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The players, who still didn\'t realize that the copy had disappeared from the face of the ocean, hastily ordered their Turtles to head in that direction!

GO! GO! He can\'t stay underwater for too long!! Overjoyed, Golden Elixir shouted while pointing his finger at the last spot Felix was seen at.

He didn\'t bother Felix\'s curse or challenge as he was more than glad by him landing in water! He knew that in his Alliance there were at least a couple of players with the water element!

They were more than able to dive deep within and seek to find him!

Alas, his enthusiasm wasn\'t being shared by either his fans or the rest of the viewers as they were all left slack-jawed after hearing the copy speak!

Not in their wildest dreams would have they considered that copies could speak as that was beyond what a bloodline ability could do!

Yet, after remembering the past mind-blowing traits Felix had been showing, they didn\'t find it odd anymore!

Even Princess Bird\'s father just kept watching without commenting on it.

In his mind, no matter what Felix\'s bloodline shows in the future, he wouldn\'t care as his decision to find him was already set in stone!

The rest of the VIP viewers displayed almost the same reaction and carried on watching the players search for Felix!

Ah!!! LANDLORD YOU CUNNING PRICK! Furious and somewhat awed, Lisa pounded the commentary table with her fist.

She was awed by the ingenious plan that would allow him to carry on fishing peacefully while those retards attempt to search the empty waters.

But she was furious at the same time since she knew that the game would end without a big fight between the players!

If no one could find Felix and kill him there was no point in killing each other!

This implied that the next 1 hour or so would be spent in utter boredom, either watching Felix fishing or those morons trying to look for him underwater.

The viewers could see this as well and they wanted nothing less but to inform their idols about Felix\'s real coordination.

Alas, they could only watch the region, where Felix had dropped, turns into complete mayhem.

Some players had jumped down from the Turtle\'s head to look better at the water while some even decided to scout upclose by diving deep underwater.

They kept checking every nock and cranny for Felix.

Alas, only fish had been found and in worst cases, some of them even met with a marine beast, almost killing them.

\'He is not here.\'

\'I searched the entire seabed of this area with my ability, he is not here as well.\'

\'Not here as well.\'

Golden Elixir\'s expression was getting nastier each time he heard a negative response from the players down there.

Miss Mikasa and even Surreal Fog were starting to exhibit some negative emotions about this peculiar situation.

Everyone had seen that Felix had landed right here! So where the f*ck did he go They questioned in their minds.

Shit! Just keep looking! Golden Elixir yelled loudly, We are not leaving here until we find him!

Miss Mikasa added another request in everyone\'s minds, \'Loofang, Misty Blade, Marking Goddess....Mr.

Sulfur, please spread into a wider perimeter and start scouting from above.\' She passed and clarified, \'Landlord is bound to show himself sooner or later unless he is planning to survive the 2nd Beastial wave without a Turtle.\'

\'Alright.\'....\'I will see what I can do.\'....\'Okay.\'

After receiving positive responses, Miss Mikasa carried on her orders, \'Someone please search the inside of Landlord Turtle\'s shell.\'

Everyone was doing their part to look for Felix.

Even Surreal Fog had released tongue-like fog creatures that could lock down into specific energy in mind.

In this case, poison elemental energy.

After he used it, those creatures ended up biting into three Poison Elementalist in the area.

Too bad, they all turned out to be part of the alliance.

Seconds went by then minutes, the players\' expressions were getting ugly but they still didn\'t give up.

They understood that the moment they accepted their defeat, this game was over for them!

What do we do There is only one hour left before the survival stage and we can\'t remain here forever. Golden Elixir asked with a tingle of agitation.


Mikasa rested her chin on her hand, pondering on a new plan to move forward.

By now, she was 70% certain that Felix wasn\'t in the water.

She didn\'t know how he escaped so fast and she didn\'t want to waste more time turning the same area repeatedly.

I think we should leave four players here incase Landlord was still here.

As for the rest, we could only restart our search. Miss.

Mikasa said.

The main crew of the Alliance agreed with her plan and decided to move on it fast.

Golden Elixir chose to inform the rest while Miss Mikasa chose the four players who would remain.

Naturally, she gave them only one Turtle since they were already short on them.

After so, they restarted their search with desperation written all over their faces.

They had less than an hour to find Felix, kill him, then turn on each other for the chance to end up as the winner.

They didn\'t know if they could pull it off or not but they weren\'t planning on giving up yet!

The viewers who watched Felix chilling inside his Turtle shell while Blue Whale\'s clones were fishing for him didn\'t know how to feel about this game anymore.

They saw no hope for their idols to capture Felix and the fact that none of them had yet to see a single ability by him just made it even worse and actually embarrassing.

