered in the slightest by the tempestuous ocean!

The tens of players who were standing on its surface, all laid on their stomachs and clutched the uneven skin of the shell for their dear lives.

Everyone sent messages, cursing Golden Elixir for blindsiding them like this.

But he didn\'t respond to any of them as he merely kept eying the Waterspout calmly.

Whether they liked it or not, the rest decided to commit to the plan they created and follow Golden Elixir\'s Turtle that was carrying the main force of the Alliance.

The scene on the screen truly appeared like a bunch of madmen heading to their doom!

Meanwhile, Felix was also on the move in the Waterspout\'s direction, but he was heading much slower than the rest.

He wanted to arrive when the battle had already started or about to finish so no one would be paying attention to him.

\'Heheh, this is going to be fun!\' Eager and excited, Asna said while chewing on a mouthful of popcorn.

She didn\'t care if it was going to be hella risky for Felix as she simply wanted to enjoy her time.

She was exactly like the viewers who were currently cheering at the sight of the Alliance members getting nearer and nearer to Waterspout.

Although it took them more than 5 minutes to reach 1 kilometer away from it, their cheers never faltered for even a second.

However, the players didn\'t dare to get any closer, since the attraction force was strong enough to pull them from the Turtles.

Hence, they were left standing in their places, waiting for the Waterspout to ease up.

They understood that it might look frightening but it was still just a dramatic location transmission.

Just like every other transmission, it was bound to leave after a short period of time.

Whoosh Whoosh!

As they expected, the Waterspout lasted for an additional minute before its humongous size started to get reduced in a noticeable manner.

The smaller it got the calmer the area around it got as well.

This brought some relief to the Alliance members since it was almost impossible to aim their abilities while the Turtles kept moving back and forth with the waves.


Get Ready! Miss Mikasa immediately shouted while unsheathing her katana after seeing that the Waterspout had completely disappeared.

Phew! Shsh! Poof!....

Abilities of all kinds of elements and shapes began to manifest on top of the Turtles\' shells.

The colors exhibited from those abilities somewhat brightened up the gloomy area caused by the ongoing storm and dark clouds.

Too bad, the moment the area was lighted, everyone managed to notice a monstrous shadow cast at the ocean water right in front of them!


Before the players could react to the sight of the horrifying shadow, the water had abruptly erupted akin to a volcano, sending a mini tsunami in every direction! 

Yet, the players didn\'t even budge from their places as their widened eyes were affixed on the dark red monstrously that had just risen akin to a demon ready to bring destruction upon the world.


An abrupt ear-piercing screech had escaped from the thousand-teethed mouth of the Great Eight-Tentacles Kraken!

THE KRAKEN HAS EMERGED! Lisa screamed with her cheeks flushed red in excitement.


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