There were no epic fights, not death or life chases, or even many 1vs1 fights.

It was simply a battle of wits and intelligence.

Felix had just demonstrated to everyone how to win a game against a Mega Alliance without dirtying his hands!


Another 30 minutes went by, marking the end of the fishing stage and the start of the feeding stage.

Throughout the entire duration, Felix hadn\'t been found yet!

Well, an alliance member had passed by his Turtle but ignored him after seeing that he was Blue Whale.

Felix even got invited to the Alliance to help them out!

The moment that happened, some fans couldn\'t handle the embarrassment anymore and just logged out, not bothering to continue watching this farce anymore.

Their idols were being played like children and if they watched more of it, they would start wavering on supporting them.

Right now, everyone was watching Felix feeding the Turtle with some fish to push its color from red to green.

Then, he stopped and pushed the Feeding bucket inside the Turtle\'s shell.

The feeding stage had just begun and it was much better to feed everything during the end of it.

It seems like Landlord is still as cautious as ever. Lisa sighed in annoyance at the sight.

She wanted him to get c.o.c.ky and make a mistake or something to give the players a chance at getting back in the game.

Too bad, that ain\'t happening soon.

Meanwhile, Miss Mikasa, Surreal Fog, Golden Elixir, and the rest of the alliance\'s main crew were gathered on one Turtle.

They were all gazing in silence at the new fishing points ranking list available after the fishing stage had ended.


Rank 1) Unpaid Landlord, FP: 61,500

Rank 2) Sunny Night, FP: 11,500

Rank 3) Disaster Punch, FP: 10,500

Rank 3) Suprema, FP: 9999

Rank 4) FiddleSticks, FP: 8700


Rank 11) The Tranquilizer, FP: 6800

Rank 15) Fist Over Brain, FP: 4000//

None of them even glanced at their names that had been outcasted from the top ten as they were focusing only on Felix\'s score.

The more they looked at it, the more they felt like their cheeks were burning from humiliation.

That extra 30k FP was a giant slap to them individually and as an Alliance!

Sigh, I just don\'t know anymore. fatigued, Miss.

Mikasa massaged her temples as she closed her eyes, hiding the hint of dejection in them.

She always took pride in her intelligence and patience which helped her win games or earn the most out of them.

But Felix\'s score had destroyed her pride as she couldn\'t know how did Felix carry on fishing while they had actually searched the entire map twice by now.


She didn\'t know what was going on and what kind of sorcery Felix was relying on.

Whatever it was, she was out of ideas to locate him.

All of them had a slight hope that Felix was still hiding in the water or still didn\'t obtain a Turtle.

They wished for it to be like that so during the survival stage, he would end up dead.

But looking at his score that had increased by a whopping 30k, they were left beyond demoralized.

Now what Golden Elixir removed the cursed list from his face and asked, Should we do one last search since Landlord is going to feed his Turtle

Forget it. Miss Mikasa smiled bitterly, By now, you should understand that he wouldn\'t be making such a foolish mistake of feeding his Turtle this early.

I know...I, sigh never mind. Golden Elixir shook his head slightly and stopped mentioning this matter anymore.

Silence descended in the area again.

At this point, even killing Felix wouldn\'t matter much since they would need to kill those above them in the ranking as well.

They wasted too much time on Felix which none of them had considered since they believed that it would be an easy endeavor with their massive numbers.

I guess it\'s game over Golden Elixir said calmly with his eyes closed.

Unwillingly, everyone nodded their heads but Surreal Fog, who didn\'t seem like he was exhibiting any sign of surrender yet.

Surreal Fog Miss Mikasa  asked, Do you have anything to add

Surreal Fog unsealed his eyes slowly and said only one word softly, Kraken.

He closed his eyes again not having any intention to explain what he meant.

The dumbstruck expressions every player had as they looked at him was enough proof that he was understood fully!

You want us to slay the Kraken to win the game!! Golden Elixir was the first to regain his wits as he yelled, Are you f*cking nuts!

Most of the players shared the same reaction as him.

On the other hand, Miss.

Mikasa was considering the proposal with an open mind!

\'Although the Kraken has been downgraded to legendary tier 3 bloodline, it is still impossible for a team to kill it.

But...\' Miss Mikasa looked at the alliance numbers and thought, \'31 peak 2nd stage bloodliners should give us a chance to bombard it all together\'

Few players somewhat had the same opinion.

Upon seeing them reacting like this, Golden Elixir shouted, You can\'t be f*cking serious!


Mikasa broke off her thought process and looked at the agitated Golden Elixir.

Why not 31 bloodliners should give us a decent chance at slaying it.

Naturally, there will be some casualties but remember that slaying the Kraken rewards us more than just a win! She tempted.

Upon being reminded that the wish would have its value doubled, Golden Elixir\'s heart skipped a beat.

He swiftly closed his mouth shut and started thinking about the matter deeply, wanting to see if the risk corresponded to the rewards.

It didn\'t take him even a second before seeing that it was worth the shot!

Miss Mikasa smirked faintly after seeing that he went silent.

She knew that he accepted the proposal just like her.

However, he wasn\'t the hardest to convince but the rest of the Alliance members!

How about you guys Miss Mikasa asked the others gathered with them.

Some of them instantly shook their heads, implying their rejection at the suggestion and some were thinking deeply about it.

Soon, only three players had voiced their agreement.

Upon seeing so, Miss Mikasa didn\'t waste time convincing those rejected as she straightaway worked her way with everyone in the alliance.

Together with Golden Elixir and Surreal Fog, they managed to convince 65% of the Alliance members in only 5 minutes.

That\'s all it took for the suggestion to be accepted since the Alliance\'s decisions were based on votes.

This meant those who were unwilling to participate were forced to join whether they liked it or not!

After all, no one would dare to leave the Alliance now since the only Turtle with adequate toughness to survive the upcoming beastial wave was belonging to the Alliance!

If they dared to ditch the Alliance right after the wave ends, the rest wouldn\'t hesitate to collapse on them immediately to vent their suppressed anger at not finding Felix.

Let\'s head back to the base. Golden Elixir said while glancing at the time, We need to group up right now to plan for the upcoming battle before the Kraken location gets transmitted.

As Lisa had mentioned in the Game Hall, the Kraken wasn\'t going to appear suddenly underneath the players and start massacring them.

After all, it wasn\'t a fair death since it was impossible to deal with the Kraken solo.

That\'s why its coordination would be transmitted for those interested in risking it to hunt it down for the win and the bonus rewards.

No one was forced to fight it and the game was going to end 10 minutes after its appearance regardless if it was slain or not.

I think it\'s better if we could include other players in the raid to increase our chances further.

Miss Mikasa abruptly suggested with her eyes brightened after remembering latest despairing lead Felix had on everyone.

For them who stopped fishing, it didn\'t feel much to see Felix surpass them again.

But for the rest of the players who probably worked their hardest to bridge the gap

They would be beyond frustrated after seeing that Felix had actually increased his points by 30K again.

Indeed! Golden Elixir agreed, I will tell the rest to rally the news to anyone they meet on their way to the base.

Now, let\'s get going!

Miss Mikasa ordered her Turtle to change its direction under the eyes of the excited viewers and Lisa!

Especially Lisa who was hopping on her commentary table in pure thrill at the upcoming raid!

She had already given up on her impossible unique title quest after seeing their disinterest in the game hall.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #.-(2-in-1)_52485229511760822 for visiting.

But who would have thought that Felix would force the majority into aiming for the Kraken just for a slight chance of victory!

\'Maybe I treated him too harshly before.\' Lisa smiled in satisfaction and thought, \'Let\'s give him more screen time.\'

Immediately after deciding so, Lisa swiped her finger at Felix\'s small screen towards the big screen.

Just like always, Felix\'s body was still inside the shell while he was doing everything else as Blue Whale Copy.

Since the fishing stage was over, he waited patiently for the last ten minutes of the feeding stage.

He had no idea that everyone had given up on him and had switched their targets to the Kraken.

However, his ignorance of the situation didn\'t last for long as one Alliance member had stopped right next to his Turtle and relayed Miss Mikasa\'s invitation word by word.

Sir Blue Whale, with your addition to our forces, we are confident of slaying it more easily! The player persuaded Felix with a tempting tone, Do remember that your wish will double in value if you ended up being the one slaying it! That\'s a 2 billion wish! Not available even in platinum games!

Felix scratched his blue cheek with a thoughtful expression after hearing so.

\'Sounds promising, but sadly I can\'t really sign the Alliance\'s contract since I will be exposed as Landlord.\'

Thus, Felix didn\'t hesitate to reject the invitation and send the disgruntled player on his way.

However, Felix didn\'t forget to attach a fish copy with the player\'s Turtle to always act as a GPS.

As long as he kept the distance less than 20 kilometers, Felix could know the place of the Alliance gathering as well as spy on them!

He might not join the Alliance but that didn\'t mean he wasn\'t tempted to slay the Kraken if he was left in a weakened state by the Alliance forces!

\'Hehehe, I wonder if they will take me as their mortal enemy after stealing the Kraken as well\' Felix grinned wickedly while walking towards the entrance of his shell.


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